"Do others snore and sleep on the couch? Now it’s time to pull out this eyesore, and the old lady will take revenge with interest!" Tianyun nu way eyes fine mans critical shot, cold murderous look finally burst out.

The temperature in the whole hall plummeted, and a gust of cold wind blew the curtain of the hall, which echoed in the swinging hall.
"Destroy the xuan island! Unify genkai Xianzhou! " Tianxia gritted her teeth and said a word, word by word, jumping out of his mouth.
Don’t put out the strongest scattered fairy, but he stayed behind the three demon saints. If it weren’t for the two elder brothers to take care of him, the strength of the old demon in the first sea would not be as good as it is now. This matter has been like a poisonous snake entrenched in his proud heart, biting a few bites from time to time, making him sleepless. Influenced by this demon, Tianxia’s daily penance to see the true yuan mana progress is extremely slow, and the worst thing is that the realm has actually stopped. If he can’t get rid of this demon, I’m afraid he can’t wait for the third big day to become immortal.
I hate Xuan Dao and Liang Yi Tianxia.
"Destroy Xuandao and unify genkai Xianzhou!" At that time, the excitement in the hall shouted wave after wave.
"good!" Tianyun was satisfied with the DPRK, and the elite warriors waved their hands like chicken blood.
"Go to summon troops and send troops to Xuandao!" Tianyun cold way
"Yes!" All the people should be ordered to retreat with awe, and go to summon people to prepare for the Japanese war to be continued.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter 67 Collapse [in]
Xuandao and Luoxiaocheng discussion hall
All the core elders of Luoxiaocheng gathered together to protect the dharma, and their faces were dignified.
"Everyone knows your situation." Liang Yi looked cool and glanced at everyone. "The two demon saints of the demon clan alliance are comparable to four robbed scattered immortals, plus six robbed scattered immortals. More than 60 Du Jie-period strong men can be described as strong soldiers and strong Ma Zhuang. How to fight or not?"
When all the elders heard the news, their faces were in a dilemma. The parents’ strength soared recently, and they were full of confidence in their own casters. But this time, the situation was different. That’s the top power in the human world. Are you sure you can resist it together with your own casters or two things?
"Now that you have answers for the duke, you will ask more questions, which makes everyone worry." Fire Shine suddenly smiled and looked around. "You elders can rest assured that the two demon saints and the duke’s adults have joined hands to package." After many times, Fire Shine knows Liang Yi well. More than 30 years ago, two people joined hands to slay the so-called first scattered fairy evil mind. Thirty years later, Liang Yi has advanced to the later stage of Du Jie with stronger strength.
Fire shine is amazing in understanding. After many adventures and Liang Yi’s guidance, she realized "Two Instruments of Ice and Fire Really Derived Skill". Like Liang Yi, she integrated the body-refining skill into the major skill, and the cultivation speed increased several times. Plus, after she ate Du E Zijin Dan for nine turns, she was afraid of bottlenecks and accumulated mana crazily for three hundred years. Almost every two or three years, she swallowed a grain of five turns, seven turns, a true panacea, and there were so many kinds of Liang Yi’s hands that she could easily give it.
In addition to the fire shine, the seven qualifications and savvy of White Fox, Xingchen Yao, Fengxiang, Cracking Wind, Jiuxuan, Chiyu Han, Ziyi and Gongnanyan are outstanding among the elders. In the nine turns of Yin and Yang, the fruit help and Liang Yi’s guidance have also created their own methods, which are the most suitable for their own cultivation. Although these methods are not as magical as Liang Yi’s five elements, and there is a big gap compared with the self-created achievement method of Fire Shine, they have finally walked out of their own way. The achievements in these years have to be better than many other elders.
"Since the master and the fire spirit elders are sure to resist the two old things, then there is nothing to hesitate about, and just put them out directly." The high-wind carving suddenly got up with a eager face. This guy got the nine-turn Yin and Yang reincarnation fruit and four true magic AIDS, and actually came from the late stage of integration to the middle stage of Du Jie, and he always wanted to find opportunities to show his hands when he became strong.
"It’s true that I’ve been keeping a low profile in Xuandao for so many years." Cracking wind Johnson got up with a big grin and said, "That something demon saint saw that he was not pleasing to the eye, and this time it was just the right time to destroy them."
Liang Yi’s eyes swept away, but when he saw all the elders sitting there, his face was full of fighting spirit and he smiled faintly.
In the past 30 years, we have made great progress in a large number of top treasures, and the strength of the elders’ dharma repair and peace-keeping.
