While Xu Hengxuan looks as usual and talks and laughs like the wind, pointing to the opposite North Yan army. "Yan’s folkway is tough and aggressive since childhood, especially good at riding and shooting, so he has fewer steps and more fighters."

Today, 100,000 troops are outside the country, but the number of cavalry here is 50,000, and there should still be 150,000. "
"What … what? There are 150 thousand! " Los small white shocked way "wouldn’t it be a total of three hundred thousand enemy? How much are we …? "
Aside, Zhao generals know that Xu Hengxuan, a bearer in front of them, is generally a fairy door man who hurriedly salutes with great respect. "Back to the fairy, I, Zhao, have fifty thousand soldiers and ten thousand soldiers in the northern barrier at the moment."
Luo Xiaobai was a little puzzled. She thought hard and said, "Sixty thousand to three hundred thousand is this …!"
Xu Hengxuan smiled with relief. "I don’t know that this guarding city is not like a war. If 300,000 troops come, it’s also a concern, but there are five monks in the other side’s array. In recent days, they have told me that I can’t get rid of them."
The garrison commander lamented with regret, "Master Xu Xianshi said that it was I, Zhao Jun, who had been holed up and deadlocked in this barrier for several months. If those five monks camped behind the overpass, they would wipe out Cangshan and Shazhou!"
Xu Hengxuan nodded and looked at the outside and murmured, "It is inconvenient for my master to interfere too much in mundane things, but I can defeat the other five by myself. My brother can ask my younger brother for help."
After observing the army outside the barrier, Fang Yi thought and said, "Brother Xiaobai can stop these five people."
"Exactly!" Xu Hengxuan patted the wall and smiled at Luo Xiaobai’s way, "My sister has magic control and magic power, which will definitely make those five people lost in an instant, and then they won’t talk."
Come on, Brother Xu praised Luo Xiaobai for his high spirits.
She is a demon family, tian hu. She is born with magical powers and can control people. She is fascinating. If she is not practicing enough now, she can control her slaves and drive them away when she is strong. Especially for the monster beast, she can get twice the result with half the effort.
Fang Yi wanted to think and said, "Xiao Bai’s repair is still shallow, so it’s not advisable to go rashly. Secondly, the other party’s mind is not as alert as that of a brother holding a flag bearer, and then the other party won’t care."
Looking at Fang Yi make a sudden snatch Xu Hengxuan immediately clap your hands.
"Good plan!"
After a while, the barriers and drums were beating, but I saw two riders coming out one after another.
First, a flag-holding Xiao Zhao, accompanied by a pawn behind him, is ready to draw back his sword and drink in front of the hosts!
"Five elements of sword Xu Hengxuan who dare to die before this ~? !”
Suddenly across the street, five people jumped out in a row …
The next day, Yanwangcheng
Before the morning, a flying horse rushed into the city
Yan started riding 150,000 to attack the northern barrier of the overpass, and the news of the defeat spread all over Yan Dou!
Five immortals and two armies suddenly lost their minds, and Xu Hengxuan, the sword master of the Five Elements, was killed in the battlefield.
One hundred thousand soldiers lost their lives, and the fighters trampled on each other, and the number of casualties was defeated and fled.
So Zhao land and water went hand in hand to pour 400 thousand troops into the country, and the Japanese million-day army divided into two roads to northern expedition to Yandi Cang and Sha states.
The two States are in turmoil and panic.
At that time, when the officials of Yanchaotang were in fear, they didn’t see the king like Nai?
A dark room in Yan palace
At the moment, the young prince of Zhao was prostrate and begging for a figure sitting high in the dark.
"Saint saint! My army suffered a crushing defeat, and Zhao started to pour soldiers into the country, and the people in the two States were in turmoil. Please ask the saint to transfer my expedition to 150,000 cavalry to help the country … "
The mysterious holy master, who was shrouded in shadow, did not make a sound like a sculpture. "That 150,000 fighters are the conditions of the holy assistant. Do you want to break your promise?"
"Dare not! Dare not! " The prince trembled with fear. "But … yes …!"
Before he finished, the mysterious saint snorted, "Hum ~ How can hundreds of thousands of ants swallow the northern land?"
With his majesty, he said, "There is a holy Zhao … and it is not allowed to be five elements in the sky, and it is not allowed to be outside the mountains in misty rain …"
The young prince of Zhao nodded with trepidation and smiled stiffly.
"Is … is a saint in my sorrow … sorrow …"
Chapter 634 Magic Non-magic people are inhuman like people
Soon …
Yan army unexpectedly appeared out of the monk several people and there is a condensate layer in pale states on Monday.
Although there are Xu Hengxuan and others in the front line of Zhao’s two-way army Cangzhou, it is once again deadlocked because of the presence of brother Ningxing.
While crossing the lonely sea of tears from the side and rear of the overpass, one hundred thousand Zhao troops in Shazhou were evacuated by water.
Since then, the endless stream of monks’ help from Beiyan has made the Five Elements Zongnai Mountain feel puzzled and even more strange …
A thousand-eared spies even sneaked into Yanyu Pavilion to help them, so they had to smell the news that the five elements had never thought of!
That is …
It is most likely that the forces that secretly helped Beiyan were the Yingzhou Guyingzong rather than the cold ancient villa they had always suspected.
Gu Yingzong secretly helped Beiyan? This ….. is really called the five elements of some meng.