For the sake of saving several lives, it is somewhat inappropriate for people to call him Ren Huang.

After all, every terran patriarch can be called Ren Huang, but not every emperor is called Yan Wenming.
Therefore, the world distinguished Yu Ren Huang by putting a "big" before his name.
This is where the name of Dayu comes from!
And big body
Say everything.
Looking at the history of the universe, how many people can have a word "big" before the name?
There are only a few people.
King Yu and Emperor Yu are honorifics for Xian Wenming.
The praise of the world did not make Dayu lose himself and become arrogant.
Because he knew that the Three Emperors and Five Emperors still had many shortcomings compared with him.
Want to be the emperor
He also needs to be better.
There are many progressive Terran martyrs in Ren Huang who have been urging him.
Glory to Dayu has become more diligent than before.
That’s it?
There are still many troubles waiting for him.
From a certain point of view, the situation facing Dayu is more complicated and difficult than that during the period of Three Emperors and Five Emperors.
Because the period of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors is the stage of the transformation from the innate era to the acquired era.
At that time, although the innate aura content of heaven and earth was less and less, it was not finished.
At that time, Terrans could cultivate to the innate realm of adult immortals casually.
That is to say, in the era of Three Emperors and Five Emperors, although the environment of heaven and earth gradually deteriorated, the main body of Terran was the Godsworn.
It is in Dayu’s time that heaven and earth have completely fallen into the acquired era, which means that it is not so simple for monks to practice now.
Pre-terrans can cultivate to the innate realm casually.
But now Terran can cultivate to the acquired realm casually, and then the innate realm has become the threshold for most people to step over.
But the realm of the day after tomorrow is different in other aspects except strength?
It is not accurate to say that the acquired monks still belong to the category of mortals.
Heaven and earth have changed
Terran subject is not a monk but a mortal.
Friars have more things to do than mortals.
Because they are weak, very weak!
Any fierce beast or monster beast can easily kill a large number of mortals.
Because of being the protagonist of heaven and earth, Terran’s flesh and blood is not contaminated with a little rhyme of heaven and earth, which makes Terran become a beacon in the eyes of foreigners.
If you want to devour Terran flesh and blood, you can quickly increase their strength.
In the face of such temptation, even if Terran is the protagonist of heaven and earth, there is no way to make those foreigners who peek at Terran flesh and blood get rid of it.
Not to mention that many races have been wiped out by Terrans over the years, and some have escaped from the net, and how can these be afraid of Terrans?
They want the Terran to die. That’s true.
If aliens like this find that devouring Terran flesh and blood can quickly enhance their strength, will it be wrong for Terran?
Even in the middle of nowhere, some terran tribes are often slaughtered.
In the face of this situation, even if the Terran uses iron and blood means, it is forbidden to kill several families.
After all, the temptation to rise in strength is too big enough for people to completely lose themselves and fall into the magic road.
It is this that worries Dayu.
Terran tribes have been slaughtered one after another, and Ren Huang Dayu naturally has an unshirkable responsibility
But there is nothing he can do about this situation, even if it is powerful.
He can’t keep staring at the Terran, can he?
This is unrealistic!
But there’s no way to go back. You can’t just let this happen, can you?
to tell the truth