But there are always some lucky ones who live to continue the red dress club.

Chen Congyi shouldered the responsibility of cleaning up, and finally the remnants did not hesitate to sneak into the Red Dress Club and sacrifice himself to bear eternal infamy, but also to completely destroy the powerful enemy left by the white predecessors at that time.
Chen ao-ran smiled and glanced at the bewildered person in red, and said faintly, "It’s this day to bear the eternal infamy for several years!"
"The ultimate brilliance of the Red Dress Club has completely erupted in these years, and all the details and blood are almost in the sky."
"And this step"
Chen Yin thundered, "I want to crush this last step myself! Your present glory is a seat! I will personally destroy you! "
All the venerable people in red turned pale.
Chen forbeared for so long, accompanied by the red dress club, the red dress club department kept exploring all the bearing and blood of the red dress club and trying to defeat the red dress club in one fell swoop!
However, due to the forbearance and strength of the Red Chamber, they were powerful and horrible at the beginning, and their hands could escape the death. The racial blood left a touch of bearing, which shows the terrible place of this race.
Chen Yizhi was not sure and didn’t find the right opportunity to destroy the Red Chamber. He kept climbing.
He can throw anything away in order to reach the peak of the red dress!
He can be proud of himself, but what else can’t be discarded!
Climb by hook or by crook!
Be strong by any means!
And Su Yu’s strong appearance made the red dress club have a strong idea of being born and let Chen see the opportunity!
The red dress club was born strong, the layout was constantly moving and dormant for several years, and the red dress club bodhi old zu appeared in person! Those people who were defeated by their predecessors but narrowly escaped!
Chen Yizhi endured him as he watched the red suit grow stronger and endure.
In the final Armageddon!
Chen finally broke out, and he had been preparing for the showdown, involving all the low-end forces and blood of the Red Club from the beginning and then controlling the high-end battlefield of the Red Club by himself.
From the beginning to the end of the department, let the red blood and race department die! Let this dirty genocidal universe star!
An honour person in red can’t help shivering at the corner of his mouth, and his face is white and trembling, shouting "Run!"
I haven’t waited for the honour person in red to say a cosmic resonance ripple to sweep past.
The whole body of the honour person in red seems to have been erased by an eraser, so it disappears on the spot!
It’s horrible!
What kind of strength can this achieve such a horrible state!
I think it was a blow to kill the venerable master by Bai’s predecessors, but at least I raised my hand, right?
Dan Chen
The root people saw how he shot!
It seems that he controls the virtual source of the whole universe.
"Yin and Yang source you have connected the universe source! How did you realize it! "
There is an older honour person in red dress who can’t help but tremble and look at Chen.
Chen’s way of becoming famous as a human being was yin and yang!
This is a rule that can be strong or weak. Although it is not amazing, it has great development potential.
Everything born of yin and yang can communicate, and the avenue of heaven and earth can be merged. The time method can destroy everything!
The higher Chen’s realm is, the stronger his law of Yin and Yang is. If it is weak, it will be strong and strong!
Moment silence
People dare to talk loudly and dare not run away.
In front of them is a terrible man.
"You are not afraid that the ancestors will settle accounts with you!"
There is a honour person in red who growls and stares at the honour person in red.
Victory is at hand!
But what? What? Our leader is a traitor!
"Of course I’m afraid."
Chen ran a smile and dumped the long sleeves in his hand. "But I have arranged for the cause to deal with them. Do you want to be born with a group of undead things with few blood gas numbers? Dream! "
"Damn you!"
An honour person in red dress is ferocious and angry. He is a descendant of the ancestor of the red dress society.
The bodhi old zu are silent, and their bodies are full of blood and gas, and they are dying, dragging on and dying. Yes, giving red clothes will increase the horror.
The bodhi old zu are so trusting in Chen!
But this man
Damn it!
"It feels really bad to be betrayed."
Age with a relaxed smile light way "the road"
There is no need to continue to talk. Chen is a man who pays attention to efficiency, which is influenced by his master.
Kill the enemy decisively!
"Hum! ! ! !”