Qiye certainly won’t let her be tired to take care of the ordinary and Wangfu industrial stewards and shopkeepers before coming. "In fact, although Wangfu is just the two of us, there are many people, but you don’t have to remember to remember some important things. It’s okay to be lucky if you can’t remember them. You can remember Aunt Kong here."

When Tao Zhuo saw Aunt Kong, she also knew that she had served Qiye since childhood, just like Fu, and she nodded "Good".
After breakfast, they arranged the instrument and prepared the bride’s meeting ceremony early, so they went to the palace by carriage.
When the bride sees her husband’s family, she should prepare some shoes and socks made by herself. Although she is in the royal family, she should also walk through these etiquette. Looking at the small box on the opposite seat, Tao Zhuo couldn’t help saying, "Brother Ye didn’t make these shoes and socks myself. I just symbolically sewed a few stitches. Should I be okay?"
"Anyway, Huang Sao, they all have their own special clothing regulations, which is a process."
It’s more reassuring for him to say that Tao Zhuo, of course, there are other things in it that are ready for the younger generation. These are all valuable things.
"I just don’t like needlework, so it’s better to make a jewelry for fun." She looked at him with alacrity. Since they got engaged, she made this fish-like pendant, and he has been wearing it. "I’ll make more pendants for you another day."
Qiye smiled and nodded "Don’t be tired"
Chapter 43 Chapter 43
Qifeng temple
The Empress Dowager had already sat in a high position, waiting for the arrival of the Jin and Wang couples.
First of all, they are Taitai, Taifei, Princess Fuan, Princess Sixiang and other imperial princesses, and then they are closer to the imperial clan.
Seeing that it was the third time that the Jin couple had not yet arrived, there were two imperial clan ladies who could not help but whisper that they could not arrive until then, so they made the Empress wait.
But there are imperial princesses and county princesses, such as Princess Guangping, who are very sedentary.
After seeing the Empress Dowager, they all waited patiently for the couple of Jin and Wang to get married again. It can be seen that the Empress Dowager kept them from coming early, and the Holy Capital left the power to wait in the harem.
In the royal family, after the report married and went to the palace to visit the emperor, it was mostly the report who took the princess to visit the power. It was rare to see such a special situation in the harem as Emperor Jinglong, and she was quite satisfied with this sister-in-law
Emperor Jinglong is naturally willing to come to Qifeng Temple.
Not to mention in front of the imperial princesses and imperial families, the queen will no longer love to ignore herself on such occasions. He can take the opportunity to talk to the queen.
This brother and daughter-in-law dare not give her face.
Now Emperor Jinglong finally knows that he sent something to the queen before, but it was cut off by Princess Fuan. Many ideas were actually from Yuhua County. This girl is taking it out on herself by changing the law.
But he didn’t dare to get angry with her, probably because this girl would complain to the queen and she was her own brother. He didn’t dare to offend the emperor.
Now the Lord of Yuhua County has become his brother’s daughter-in-law, and this is his own family. He also expects her to have a baby with her brother, so naturally, he has to give enough face.
After waiting for another husband, a waiter finally came in and told me that "Princess Jin Wang Jin has arrived"
"Quick announcement," Queen Meng said with a smile.
Qiye did not let Tao Zhuo walk behind him, but took her hand and walked into the main hall of Qifeng Temple.
Although the hand-in-hand behavior of the two people is a little too close, a couple of handsome men and women walk into the temple together and look at it, which makes people feel pleasing to the eye, and the affectionate appearance makes several imperial clan ladies look envious.
Queen Meng looked at a young couple coming and laughed so hard that the corners of her eyes were radiant with fine lines.
While entering the temple, although I was psychologically prepared, I knew that I had to recognize my relatives according to etiquette today, but people in their twenties and thirties still made Tao Zhuo’s eyelids tremble.
Fortunately, she knows most of the people who come, otherwise she really can’t remember the oppression of many ethnic relatives.
