Besides, this tunnel is so concealed that it was built in someone else’s room and specially used illusion to cover it up

The general phenomenon has said that it is not as common as it seems!
Yang Xiu heart so think to the prince of the devils gestured a followed it immediately to fly to the tunnel.
But what made him stare was that every once in a while there would be a fork in this mine road.
What’s even more troublesome is that there are forks in these forks that make him not know where to go.
If you walk one by one, I’m afraid it will take nearly a day to finish the walk.
But he doesn’t have time to waste in this place where he doesn’t know anything.
Besides, if the sword gate doesn’t finish destroying those monks and return to this place this time, it will really be stuck in someone else’s hometown, and he won’t dare to take such a risk.
Finally, I think he decided to look at this main channel first. If there is nothing now and it comes again, choose some other channels selectively.
I really didn’t get promoted now, and I won’t feel sorry now. After all, he doesn’t know here at all … What is there? Maybe there is nothing. It’s his guess.
Anyway, he is satisfied with getting so many lingshi this time.
In my heart, I thought that with a wave of my hand, Bai Zhi and the Ghost King put them in Gankun’s hand. After that, Qingluan Wings did not stop and immediately flew inside to try to end the exploration earlier.
But in this way, after another wick of incense, the main road has looked at nearly a dozen forks, but he still gains something. He already doubts that his judgment is otherwise correct.
"Or it’s just a coincidence that there’s really nothing so mysterious here."
Yang Xiu thought in his heart that it was not too late when he came in now, so he planned to leave.
However, just as his net flew into the main mine from the fork, he suddenly smelled a faint scent that filled Yang Xiu’s heart.
This sudden fragrance is very weak. If it is ordinary people, it may be ignored.
At first, he was worried about whether the aroma would be toxic, but after years of experience in contact with those elixirs in underground caves, it was obvious that the aroma was a medicinal smell, which was the smell of what elixir would be released when it was about to mature.
"The elixir was born?" Yang Xiu naturally thought of this in his mind, saying that his heart was suddenly shocked and he quickly released the ghost king and Bai Zhi, and then immediately followed Yaoxiang to dive carefully.
"But I’m afraid it’s not a precious species with such a thin medicinal taste?" He also has some doubts. After all, this medicine fragrance is inferior to many elixirs in the underground abode of fairies and immortals.
But anyway, since I met him, I must have a look before I feel at ease.
Enter a fork, then flicker into three more forks, and the smell of medicine is getting stronger and stronger.
So he crossed five passages, and after a minute or so, he stopped at the end of one passage.
And this medicine fragrance comes out from the end of this channel.
At the end of the passage, I saw a blue stone pier blocked by a dense gas. There was a little flash of light, but someone arranged the law.
Yang Xiu suddenly thought to himself when he saw the array method, "Did someone beat him to it long ago?"
However, it is not impossible. After all, there are still rich deposits in this spirit mine, but it was stopped because of it. Of course, it doesn’t make sense for no reason.
According to his guess, it is probably because there is a panacea here that he is worried that he will be discovered by other monks.
But in this way, Yang Xiu wants to get the elixir, but it is in some trouble
At this moment, although the taste of the medicine is still light, it makes people suddenly feel that all the limbs are light and the whole person looks more awake.
Moreover, as this clear fragrance penetrates into the fu-organs and is brought into the meridians of the body, people suddenly feel that the true elements are rolling like the essence of the sun and the moon, and thousands of pores are dilated.
"Turns out to be directly in the true yuan? !” Yang Xiu was shocked.
Generally, drugs can be directly transformed into monks’ spiritual strength is few and far between.
For example, drugs such as Wannian Ginseng are precious, but they are generally not directly available.
The first reason is that these drugs contain various properties, which directly lead to yin-yang imbalance.
The second reason is that direct herbs will make monks unable to absorb drugs, which will easily precipitate in monks’ bodies, thus affecting post-practice.
Therefore, in general, this kind of medicine needs other drugs to be matched according to a certain proportion and refined into the corresponding Dan medicine after being mixed with Yin and Yang.
However, this kind of elixir can be directly used in Zhenyuan, which is different. They are inherently coincident with the monk’s harmony of Yin and Yang, and they are not worried about having a side effect like refining Dan medicine.
Therefore, it is more precious and rarer than ordinary elixirs. Every kind of elixir is greatly famous.
How can Yang Xiu not be surprised to see that it has matured? Suddenly played a possessive mind.
However, he doesn’t know whether there is anyone inside. If there is someone, he doesn’t know that he is not good at repairing, so he hesitates.
However, feeling the more and more rich aroma in the Daoli, he suddenly took out the flag of the highest day thunder and evil spirit and arranged it at the opening of the passage.
At the same time, when the palm of your hand turns over, the bow and arrow appears in your hand and immediately injects aura into it.
He decided not to reserve his strength at all and solved the enemy with a single blow.
When he drank the second drop of Wan Nianling Liquid, the delivery stopped. At this time, the pressure of the bow and arrow was three points stronger than that of the last time against Mo Daolin.
After the preparations were finished, he immediately made a look at Bai Zhi and the ghost king and immediately attacked the ban.
Thug, the second is more supportive.)
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Three-leaf single fruit
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Three-leaf single fruit
Just when Yang Xiuqiao attacked the ban at the end of the channel with the ghost king and Bai Zhi, he suddenly heard a sound coming out of the ban.
The voice is shrill, with a little panic, anger, anxiety and gloom mixed with each other.
Moreover, the tone of his voice is as full of milk as a baby.
What makes Yang Xiu even more surprised is that this sound is still familiar. It seems that I have heard it somewhere, but when I think about it, I can’t remember who it is.
"It turns out that someone inside really arrived earlier!" Yang Xiu heart suddenly a tight surly like water holding a bow and arrow strength can not help but big three points.
At the same time, the magic weapon of defense protects the mysterious light and orders Bai Zhi and Tiangui to retreat into the thunder evil spirit array of the highest day to prevent the other party from suddenly coming out and causing any accident.
However, the attack did not stop because of this, but continued to attack more violently
The people inside didn’t hear the reply, but they were quiet for a while and didn’t know what they were doing.
But Yang Xiu saw that the other party didn’t kill it immediately, and his heart suddenly relaxed for half a minute.
With this, he can be sure that the other party should not be a monk in Yuan’s infancy, otherwise, where would it be so accommodating, even directly?
Thought of here, he suddenly spewed a glow from his mouth toward the forbidden place of the channel.
Listen to Biluofeng as the glow "Peng Yi followed the ban at the end of the channel and caused a shaking of the channel."
With Yang Xiu, Bai Zhi and the Ghost King constantly controlling their magic weapons, they attacked this forbidden place together. Although it was severe, it was less than half a column of incense. When the forbidden "bam" at the end of the channel suddenly broke to reveal the situation.