Li Zhichang said slowly toward this mysterious and moving girl who suddenly merged with the night, "The girl just chased me in the first step, just like Hua Hudie is lighter than the true qi. From Tianmen Cave, the Jade Pillow Cave seems to have practiced the iron family’s Jade Butterfly Skill, but I guess the girl is not surnamed Tie, but a master of yours must have been born in Hangzhou Iron Family, and the most outstanding talent of today’s iron family is Sun Tie Qingyi, a friend of Eagle, who is teaching the girl Jade Butterfly Skill."

The girl’s heart is a little surprised. This man has either known her for a long time and inquired about her details, or he is really talented and knowledgeable. Because of what he said verbatim, he is more interested in Li Zhichang girls. The young men in Beijing, big and small, who are not all over Li Zhichang by her, are still new to her. I hope not to let her down.
She toward Li Zhichang micro Chen way "it seems that you have one thing, if you can pick up the girl this swordsmanship, I will make an exception and play with you for a while tonight." The girl’s light anger is like the moonlight in the lotus pond being swept by the breeze, moving than being dazzled and intoxicated.
Li Zhichang smell speech couldn’t help laughing like teasing the little girl tone, "Well, I don’t want to hurt your little girl, so I’ll fight a girl’s peerless swordsmanship."
When the girl heard the news, her big face showed a childlike innocence and drew a sword behind her and said, "That’s a good deal. You mustn’t cheat."
Li Zhichang negative hand Zhuo Lidao "Rest assured that although I have never kept my word, I rarely cheat women, especially girls who are so beautiful."
The girl seemed to feel at ease and bit her lips and suddenly said, "Forget that I have another request you must promise."
Li Zhichang doesn’t know what medicine the girl sells, but when she sees the girl, she thinks that she has never seen her daughter before, so she might as well tease the little girl, so she said from her composure, "What other conditions do you have to go out together?"
"So you can’t make Yubu. Oh, no, can you keep your feet in place? Otherwise, if you have such a good posture, if I miss my sword, what can I do?" When I said this, the girl’s pretty face became a little small, but her words were clear and she taught Li Zhichang to hear every word clearly
Of course, her family origin knows how powerful Yubu people are. Xia Yu created it, saying that Yubu’s gait changes according to the position of the Big Dipper, just like stepping on the stars, also known as "stepping on the bucket"
Li Zhichang was surprised. "You little girl will really push your luck, but’ there are people behind the scenes’ even if I don’t move, I’m afraid the girl’s swordsmanship can’t beat me."
A girl’s beautiful mouth let out a smile and said softly, "Well, you are really a heroic person. Will you let me do something for you if I still lose?" A girl like her said from her mouth that she was willing to do something with the other side. I’m afraid it’s hard for a man to refuse.
"You can’t help me. Don’t help me. Look, we’ve been talking for so long, but we’re not afraid to talk again. We’ll become friends. It’s hard to tie your hands when you start. It will make you unhappy and make me unhappy. You’d better hurry up and draw a sword." Li Zhichang’s words to the girl made her a little disappointed, and immediately thought that it must be a hard-to-get game. I’ve seen many smelly men who don’t want to take advantage of the girl, huh?
She raised her hand to show her snow-white arm judo. "Okay, I’m going to make a sword."
The young girl’s delicate and charming face is about to drip. She picked up the sword with a solemn expression, and Qin Mengyao was kind of pretty like a sword. When Li Zhichang thought of teaching Qin Mengyao to learn the sword, she couldn’t help smiling at her mouth.
Of course, he sensed that there was a crisis in Qin Mengyao, but who else in this world can kill him, a well-trained man, unless Pang Ban and Lang Fanyun make moves, and somehow the inspiration also shows that Qin Mengyao is still alive.
Although he loves Qin Mengyao very much, but the road is difficult, he can feel for himself that’ Bao Jianfeng has honed plum blossom fragrance from bitter cold’. Even if he is talented, he can’t get to this point.
When the girl saw her sword, Li Zhichang was still distracted. I couldn’t help secretly angry. If Li Zhichang was distracted by her beauty, it would be okay. But Li Zhichang was absent-minded. Obviously, he despised her. If he could cheer her up.
The young girl’s swordsmanship is not tricky, but the one who teaches her swordsmanship is also considered to be authentic.
When the young girl’s sword attacked Li Zhichang and was hit three feet away, her face was suddenly surprised because Li Zhichang’s eyes fell on the weakest part of her swordsmanship. This is not a flaw in swordsmanship, but the natural flow of Qi is strong and weak. What Li Zhichang sees is the weakest part of Qi, commonly known as the cover door
Even if she can hurt Li Zhichang with this sword, she can kill her immediately if she wants Li Zhichang to do it.
I can’t stand the retrogression and change the sword shadow. I can’t resist Li Zhichang’s counterattack to her. The momentum of the cover door changes again, and the sword moves with the change. If Shi Qingquan flows, it will be clear.
After falling back ten feet, the girl’s toe points to the ground and will come back again. This time, her hands are clenched with a sword, and her face has become calm and there is no mistiness.
This sword has changed very little, but it is more subtle than just now.
Chapter 24 Not Old
Li Zhichang look as usual gently vomitted an one mouthful congenital firm but gentle hit the girl blade.
The young girl’s sword was shaken left and right when it was struck by firm but gentle, and the sword was in disorder.
In a fit of pique, the girl threw the sword out to sell.
Anyone who practices sword will not throw his sword like this in the fight, even if it is not’ the sword of the sword’.
But the girl just did it. Li Zhichang let the sword fly slightly sideways. Before the sword landed, the girl picked out the boot bucket and pulled out two small swords, one long and one short, and sent them forward with even and exquisite horses.
She has a long sword and a short sword, and her moves are different, and she can secretly agree with one heart and two minds. If she is not far away, the master may be confused by her swordsmanship, but it may be difficult to concentrate on it.
Li Zhichang’s kendo repair has long been detached from the gods and the category is naturally unmoved. However, it is even more rare for two swords to cooperate with the sewing of the sky. It is a girl’s strength to combine rigidity and softness, and this kind of swordsmanship is quite interesting for both Yin and Yang.
It is conceivable that the person who created this swordsmanship is also a master of the Xuanmen.
Li Zhichang’s robe sleeves come and go freely with a wave of moonlight. No matter how high the girl’s swordsmanship is, it’s hard for Li Zhichang to hurt him if she doesn’t get in.
By this time, she didn’t know that Li Zhichang’s martial arts were much higher than her, but she was too angry to stop.
Li Zhichang doesn’t have to be annoyed by the subtle changes in the girl’s swordsmanship. He is so solid that he can teach the girl to endure.
Finally, the girl said, "Don’t play." She is now sweating and panting. In contrast, Li Zhichang is calm and tired
This contrast makes the girl more angry.
But it happened that I couldn’t send it to Li Zhichang without fireworks
I pouted and said, "I won’t be angry with you if you teach me what martial arts you have practiced."