Wang Xiao squinted and smiled.

Yuan yuan, oh, where is a blunt kitchen yell 1?
Although the two families live very close, Wang Xiao has never really come in. After all, everyone knows that Yao’s family is Yao Shangqing in the end, and she doesn’t like Yao Shangqing and doesn’t come in.
When Chen came out of the kitchen and saw Wang Xiao, he felt nothing good.
"Teacher wang, what can I do for you? I have to go to the door. "
With that, she untied her apron.
Wang Xiao grinned and walked beside Chen.
"Hey aunts, it doesn’t delay you to earn money. Didn’t you buy my sister a card here? I also want to buy some more at this time. My sister is clumsy and quick to say that when I go to your store, all the good things have been taken away, so I come over and ask me, and we are all neighbors. Can it be cheaper? "
Chen squinted and listened carefully. When he saw the man in the shop, he didn’t look like he was awkward.
"Of course, but who let us be neighbors? As the old saying goes, a good distant relative is better than a close neighbor."
When Wang Xiao heard it, it was cheaper, and his eyes almost laughed.
"I knew Auntie was a measured person, so I’ll call my sister when I get back. Let’s go to the store and pick and choose over there."
Chapter 96 Hate each other
Wang Xiao was talking, and he turned and went back happily.
"You put on a coat and we’ll go to the store."
Chen watched her go and talked to Yuanyuan.
Yuanyuan didn’t believe that at all. Although her grandmother said that, someone had to spend more money.
"Oh, good"
Yuanyuan went back to her room with a lively mind and put on her coat neatly.
Chen has a small cloth bag in his hand, which contains some goods from home. Some of them are more expensive and have been put at home. Some people will buy them, so they have to sell them quickly.
Wang Xiao has called her sister out, and two people are smiling at the door.
Wang Miantou was still wearing it to buy things here. When he saw Chen, his face and smile became bigger.
"Great aunt, I’ve been to the store twice, but there are too many people and business is good. I didn’t squeeze, so I’ll be in trouble this time."
Chen also nodded with a smile, this business is about doing business.
"You’re welcome."
King cotton turned to look at the next to the yuan yuan.
Yuanyuan is fourteen this year. She is not very tall. She is wearing a long red coat. She is very new and has never seen it before.
Wang Mian’s sharp-eyed eyes saw that she was wearing a bracelet, and she was surprised that it was a good thing. I really don’t know how this little girl can be treated so specially except reading better and looking good.
The four of them walked to the store while talking, and it was not far from the main street.
Chen took out the key and locked it.
Wang Xiao has never been to this store. Although she has heard that others sell well, she doesn’t know how good it is.
Wang Mian is different. It took her time to decorate her eyes when she saw it. Although she has been here for the first time, she has never seen such a way to come in together. If only it were her own home, wouldn’t it be nice to wear this thing casually? How can those people in the cotton factory not envy themselves?
Chen walked behind the counter, which would still be cold and cheerless. Anyway, no one happened to talk to Wang Xiao and her sisters.
"Come to the Wangs niece and have a look at this bag. I brought it to you specially from home. It’s different from the counter. It’s unique."
As he said, he beat the little cloth bag just now
Wang Mian went there as soon as she got there.
Wang Xiao doesn’t know what it feels like to have some bumps in his heart.
"This is really beautiful, and the quality is different." Wang Mian felt it and thought about it.
Chen looked at her next to her, but she was an honest businessman. Of course, what she took out was good. The quality was good and the price was expensive.
The point is the back
"Sister, do you think this looks good on me?" Wang Mian put a bracelet on her hand and turned to talk to Wang Xiao.
Wang Xiao’s face is awkward, but he can also smile and nod and say that the quality is good.
"But you are busy at the machine every day. It’s always hard to work with a bracelet on."
She guessed that it was definitely not cheap to buy a card every time. It cost her six yuan a month for food. It is definitely painful to feel distressed.
Wang Mian grew up with her elder sister, so you can guess the meaning of this sentence and leave the pie mouth.
"Elder sister, I don’t always work and come out to play. Girls in our dormitory will go out to watch movies for dinner, so they have to dress up beautifully and look good. They have grabbed a lot of good things every time they come over, so they can all look good."