Even everyone in the Xuanmen has to find a way to solve the problem of karma. What’s worse, karma is the most important thing in Western religion.

This black line is a cause-and-effect line, and it is a cause-and-effect road. It is tangible and intangible.
He doesn’t hurt the human body, the soul, or the true spirit. There is only one thing that hurts people, and that is the road that separates heaven and earth.
Causal line entanglement is like being blinded by innate true spirit, completely isolating heaven and earth, realizing the truth and cultivating the road more legally.
That is to say, if the Taoist priest ends this cause and effect by law, it will be difficult for him to make progress in his practice in the future.
"This is Eldar cause and effect!"
"I can’t believe that I almost forgot about it, but he came to the door!"
"What a disaster!"
Mind move accurate road flyover will know the reason can’t help but sigh a way
This cause and effect is not easy to end!
Over the years, the Eldar people have suffered a lot, suffered a lot, and accumulated their grievances. The cause and effect are far from comparable.
"The younger brother has made you suffer!"
Then pick up the road flyover a face of regret to say
If it weren’t for the western religion, how could the Eldar have such a big cause and effect? It was all dragged down by the western religion!
"Brother, you don’t have to do this!"
"This is the choice of the younger brother to blame others."
Because I have to bite my teeth and swallow whatever bitter fruit I have produced from my own theory.
He regrets!
Saints are even more regretful!
"Just wait!"
"That little fairy statue of Xuanmen is coming!"
This world can inspire the Eldar cause and effect. Only Xuanqing knows who is coming.
However, in a few days, Xuanqing got a wisp of the innate source of the Central Wuji Xinghuang Banner from Yuan Tianzun.
Then he drove the cloud to the west.
"Uncle Xuanqing has something to see!"
Xuan lofty shouted outside Sumi Mountain.
"Come on in!"
A golden Hongqiao flew out from Xumi Mountain and landed at Xuanqing Foot.
"Uncle Xie!"
I made a kowtow and Xuanqing took a step to Hongqiao.
"Uncle Xuanqing came here today to ask for something."
Into the mountains to the prospective road flyover XuanQing didn’t do more polite directly said
Knowing that Xuanqing came to the Taoist priest with a certain purpose, he was so happy.
"I want to get merit, but I still hope my uncle will succeed."
The innate five-square flag of Sifang Liantai is different from them. They are not just innate spiritual treasures, they are also innate spiritual roots.
Therefore, Xuanqing needs a lotus to obtain the innate source of merit and merit, and needs to directly extract the innate source like the congenital five-square flag