Looking at the slowly calm down, three people’s eyes have shown expectation.

Los feather smiled and waved a sweep of the console table.
Several items have been neatly discharged from the instant table.
Three people you see have shocked to pale!
Luo Yu reached out and pointed to the first brownish yellow stone token. "This is my five-element order that can be used to measure the Jianfeng. Since then, I have lived with the patriarch from generation to generation, and the token has been in charge of the patriarch."
See the five elements make three people look respectful and nod.
Then Luo Yu pointed to a dark nine-square seal and said, "This is a magic weapon that Guo Laozu carries with him. On the surface, it seems to be a treasure. It is the key to the forbidden area of Zong Ling pulse! If you want to have this thing, you can find a way to enter the spirit vein and collect the spirit crystal. "
The three men were surprised to see that it was the key to the forbidden area of Zongmen Crystal Mine. No wonder the outside world has not discovered the spiritual pulse of Zongmen today? Originally the root of this!
See Luo Yu pushing Jiufangyin to a face of Meng forcing Ruwanyan, and he laughed seriously. "My brother Ruwanyan, the patriarch of Luo Yu’s five elements, is in charge of the adoption and allocation of Zongmen’s spiritual pulse …"
RuWanYan surprised to look at what nine Fang Yin leng in situ! Ruqian son touched him, and then he hurriedly woke up and moved half a step. He said excitedly, "Ruwanyan answered the patriarch’s order."
See RuWanYan readily pick up the feather and smiled again, then pointed to a silver token shaped like a broken blade and looked at RuQianEr way "QianEr elder sister, this is Wan Ren Mountain MoGuKeQing elder silver to make you accept this token, so you can contact with MoGuXian city everywhere …"
Listen, Luo Yu says Ruqian’s look is slowly becoming cautious! She didn’t know that Luo Yu became an elder of Mojia Keqing, but she knew that it was important for Luo Yu to let her do things …
Commanded the Ruqian son Luo Yu and looked at the face and looked forward to Zhang Wu
Zhang Wu, he knew the earliest and closest. Although Zhang Wu looked thin and seemed to have some foolishness, Luo Yu knew it was superficial! Of the three people, Zhang Wu may be the most stable, and some Xiaocong also know how to think long-term. Unfortunately, Zhang Wu’s qualification is not good, even if Dan Lao helped, he rose to the sixth floor of refining gas.
Thinking of this, Luoyu pushed the last fruit with flashing multicolored fluorescence to Zhang Wu Road. "Teacher Zhang, this is the result of the fruit of nature, which is the seven treasures of the land. There is a great chance that you can upgrade your qualifications as a monk, even if you can’t upgrade your qualifications, you can study intensively."
Looking at the colorful fruit in front of me, Zhang Wu’s expression became complicated.
He didn’t expect Luo Yu to be so creative to him as a teacher younger brother. Such valuables reminded him of the picture when Luo Yu gave him the medicine department of Lingjing Dan.
At that time, Zhang Wu was grateful beyond words.
Don’t say it’s Zhang Wu, it’s Ruqian’s son, Ruwanyan, who is also envious of the fruit of nature. They can enter the room. This qualification is not bad, but it’s not the best. They can’t compare with the teacher elder sister Lu and brother Nie. Maybe if they can have this fruit of nature …
But they also know that there is one fruit of nature, and Luo Yu gave it to Zhang Wu. Moreover, now they have Dan Lao, the bodhi old master of Dan Dao, and there is no shortage of cultivation resources. It can also be steamed in time. It is Zhang Wu’s qualification, and even with miraculous assistance, it has little effect
When Zhang Wu-general’s natural fruit is harvested, he reaches out and makes a move like a thinning method, and there are five more sparkling white soft crystal stones in the console table!
Looking at the five crystal, the size of a goose egg, flashing the bright light of the Milky Way, three people almost didn’t gasp in amazement!
RuWanYan shocked muttered "yao galaxy rotation … this … is a very spirit crystal! ?”
While Zhang Wuze swallowed and looked at the five crystal spirits in the case, stuttering, "Five … Five …!"
