"Yo, do you miss me when you have a beauty in this bed?" She leaned over boldly and full of temptation. Vanilla is a small jasper woman who looks comfortable and has a rich figure, especially her big ass feels comfortable.

Ma Liang can’t say how long he has been here with Xia Xue and nodded.
"It’s not surprising that you are still thinking about your elder sister. You men are just like eating vegetables. Even delicacies will be tired of women. The more you bite a man, the sweeter you are. You can’t let go."
Although she is rude, think about it carefully.
"Sister Xiang Lanjie, don’t cook. Just go to my house to eat at night." Ma Liang called.
"OK" She smiled and the child was already asleep in bed.
"This time, I told my parents about Wang Cannabis, and they all asked me to find another man’s brother. Do you think I should look for it or not?" She asked.
"I don’t know about this." Ma Liang shook his head. He can’t decide others’ lives just because of his own words.
"What a silly brother! I said I wouldn’t look for it if I didn’t look for it." She sighed.
"It’s okay, Xiang Lanjie." Ma Liang saw that she was sitting on the edge of the bed and sat comforted.
She actually leaned over and wanted to think about it. Ma Liang still held her shoulder
"Just have a man to lean on, sister. I’m also a knowledgeable person," she said, probably remembering something.
At this time, the child cried and seemed to be hungry. She picked it up and pulled the clothes directly. Ma Liang looked at the glistening and naturally had a reaction and slowly swelled.
Vanilla, of course, saw lightly chastising saw his one eye.
"Xiang Lanjie, I’ll go back to the house first. After dinner, I’ll call you. If there’s anything, you can just come and shout." Ma Liang got up to hide his embarrassment.
"Cheng" Xianglan didn’t move so much when she learned that he was with Xia Xue.
The room has spread the delicious smell of chicken, listening to people’s forefinger move, and Xia Xue propped up his pretty face and was in a daze, not knowing what was going on.
Su Yu Yao should still be asleep. Ma Liang quietly walked over and tried to scare her, but he didn’t have the heart to finally shout.
"Teacher Ma, you’re back." She paused and then said.
"Mengmeng is not here," Ma Liang hinted.
"Old husband, you’re back." Xia Xue was shy and limited to Ma Liang’s heart movement. Just seeing the picture of Xiang Lanjie reminded me of the fire in my heart.
"Sister Xia Xue, let’s go to the room." Ma Liang couldn’t help it.
"Teacher Su will hear you and it’s daytime." Xia Xue naturally thinks about these reasons and can’t let a woman do these things because of her own desires.
Come and drink the wine, and your desire will be strong. If you don’t control it, it will be difficult to clean it up. Ma Liang took a deep breath and controlled it.
"Sorry" Xia Xue apologized.
"Sister Xia Xue, why are you apologizing?" Ma Liang sat down quickly.
"I have some requirements that I can’t do yet." She shook her head gently.
"Sister Xia Xue, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me. I’m a little strange." Ma Liang said shyly. "I always feel that I can’t stand the temptation. It wasn’t like this before."
"What?" Xia Xue was also curious.
Ma Liang took this opportunity to dig himself into a small pot and almost died, and then his body changed, and the effect of the small pot was all said.
Xia Xue’s beautiful eyes with his mouth open are full of surprise.
She doesn’t believe it. After all, it’s all the same as fairy tales, but the thought of Ma Liang being brave in bed makes her feel quite real. Normal men are so powerful.
"Come to Xia Xue, I’ll show you." Ma Liang took her hand, took a little pot of rapeseed and went to the backyard. Because she was too lazy to go to the greenhouse as soon as she demonstrated.
Sprinkle a little cucumber seeds into the ground and cover the hole with soil.
Xia Xue looked at without knowing that his chest was crisp and white.
Then I watched Ma Liang twist the small pot and drop a little water to cover it.
She was surprised to find that a few green seedlings followed and then grew up in an instant. Ma Liangli stood without cutting branches. Recently, cucumbers were all wrapped around Ma Liangli, and it didn’t take long for them to bear beautiful cucumbers.
She touched the real cucumber for a long time before she came to her senses and murmured "this"
"Am I right?" Ma Liang laughed and barely got up and hung up at least ten catties of cucumbers.
Seeing him like this, Xia Xue couldn’t help laughing like a hundred flowers blooming beautifully, and then she gently picked cucumbers to remove all the vines.
"I believe" she nodded.
"Sister Xia Xue, you have to believe that we can live a good life, and then dream not only of high school but also of college." Ma Liang could not help but say.
"This pot is a treasure pot, so we should put it well," she said. If others know that there is such a good thing, they will not miss it so much.
"Xia Xue elder sister to your custody" Ma Liang handed it to her.
Strange flower
I "she one leng some can’t believe it.
"I spend money faster and then you take care of it." Ma Liang recalled that these days it was really called spending money like running water. He was afraid that no amount of money would be lost because there were too many good things, and he always thought that there was no money before buying.
Xia Xue took the small pot, which was a heavy responsibility, but she felt a kind of warmth in her heart. It was so precious that her eyes were wet.
"Xia Xue elder sister, what’s wrong with you?" Ma Liang got a fright. Doesn’t she want to?
She shook her head gently and couldn’t help leaning against Ma Liang’s arms. "I am happy."
Ma Liang silly leng don’t know what to say is to hold her shoulder.
"I’ll put things away." She quickly adjusted her mood.
Not long after Su Yuyao woke up, she yawned and her hair was a little messy, but it was still full of beauty. "It smells good." She sniffed.
She has no problem with the food here. Fish often has vegetables and is especially fragrant. Xia Xue has good cooking.
"This cucumber is quite fresh. Go and wash one for me," she said to Ma Liang and sat down.
Ma Liang is used to drinking water and washing a few more roots. This cucumber tastes quite good.
"I have an itch in my neck. Please take a look at it for me." Su Yuyao said.
Ma Liang stared at her as white as a swan neck.
"What do you think?" She asked with a frown. "I warn you not to think."
Ma Liang got up and paused behind her, and then carefully wound a few black hairs. Sure enough, there is a small blister in the white jade neck, which is a little white. Just squeeze it out.
"How’s it going? It still hurts a little," she asked.
"It would be nice to have something squeezed out" Ma Liang sat back.
"What are you doing sitting back to help me squeeze it out?" She pressed it.
The horse is fine and gets up again. Be careful to touch her skin. You can feel her body tremble.
"Hurry up" Her face is a little red.