The feet bloom and the flowers are scattered in succession.

Seeing this, with a wave of his arm, he waved his big sleeve, and the fog dispersed more violently, and he once again swayed in a firm but gentle way.
At the same time, Lock Eyebrows mused, "Without freedom and self-talent, it is deplorable and pathetic …! Every saint has a hidden past, and every sinner should have a white and flawed future.
Brother … You are wrong!
If you are wrong, you will be punished, even if you are high! "
"God …?" The second generation patriarch laughed wildly. "~ Realizing that Heaven is thinner than me? People! The ultimate secret is that even if you can know the laws of the universe, you will still know yourself.
Because … have … can understand yourself that’s the real way. "
And he seems to be disappointed. "I haven’t seen the four seasons of mountains and seas for one hundred thousand years …
Hundreds of thousands of people have mastered the great multiplication and stopped thousands;
100,000 or less have realized the true meaning of the sword;
Hundreds of thousands of people have lost the amount of God’s King Wan Jie Yang Yin;
Hundreds of … Also enough to see all the flowers and words, and finally see people as pale as chrysanthemums. "
At this moment, Wei Changqing has stepped in the middle of the Imperial Road and asked, "Brother, have you ever heard of someone waiting for the misty rain and someone blaming the rain?"
The second generation patriarch proudly said, "You know me; You don’t know and I know! Just like you don’t know … At the moment, he is being punished by God … "
When this statement came out, Wei Changqing was suddenly unstable, as if he had been fixed by someone. "What kind of punishment …!"
Suddenly, he seems to have lost everything and looked at the palace in horror. "It turns out that Brother Changqing’s eyes are still so stupid."
Obviously, Dan Lao instantly understood Luo Yu, and even everything he did was under the control of his senior brother, but he never jumped out of his senior brother’s chessboard!
Is it true that you are still a chess board with no freedom after all?
Chapter 642 Half Immortal Anti-Shenwei Black Lotus Guard
"It’s like you don’t know … he’s being punished by God at the moment."
This a Wei Changqing burst of mind instability show astonishment "what? God punish …! "
Then he looked up in shock and laughed at himself. "Brother Changqing’s eyes are still so stupid."
Obviously, Dan Lao instantly understood Luo Yu, and even everything he did was under the control of his senior brother, the god of repose, and he failed to jump out of his senior chessboard from beginning to end!
Is it true that if you struggle and work hard, you will still be a free chess in the senior chess board?
The second generation patriarch sighed, "Teacher younger brother, you are wrong, and I am wrong, because even I am a chess watcher who yearns for freedom, but you have to be white … it’s just that you are qualified …! And what do you have? "
"Brother is right. I … am not qualified." Although Wei Changqing showed self-deprecating color, he still made persistent strides. "But … Brother, your qualification was once."
"Zeng Jin?" The second generation patriarch suddenly snorted "~ It seems that you have really approved him"
Wei Changqing bluntly said, "Yes ~ He … is very much like my brother in memory … and very unlike him, but Changqing loves him and is used to calling him a brother …"
"recognition? Ah ~ "The second generation patriarch dismissed" Evergreen, Evergreen, you know the old man like a worm looking up at the marginal emptiness. "
"evergreen white"
Wei Changqing didn’t refute at the moment but nodded in agreement with "The evergreen … who also don’t believe"
"Then who do you believe?"
Wei Changqing stepped in the last few steps and looked up at the deep entrance of the sacred palace in front, firmly saying, "Evergreen believes in his eyes and believes in his place of Dan Xin at the moment … I came to this god meteorite to guard this place but want to try … try to stop my brother from going wrong again."
"Stop me? Ah ~ "The second generation patriarch burst into laughter." Heaven and earth are heartless, only I … am the fierce sun! "
Said his voice has revealed thunder anger "and you … Wei Changqing should be found guilty!"
"kneel ~!"
Suddenly, the powerful coercion of the second generation patriarch Hehe Tianwei has swept away like the collapse of heaven and earth.
At the moment, Wei Changqing, who missed setting foot on the last imperial order, slammed his knees on one knee instantly, and the bloody imperial order showed pain.
His body is half kneeling, but his unyielding head is still high. "Brother really keeps a low profile …! However, even if the gods are evergreen today, you should be brave enough to stop your brother! "
With that, the fog around him turned into a wheel, and suddenly it was burned into a pale golden awn, revealing that Fiona Fang felt that the golden wheel shone like a fairy!
Hey ~!
One-handed Wei Changqing suddenly stared at the temple body, the fairy yuan God, and walked out of the body in an instant, and has steadily stepped onto the platform through layers of firm but gentle barriers.
In a flash, his yuan god disappeared in situ!
The misty, fragrant and diffuse shadows have been connected and entered the ancient and profound palace with the word "tomb of the gods"
God punished the mainland for half an hour.
Los feathers and others have been close to the exit along the dark cave line.
It is at this moment that the nine-footed man behind Anu has disappeared.
Anu’s left thumb has a simple Huayin ring.
Obviously Luo Yu has given the ring to Anu.
After all, Anu’s body training method makes the man in Gankun bag slaughter the giant que, which is too huge and more conspicuous. With the ring, Anu can quit his income.
Let others naturally dry the Kun bag.
This time, everyone got the harvest, and their faces were beaming, and they were laughing and going out.
But just as Luo Yu Ba Bo Er took the lead in stepping out of the hole,