Seeing this gesture, Mu Fu suddenly turned his face and jumped out. "Good ~ I expected it!"

Then he pointed his anger at the Five Elements Sect, the Magic Palace and others. "How can you be unbeaten when you call this little scattered practice to fight?" Now everyone will lose Shou Yuan … You have waited! "
At that time, anger and accusations were heard everywhere without mercy.
But just then, the two tigers seemed to finally slow down.
He breathed a long sigh of relief before saying, "Whoo! Who said I was defeated?"
MuFu first one leng immediately sarcastic smile "ah ~ also mouth shut if you didn’t lose this picture? Shake your hand with shame? "
Erhu waved his hand and said, "Doesn’t this … mean nothing?"
"ah ~! ?”
At that time MuFu dazed on the spot.
Andao, since you fucking won, what are you doing? It’s good to nod your head!
On the other hand, Wei Shang’s side is beaming with joy.
In particular, Mozhuang has been shaking the folding fan proudly and boasting, "Hey ~ See? You’ve already assumed that the two tigers will win over you … Is there a delay? "
"Mo Gong is really a god!"
"Ha ha ha Mo Gong Gao!"
At the same time, the ghost goalkeeper has appeared again.
Sure enough, the ghost goalkeeper "slammed" the broken flag in his hand and deterred everyone!
It was only after he dared not go out that he solemnly announced that "the six wars were tied, etc."
When this statement came out, everyone could no longer bear the excitement and cheered, and they were glad that they had not lost their lives at last.
Hell, the goalkeeper went on to say, "If you win or draw in six games first, you can choose an instrument by yourself in turn."
Then he glanced at the flag-winning Mu Yan with an evil expression, "You … enter the selector."
Wood Yan evil stepped out and met two tigers, but he stopped and nodded slightly.
So it’s a greeting with a little respect
This time, they are eligible to get four of the six instruments: Ghost Head Fork, Hundred Li Robe, Soul-splitting Clock, Shadow Stab, Soul-falling Sword and Thousand Unique Crown.
Mu yanxie is the first to enter the selection, and there is the greatest room for natural selection.
He is a sword repairer. Although the black knife ranks well in the terrace and has made a life sword, he still chose the sword that is comparable to the terrace.
Because of mutual affection, the sword of Qiu Shui Yi people is still a spiritual order.
Obviously, this is what the beauty in my heart chooses.
And jade barrier into the ghost door unexpectedly also stopped to a face of cold two tigers slightly raise the corners of the mouth nodded and said hello.
Two tigers puzzled expression, he didn’t say anything, so he entered and chose the robe that was comparable to that in the ground order, and he had already worn it out.
On the back of this robe, there is a gold pattern of ghosts, which can call a hundred ghosts to make a beautiful appearance, just like a hundred ghosts walking at night, which is unstoppable.
Sang Pingqiu, the third place, chose a terrace crown.
This unique crown is a dark black hairpin crown carving, with different layers of Chiba.
This crown doesn’t attack or defend the avatar, but it is an auxiliary instrument that can raise the spiritual power, which is of great benefit to the display of array.
This thing is Bai Lian Xing Huan Ling Xiao has the same effect, that is, one yuan Ling around and one blessing itself.
Finally, naturally, two tigers enter the selection.
He chose that shadow thorn that was barely comparable to the boundary of the terrace.
Although this shadow thorn is rusty and looks like a foot-long six-diamond spike, it can not only offer a puncture attack, but also split into six strands, such as needles, to form an excellent array.
Such exquisite things can be given to Xiao Luoyun.
At this time, the ghost goalkeeper has quietly come to the side and is extremely respectful.
Seeing Erhu looking at the shadow thorn in his hand, he asked, "Like?"
The ghost goalkeeper obviously heard the question in the words and replied in a low voice, "When I reported back to the temple, I just chose the device to brand the Lord. The teenager had secretly checked that the jade barrier was indeed an evil spirit, but … the strength was unfathomable. The teenager’s ghost body no longer lost his soul and lost too much to compete with shame."
Two tigers nodded slightly and sighed, "Well ~ it seems that we can find the ghost according to the situation."
Smell the word "ghost" ghost goalkeeper face be reluctant.
Others may not know it, but he will naturally understand what it is.
Ghost is the artifact of the law of life and death in the underworld. If you are a creature in the world, don’t say that you are Taiyi. Even if you are a god beast, you will be told to cut off your soul and fall into the underworld with a light sketch!
Thought of here, he hesitated. "The temple … I don’t want to tell you the truth. Now, I have thirteen ghosts left and six left, but I’m lost. The seventh dark place is surrounded by evil spirits. If it can be found easily? But … If the young man can get help from the temple, there may be a glimmer of hope. "
"Zun …" Erhu silently remembered it.
He had previously heard that the ghost keeper told the underworld that there were still six things missing because of his "respect" in the underworld.
And the’ honour’ in the ghost keeper’s mouth is called Emperor Xiaoliu, which was transformed by the six-phase wild beast and the remnant soul of the Lord God of the underworld.
It’s said that the soul is still broken because the six-phase combat body fell into the underworld, but the soul is still broken and finally reshaped into a human form.
And it is because of his past memory that I heard that the ghost keeper said that the six phases wanted to reshape himself into a delicate and lovely little boy.
During the Great Wilderness, the Six-phase Theory made people afraid and evil wherever they wandered. His heart was malicious, and he mistakenly recognized the celestial fairy mother and experienced a tragic fate that he would never forget.
But even so, he still doesn’t resent others’ naive recognition of’ mother’ because he is ugly and unwilling to accept him, which is why the ghost keeper now says that the emperor is six things.
Of course, Emperor Xiao Liu can maintain his own flesh in this corrupt underworld, so as to keep the residual soul immortal. He will go to the mysterious realm of the ancient road of the Yellow River every once in a while, and the entrance is the whale swallowing and refining the pure yang.
And that pure yang is the baby boy who has sunk to the bottom of Naichi for ages!
It is precisely because of this that they entered the secret land, which was like a mountain lei lei bones.
That is to say, the birth of the baby boy method in the south of Yunliangzhou is caused by the incarnation of the emperor Xiao Liu Liu Xiang, the ghost beast, and the immortal self.
Be silent about whether this is right or wrong, whether it is cruel or what is important to sacrifice oneself …
For the mothers who lost their children in Yunzhou, this doubt is the most painful tragedy, and it is a deep stab in their hearts.
But it’s right for the Yin soldiers who still insist on guarding the six ghosts in the underworld.