Yu Tai’s hand is also measured and there is no dead hand.

"Yu … Yu Dage, you are really our model!"
"Yu Dage, if you don’t mind, I’d like to worship your boss."
A group of new students gathered around to look at Yu Tai, and their eyes were poor.
Zhao Hu couldn’t help but stare big eyes when he saw this scene.
Then Zhao Hu turned his head. "Deacon Liu, can we go?"
Liu deacon is still in a daze. When he hears Zhao Huyin, he can’t help but show embarrassment. "Okay, let’s go and follow them."
Yu Tai led the way and dozens of new students from Huai ‘an Province followed behind, and they were followed by many new students, Zhao Hu, and they were among them.
In Thailand, many people have seen more than 1000 old students. At the moment, they are all shivering and their eyes are frightened. Looking at Thailand is like looking at killing God.
No one dares to stop this group of new students.
The dormitory is a few hundred meters away from the treasure hall, and in less than a few minutes, the dormitory is in sight.
All the new students’ faces are full of poverty and happiness.
If you want to run into the dormitory, you can rest easy and worry, so that Lingshi can practice.
"Ha ha …"
Suddenly, a sad smile sounded, and soon a group of men quickly gathered around to block everyone’s way.
Laughter comes from a man with a sharp mouth and a monkey face. His face is numb. It is the previous slap that slaps deacon Liu on the air.
"It’s interesting that a little master came this year."
Hemp looked at Yu Tai’s eyes, and it was like looking at treasures.
"I’ll give you two choices. The first one will join our team immediately, and then you will get the stone." Ma said with a smile.
Hearing this, a group of newcomers all showed fear.
"Yu Dage, you can’t lose us."
"Yes, Brother Yu, we are a province."
Yu Tai looked back at the eyes and everyone seriously said, "I will not abandon everyone even if I die in Yu Tai."
Then Yu Tai looked at Ma. "What’s the second choice?"
"Hehe ….." Ma Hehe smiled and then his face changed and he shouted "That is until you join our team!"
Say that finish hemp lead rushed forward and others followed.
There are not many people with hemp, but they are all members of the death team, and each of them has good strength.
"Roar …"
Yu Tai turned into a giant at the first sight of dignified color.
Then he rushed forward and punched Ma.
Hemp corners of the mouth slightly raised a black gas wrapped in the hands of black gas, which is like an abyss. It lies in the Muay Thai head.
"Boom …"
The shocking sound went straight to the sky and the body of Thailand flew backwards like a missile and landed heavily on the ground.
"Ah …"
Yu Tai’s physical strength was exhausted and he returned to his normal size. He struggled to get up and the terrible pain in his right hand made him scream.
He felt the pain in his hand and found that his hand bone was shattered. "You …"
Look at the other new students. They are even worse than Yu Tai. All of them were beaten black and blue, and all the stones in their hands were taken away.
"God … God, it turned out to be a deadly team. They bullied new students. Is this the first time I saw them?"
"That’s because you don’t know that the killer is out, and now he is left with some weak soldiers and Miao Ugly manages the whole team. It’s strange that he doesn’t take this opportunity to seize some resources for himself."
"Shh, be quiet. You’ll be miserable if he hears you."
There are many old students around who can’t help talking when they see this scene.
Ma Ming Miao Ugly was killed because of his strength and ruthless, vice captain.
Today, he took advantage of the captain’s absence to snatch the new student Lingshi and killed himself.
Miao Ugly looked down at Yu Tai. "Do you agree to join my team now?"
Yu Tai gritted his teeth with anger and said, "I will never join your death team even if I die!"
"Ha ha ….." Miao Ugly reveals a grim smile, which makes people feel cold at first sight.
The old students who watched the play around showed a sad look when they saw this scene.
Chapter 231 Samuel, ugly ugly [even]
"I’m sorry, you look like a 3-year-old, too. Why don’t you know the truth at all?"
Miao Ugly walked towards Yu Tai and shook his head. "You are indispensable for the benefit of following me to kill the team!"
"Hum, even if you die, you won’t admit it!" Yu tai gritted his teeth and shouted
"Well, in that case, I’ll abolish your arm today and make you remember it for a long time."
Say that finish Samuel, ugly, ugly, bent over and stretched out his hands. Black gas kept surging in his hands, and then he grabbed it at Yu Tai and pulled it.
"Ah …"
A piercing scream rang all over the sky. Yu Tai’s hands were ripped apart and blood gushed out. The pain was so great that Yu Tai’s body trembled and sweat rolled down.
"It’s complete. The right eye is ruined and the right hand is ruined. It’s really like a cripple and a born loser."
Seeing Yu Tai’s miserable appearance, Miao Ugly smiled and nodded. Then he grabbed the bag from Yu Tai’s hand and took out the lingshi inside and put it in his pocket.