"Come on," Luo Yu smiled at Ruwanyan and gestured.
Ru Wanyan was so excited! As soon as the elders of the Tibetan Crystal Pavilion arrived, five extremely spiritual crystals came! It is estimated that the total number of Zongji Lingjing in the whole five elements will not exceed two, and it is still a large array of dimensions.
It is estimated that one or five crystal crystals are not necessarily taken out. Although it is said that a hundred crystal crystals are equivalent to one crystal crystal, if you really think so, you will be laughed at as a fool! The reason is naturally that the polar crystals are too rare 2.
Guess who also won’t take the crystal out to sell the so-called valuable market is this truth.
At that time, I received five extremely spiritual crystals. She was a little nervous and excited and suspicious! Even look at other people’s eyes are a little wrong.
He looked at his side and smiled. Zhang Wu was shocked. "Thief, what are you laughing at?"
Zhang Wu pointed to himself in shock. "I … Which thief?"
Regardless of their neurotic appearance, Ruqian laughed and asked Luo Yu, "Where did these five extremely spiritual crystals come from?"
Los feather back eyes motioning with his hand, "it’s not important, you should know that there is shit."
Three people a listen to have a big spirit immediately.
Zhang Wu speculated and asked, "Is Brother Luo ready to resume religion?"
Luo Yu smiled and immediately swept the three people. "After the restoration, I will plan your ear from this moment."
At that time, four people got together and didn’t know what to say.
Star Luo Feng Douxing Palace Shaozhu bedroom
The look of Baili Changfeng Panzuo House is changeable and seems to be painful.
His whole body is full of aura, his long hair is floating, and Qi Fei’s blood infects his skirt. When the gun wound on his chest is deep, the bone can be seen.
And that gun sore is haunted by a little bit of black smoke …
Everywhere black gas passes, it is like frost, and tiny pieces of black ice crystals are condensed, which are attached to the flesh and blood of meridians, which is very strange!
When the wound slowly recovered, Bai Li Changfeng recovered his varicose arm and the airflow around him stopped. He slowly opened his eyes.
The deep blue in his eyes passed away, and then his eyes returned to the vastness and purity of the stars. He looked at his eyes, and the bloody sound on his chest was cold. "The ghost looks unfamiliar, thanks to your little subject’s evil spirit, it can be countered …"
Just when the hundred miles of Changfeng sneered, the outside came to be familiar!
"Young master, how are you?"
Listen to this hundred-mile Changfeng look instantly return to a gentle light way "Whitestorm, come in."
Whitestorm was accompanied by a hundred miles of Changfeng since he was a child.
Seeing that he gently pushed the door and closed it warily, he immediately came to the side of Baili Changfeng and knelt down.
Whitestorm hesitated and said, "Are you all right, young master?"
Baili Changfeng glanced down at Whitestorm’s eyes, and his faint black ice crystals condensed his chest. He smiled lightly. "A little evil spirits can’t be left and right, and it will take a long time to force all these evil spirits out of the body!"
Hearing this, Bai Feng was relieved that "it’s good to be like this."
Whitestorm seemed to think of something. He quickly asked, "Little Lord, the seven stars …?"
Thyme Changfeng hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop shaking his head. "They are hopeless …"
Then he said, "Don’t contact with them! This matter cannot be leaked to people. "
"Little Lord Bai Fengbai" Whitestorm hurriedly obeyed.
Nodded thyme Changfeng waved and said, "Well ~ you go."
Stay Whitestorm leave thyme Changfeng up and walked to the terrace.
He relies on the column breeze to brush away his long hair and looks at the vast sky with a light smile. "Oh ~ evil spirits! Didn’t expect that, did you You and I are the kind of people who torment me and make me want to be crazy.’ Black Lotus’ was accidentally hit by a ghost face, and it was almost withered before it stayed in bloom … "
I took a deep breath and felt that the sky was so fresh and comfortable!
He stared at the sky and said, "The ghost face gave birth to me and I will repay you well …"
Chapter 249 Bu Zuo Long Dun to the north Double Liuhe wants to do Kun
Cottage Luoyu, Ruqian and other four people have different looks.