In the face of people who have murder to themselves, Xu Renke is never polite, let alone merciful. The offensive of Xu Ren’s proposed stars is very fierce, but in an instant, the challenger is forced to retreat repeatedly, and there is no counterattack.

The homicidal friar now has some regrets. He never thought that Xu Ren’s strength would be so amazing. This guy seems to have no limit. The stronger his opponent’s strength, the stronger his fighting capacity will be.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Ren waved his sword one after another, and as he waved his sword, the stars also appeared.
These stars can’t see how strong they are, but when a few stars appear, the momentum suddenly increases a lot and reaches a very scary level.
The murderous challenger was really in a panic at this time because he found himself as if he could resist the opponent’s attack by the root.
This guy is also a person who simply acts. Seeing that he is defeated by Xu Ren, he turns around and runs.
However, after he turned his body, he found that he couldn’t move. His spirit seemed to be trapped by something and his body wouldn’t listen to his command.
The star saber Gang that came to Xu Ren directly fell on that person.
Although the man stood up and resisted, he was finally blown to the wind and fell to Fengyuntai.
"You are a vicious person. If you challenge you to win, you will just waste people directly?"
Someone in Fengyuntai accused Xu Renjia of being very shocked and surprised by Xu Ren’s biting.
"I don’t like killing, and I don’t like people who are full of murder to me. He first made a move to kill me. I naturally can’t. If you think you can’t see the past, I am willing to accept your challenges one by one, but I still say that a person who wants to kill me may not be so lucky and destroy the meridians."
Xu Ren’s words were calm and even felt weak, but every word was very clear.
The man who didn’t like Xu Ren’s behavior was cold-blooded but didn’t take the stage to challenge.
Xu Ren doesn’t care about this either. After all, some people talk beautifully, but when it comes to doing things, it’s not like that at all.
But Xu Ren’s troubles didn’t end there. His opponents were getting better and better. Those people hid their murder well behind the scenes, so Xu Ren didn’t have any difficulty. They just won a small victory and didn’t really want anyone to die.
In this way, it has passed a hundred games in a blink of an eye, and Xu Ren is still in the wind.
At this time, Fengyuntai was in a hurry, but it was not the brother of the Sixth Courtyard outside the gate who was in a hurry, but the cheap master Luo Changsong in Xu Ren.
Luo Changsong came to turn Xu Ren into his lifelong hard work place. He first took Xu Ren as his younger brother, but later found that Xu Ren’s talent in cultivating spiritual plants was too amazing, so that people must not stay outside the door all the time. If Xu Renzhen enters the door and still recognizes him as a cheap master, it may not be true, so he moved his mind and poisoned Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun.
The poisoning of two people will never kill them, but it is difficult to make further repairs in this life. It should also make them break into meditation. He didn’t expect that even if it is difficult to make further repairs, the strength of Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun will still be so amazing and the performance of Fengyuntai will be so bright. If no one can pull them from Fengyuntai and wait for them to truly enter the Sect, they will definitely get out of his control. Perhaps it is not just as simple as getting out of his control. After they gain power, they will definitely retaliate against him. Although his status as elders outside the door is also noble, it is always a future trouble to keep Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-five Encountered calculation
Seeing that Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun have won more and more games, Luo Changsong, the master of Kunwu Academy, was in a hurry.
I didn’t think that Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun Fengyuntai could dig out many waves. After all, these two people were limited to practice in the early stage of willow tendon, so the root of Qianyue Xianzong’s outer door was the last stream, and he never thought that Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun could win a hundred games in a row, which put him in an embarrassing position. Even if Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun were defeated, they would become famous people in the Sixth Hospital and even attract the attention of Qianyue Xianzong.
Looking at Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun from a distance, Chang Song bit his teeth and decided to find some qualified opponents for Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun. Their goal is to completely kill Fengyuntai Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun so that they no longer have a chance to speak.
Although Xu Ren’s 100-victory victory in the Fengyun platform is nothing to him, he still enjoys the achievements very much.
Of course, even if he doesn’t do his best, he will feel tired, so he will close his eyes and adjust his breath as soon as possible to keep himself in the best condition.
This kind of secret battle is also the first time for Xu Ren. He also had an approximate competition before Xuanji Xianmen. At that time, there were only two or three games a day, which is not like playing seven games a day at most. He met sixteen people a day.
Xu Ren closed his eyes, and there were two outside brothers of Qianyue Xianzong who boarded the Fengyun Station of him and Shen Tengyun respectively.
"Dare I ask your brother’s name?"
Xu Ren is as polite as ever, no matter who he meets, he is called Brother.
"Lingfengyuan Zhao Qitian"
The man answered Xu Ren’s question positively, although his face was full of ao however.
"Brother Zhao, please!"
Xu Ren didn’t say much and pulled the posture directly because he knew that the people who were now on the Fengyun platform were no longer famous, but the number of people who entered the Sect was increased.
If the other party seeks fame, he may still have spiritual plants and elixirs, but if the other party seeks the number of brothers, it will be known after the war
"That’s Zhao Qitian. He should be the top 100 brother in the general list."
"The second big ratio is seventy-two in the overall list. I’m afraid that Xu Ren will be in trouble this time."
"Yes, after all, the repair gap is too big. A willow tendon in the middle period and a willow tendon in the late period are close to the abode of fairies and immortals. So the overhaul gap should be won by Xu Ren even if there is external force to rely on."
"I don’t think so, but it’s something to be proud of that Xu Rencai can win more than 100 games in a row after taking the door for more than a year."
"Look at it!"
When Xu Ren was preparing for a big war, someone at Fengyun Station talked about it, but when Fengyun Station really wanted to start work, it immediately became quiet again.
That Zhao Qitian also saw many games in Xu Ren and knew that Xu Ren still had some things that he didn’t do with Xu Renduo and launched an attack first.
Xu Ren pointed his sword at the sky, and then there was a sword to turn the stars into Zhao Qitian and attacked the past.
There was a muffled sound when the two sides attacked each other.
Xu Ren stepped back to prepare for the fight.
Zhao Qitian’s figure suddenly accelerated, and it seemed as if a dozen Zhao Qitian appeared on the platform.
Seeing this, Xu Ren also frowned slightly. The strength of the other side is still good, especially the speed, but these alone still can’t stand him.
Xu Ren wields a sword very fast. His figure doesn’t seem to move much, but he has already swung dozens of swords.
Xu Renjian’s sword gang doesn’t look strong, but each sword gang attracts great power soon after it is swung, and then it becomes as bright as a meteor.
Bang bang bang—
Zhao Qitian differentiated into more than a dozen bodies and were forced back, which also surprised Zhao Qitian.
According to his estimation, although Xu Ren’s attack can arouse the external force, it takes a certain amount of time to arouse the external force. When his speed reaches a certain level, Xu Ren can form a fatal attack before arousing the external force. However, when he really does it, he finds that it seems that things he thinks are different. Xu Renjian’s time to arouse the external force is much shorter than he estimated.