A statue of a giant with a height of more than ten feet stood in front of the mountain with a thunder axe and a staff.

The highest plough dominates the body-djinn-oriented.
"Yi Yi …"
The brawny muscles, caused by the rapid tremor, also let Zhou Jia’s strength climb to the limit in an instant.
It’s thunderous!
The light flashed, and two horror giants collided flagrantly.
The earth trembles endlessly.
Fiona Fang hundreds of miles of trees have sprung up, and mountains have been built. Two people collided and collapsed, and smoke was everywhere.
Zhou Jia’s body was turned over, and an axe was held against the other machete, and a stone eye appeared in front of Qigu’s arm with one hand.
Fake artifact-petrified eye
Stone eyes open and laser a white light.
The skin at the contact point of the white light falls off the ancient body and immediately petrifies and spreads towards the whole body at an alarming speed.
"Hey hey …"
Strange ancient strokes face but no panic.
On the contrary, Zhou Jia’s heart was pounding and he wanted to get out of it, but it was too late.
Suspended in the virtual shooting, the bow string vibrates, and a harsh golden light rushes out and crashes into the force to go to the world.
Luo collapsed on the spot in a hundred battles.
In front of the right hand, the thunder axe staff was born and died.
Even if the left-hand shield is doped with phoenix blood and xuangang, the golden light penetration is a little slow and it is still broken.
The golden light is not exhausted and pierces the flesh.
However, after repeated resistance, although the weak golden light is strong, the strength is finally caught by the sixth-order flesh.
"Shout …"
Zhou Jia vomited turbid gas lightly, and his heartbeat was slow.
For a moment, he almost died himself.
Fortunately …