Luo Xiaocheng top strong together with Liang Yi and fire shine in, just 30 people.
In addition to Liang Yi and fire shine little monster Shu Shu.
Lin Jiacheng’s wind is the strongest according to the two scattered fairy elders. These two men refined two tablets to be worth six or seven times to rob scattered fairy. After two or three hundred years of penance, the top-level elixir and some ordinary elixirs produced from the small world of Bilingtian have reached the peak level of six times to rob scattered fairy. If you add two people to help, you can resist it for a while if you rob scattered fairy in seven times.
In addition, as early as a few decades ago, like Huo Linger, Gong Nanyan, a poisonous widow near Dacheng, has been eating nine times and turned to Du E Zijin Dan. She has accumulated her mana crazily for decades and recently realized that her own cultivation strength is not underestimated, and she is three points stronger than the general six robberies and scattered immortals.
In addition, four elders, Chi Yuhan, Fengxiang, Rifeng and Xiaobai, successfully survived the second catastrophe and became monks in the later period of Du Jie.
Sixteen elders, such as Xuanwu Road, Ziyi, Jiuxuan, Mingyue, and Longer, have all survived the first big Armageddon, but their personal cultivation and qualifications are different. If they have just succeeded in Du Jie, they will be able to break through to a level.
There are also two people wandering in the middle of Du Jie. One is Liang Keer, who is less qualified. However, this woman is also practicing in the early peak of Du Jie. It is not far from Du Jie, and she is imprisoned by Hua Yuan Dan. The couple, especially the fox queen and Xiu, have been imprisoned in the late peak of the fit. It is the only elder in Luo Xiaocheng who did not advance to Du Jie. Of course, this is temporary. After Hua Yuan Dan’s drug power is eliminated, the two people will come soon.
Cangshan is like the sea and the setting sun is like blood.
Covering the sun, the treasure light is lit up at the distant sea and sky, and it keeps getting bigger and more dazzling in an instant.
As strong as the wind and the clouds, the suffocating airflow surges from the distant horizon like waves.
No, the 3,000 demon alliance army finally appeared.
Liang Yi took the lead and stood proudly in the virtual world with the seven-color Bao Guang mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian, just like a statue of God of War that would never fall down on its shoulder, and a small mouse with blood-red eyes full of shaqi stood firmly on its side and rear, just like an elf in the fire, dragging a three-foot deep and remote blue flame mountain with one hand and quietly watching the opposite movement. Behind them were Lin Jiacheng and his wife, the poisonous widow Gong Nanyan and a group of six Du Jie-period elders’ protectors and six Du Jie-period wild animal servants.
In this battle, in addition to the Fox King couple and Liang Keer sitting in the city, 27 Du Jie’s medium-term strength strong and small monster Shu Shu all appeared.
Behind Liang Yi, the large array of baili and Luoxiao City defends the city, and the colorful glow is grounded.
The overwhelming treasure light is getting brighter and closer.
I can already see the figure shaking, and I can hear several sharp breaks.
Liang Yi’s deep eyes suddenly set their eyes like arrows, and shot through many empty arrows to the two brothers, Tianyun and Tianling, who were surrounded by many masters and aggressive.
The two demon Sheng Lisheng’s narrow eyes soared sharply, and four sharp lights also shot out from their eyes and came through the heavy virtual direct beam Yi.
Three people’s eyes are hard-edged, and when their eyes touch each other in the virtual space, there are ripples like magic in the sky, and they confront each other in the virtual space.
"Hum-"Tianyun complained that anger was hundreds of miles away, and then all three of them withdrew their eyes at the same time.
Rob scattered fairy, such as mind slightly swept away, then touched the Liang Yi situation here.
"Except Xuan Xiaoer’s two scattered immortals, the other 24 people are strong in Du Jie in the middle and late period." Tianling’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. "Intelligence doesn’t mean that most of the elders of Xuandao are in a fit period? How did they all become monks in Du Jie in the middle period?"
"I think Xuan Xiaoer got a terrible treasure," Tianyun sneered. "It’s good for us to destroy Xuan Island. These treasures are all our brothers!"
"That’s right." There was a trace of excitement in Tianling’s eyes. "It must be a great treasure to be able to quickly cultivate so many master Xuan Xiaoer hands."
With the demon race alliance army approaching, the war finally reached a hair-trigger moment.
"Xuan!" Tianyun and Tianling flew at the same time. The day before yesterday, Yunyun held a sword and pointed at Liang Yi. He shouted, "The pale blue cassock danced wildly with the wind."