Come on, she still looked calm and was led by Qiye to go inside, but when she saw Princess Fuan and Huei-fang were together, she said something to herself, and Huei-fang also winked at herself, which made her suddenly shy, and her face was as rosy as rouge.
But her shyness is just in line with the status of a bride now, and it is not normal to blush.
Huei-fang snickered with Princess Fuan more and more when she saw that she was red in the face. "She’s still shy at the sight of burning. That little blush is really the first time I’ve seen her like this. She’s always so cheeky."
Princess Fuan is busy correcting her with a smile. "You be careful. We should change our tune now. Let’s let the little emperor’s aunts be annoyed and let you salute and you are not afraid of your uncle." Uncle can hurt little aunt Huang. "
Huei-Fang shrank her neck. "No, don’t talk nonsense. I naturally have great respect for our little aunt Huang."
"Cough, don’t say it." Princess Fuan looked at the Jin Wang couple and began to salute. She gave Huei-fang a busy push to make her look good. She just happened to see Huei-fang looking at Huei-fang, and she looked back dismissively but didn’t speak.
Although Liumei’s manners and manners are very good, she is also very polite when she talks, but Princess Fuan prefers to play with a sex person like Huei-fang, who is too tired to talk with her.
Qi Ye and Tao Zhuo knelt at the futon and bowed down as a gift "My brother (sister-in-law), brother and sister-in-law greet"
Next to it, a female officer brought tea, and the two men took it to offer tea to the Empress Dowager, just as they worshipped their brother and sister-in-law when meeting the bride yesterday. At this time, they also offered tea to their brother and sister-in-law according to civil etiquette.
It is not only a respect for the emperor, but also for the brother and sister-in-law. It is a respect for raising Qiye as a parent and a brother and sister-in-law.
"Get up quickly." After drinking tea, Emperor Jinglong quickly reached out and lifted Qiye up.
Queen Meng also generally moves "Good boy, get up quickly"
Then I asked the maid-in-waiting to bring a mahogany lacquer plate and put a pair of bracelets on it. At a glance, I knew that the bracelets were valuable and had a big ruby inlaid on their faces. "This is a little gift from the palace."
Emperor Jinglong also prepared a gift, which is very expensive for both of them.
After offering tea to the Empress, it is the elders here in the imperial clan. Because of the high level of the King of Jin, it is natural that you don’t need to offer tea. Ask a good person to change his mind, so it is convenient to give a change of mouth gift. Therefore, Tao Zhuo specially followed the maid-in-waiting to receive the gift with a red plate.
It’s natural to harvest a circle.
If you don’t belong to the imperial clan, you will be rich or expensive, and you won’t even greet people with eyes. Everyone knows that the King of Jin is favored by the Empress Dowager, and the King of Jin loves Princess Jin so much. This gift is naturally expensive.
After the elders of the imperial clan saw it, it was the turn of the younger generation. This time, Tao Zhuo gave them a gift in turn.
Because Princess Fu ‘an and Princess Huei-fang are good at preparing gifts for them, they are all specially chosen. She specially drew styles and asked someone to make them. Each princess has different styles, but Princess Huei-fang is more heart-warming than other princesses.
Chapter 44 Chapter 44
Returning to Wangfu from the palace, it was almost dark, so they had a rest after washing and eating supper.
See Wangfu steward nature will be pushed to the next day.
Trying at the beginning of the wedding, last night, the two embraced each other and fell asleep, or when they got up in the morning, they had a fling.
Yes, Cai He looked at Princess Qiao’s beauty when she was combing her hair, and she felt that the beauty was compelling. Although they were not going to leave the house today, Cai He gave her a gorgeous bun, hairpin hair pins and a peony flower red treasure when she wanted to see the Wangfu steward and was not in a hurry.
Walking red and pure ruby beads are swaying slightly on the cheek, which is more and more beautiful and moving.
"Let’s go," Qiye took her hand.
Two people in the eye, can’t help but smile affectionate behind Cai He LiuXia see couldn’t help smiling.