This is a small town, let alone people. Even a strange wild cat will be investigated by the town cat.
How can I put it?
Let’s just say there are few people in the west after all.
Chapter 45 Holly Carter Contact
Every place has its own characteristics.
It’s a western feature to have fewer people.
think it over
If you go to a small town in Dongguo, it is estimated that no one will notice you if you wander around the streets for three days.
It’s still simple and honest in the East.
Mark sighed and smiled at the old lady with double guns, Holly Sherman. "Correct-we are the real kind of husband and wife."
Instead of answering the phone, Holly Sherman looked at Mark and said, "Tell me which organization you belong to. I don’t have anything you want here."
"What’s the matter with them? Anyway, there’s a cleaning team outside. Let’s just drive them out and let them eat dogs." Baker Angdows, with a shotgun, said angrily directly at his wife, Holly Sherman.
Holly Sherman seems to be conation.
Mark shook his head and caught the attention of Holly Sherman.
Holly Sherman dialed a pistol insurance to ensure that the Chengcheng Huang can watch Mark warily at any time after leaving the chamber.
Mark looked up and said sincerely, "Ms. Carter, believe me, I didn’t mean any harm this time."
Holly Sherman was slightly stunned and then laughed. "It seems that your investigation is very clear. How long did it take to investigate our address?"
Mark shrugged. "It didn’t take long for the plane to arrive in London, and your information had already arrived in my hand."
Holly Sherman … No, it’s Holly Carter who is one leng.
Mark smiled and said, "Ms. Carter is not what she used to be. The era of information base has passed. It is almost impossible for a person to really disappear in today’s era."
If you don’t look hard these days, you can’t find it.
Didn’t you see a building that can be detected by a satellite of a mining company?
Where to hide?
Unless the immigrant Shandar changes his football book.
Of course, this is also the strategy, which is why Mark has been playing well for so many years.
Mark hasn’t had enough fun yet, and he doesn’t want to become the Great Devil. After being attacked by a gang, he was forced to emigrate to Shandal.
Say that finish mark right hand toward the bosom.
Cut it!
Mark looked at the shotgun and pointed at his handsome old man, Angordos, and said simply, "Relax. I’m showing you my papers."
"My shotgun doesn’t have eyes, young man."
Mark smiled and held his certificate high after turning it out.
After the old handsome boy Angkor Dawes took it, he was surprised by the luxury of this certificate like everyone else, and then he noticed the face of the certificate.
Angus looked up at his wife.
quite a while
Holly put away her pistol, looked at her papers again, looked up at Mark and said, "What is the FBI doing looking for a dead man?"
Mark laughed. "It’s not good for Ms. Carter to curse herself so much."
Holly ha ha smiled and said very brightly, "It’s almost time, and I don’t know if I’ll go to Angel City or hell."
"Hell, believe me, heaven, no"
Holly was directly stunned by Mark’s words. The expression turned and walked towards the kitchen.
Nowadays, young people are really unable to chat more and more.
Holly took out the coffee pot that was being kept warm and poured two cups of coffee in her heart.
in a moment
The tense atmosphere just now has been temporarily eliminated by more than half.
Or that sentence?
The FBI may be ferocious in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is not bad in the eyes of its peers, but assassination is rarely done by the FBI
Or the FBI disdains to do such things.
Assassination is a CIA skill.
"Give coffee"
"thank you"
Mark and Kate took the coffee cup from Holly, and Kate took a sip and praised it, "It tastes good."
Holly sat down and said, "This is the only place I haven’t regretted since I moved here."
Kate smiled.
Holly looked at Mark after sitting on the sofa and asked curiously, "Director Lewis from new york, you haven’t answered my question yet. The six toothpicks outside are not specially arranged by Mr. Lewis, are they?"
Mark shook his head and said, "believe me, Ms. Carter, if I arranged these six things outside, I would never wait for you in a special church. Who sent them to Ms. Carter? Shouldn’t I know better than me?"
"S.H.I.E.L.D." Holly smiled and said, "As soon as Director Louis spoke, I was sure that the target of these six toothpicks should be Director Louis, not our old and outdated couple."
Mark laughed. "If it is said that Ms. Carter, who once founded the Aegis division in London, is out of date, I guess the elders in London will not let me go."