"The Spanish media once nicknamed Chang Sheng" the tyrant "because Chang Sheng was particularly cruel and merciless when cleaning the team department. In the team, he was the only one who could talk and everyone else could listen to him … But in my opinion, I’m afraid this" tyrant "is not only aimed at the team department, but also a tyrant for other teams! In order to win, he will do whatever it takes to kick the opponent’s football. He also asked his players to shovel the legs of the other players directly on the sidelines! "

"If we want to give examples to show that we often perform in this respect, we can give many examples. Now it’s Schalke 4′ s turn!"
"I think slomka’s tactical thinking is right, that is, to keep a solid defense and try not to concede a goal, and then drag the score to the penalty shoot-out, so that the set of advantages brought by the constant victory will swing away. In the penalty shoot-out, both sides have equal opportunities … even Schalke’s chances are better than Lazio’s! Because they must have specially practiced penalty kicks! Are you ready to fight or not? Schalke 4 did a good job … but I’m afraid he didn’t expect Changsheng to let his players bombard Schalke 4 players so shamelessly! But this is the winning style … "
Hit Schalke 4 players in a row and sent two players off the court. Although it was short-lived, it still had an impact on Schalke 4 players’ hearts …
When the game continued, Schalke 4 players blocked their eyes in the restricted area and their enthusiasm dropped significantly.
Because no one wants to be the third person to be hit by Lazio’s long-range shot … It’s not embarrassing but too painful …
Although Schalke 4 players didn’t want to be beaten, the third person who was treated appeared.
That’s the team’s Brazilian full-back Rafinha. This time, when he blocked Lazio’s long-range shot, he was directly blasted in the other side.
The football shot by david silva collided head-on with Rafinha’s face.
Rafinha didn’t fall to the ground this time, but he quickly covered his mouth and nose.
Everyone saw the blood on his nose and mouth when he was good at it.
The nosebleed was beaten out!
This is the most serious because of the blood!
"Oh, again! Rafinha was beaten with a nosebleed for blocking Lazio’s shot … "
The commentator’s tone is full of nai.
It’s beyond anyone’s expectation that the final will be played like this …
First of all, Schalke 4 chose the ugly style of play to shrink the defensive team in its own restricted area and waited for Lazio to attack.
Then Lazio broke the secret defense and chose the long-range shot, which was no problem. The long-range shot was a good trick to break the secret defense, but when it was normal to choose Changsheng, a guy who didn’t take the usual path, his hands changed.
He broke the goal when he shot from a long distance!
Break the defense, break the defense. Why are you kicking people?
Kick people, kick people, and you kick people!
Kicked two Schalke 4 players in a row, and now the third one will appear …
Although the final played for 30 minutes, it was really wonderful!
Chapter 14 The wall collapsed
In the eyes of commentators and fans, they saw Altintop, Sander and Rafinha receiving treatment successively.
But in Changsheng’s view, it is a different scene.
In Lazio, the players pounded Schalke 4 again and again, which was indestructible, but the defense line was collapsing.
Finally, there was a tiny crack, which gradually expanded and there were other cracks around it
More and more cracks, bigger and deeper.
Then a place collapsed and rubble fell.
This wall is almost untenable.
It’s not just the winning streak. Micol slomka, the head coach of Schalke 4, also saw that his carefully prepared tactics were failing a little bit, because he saw that many players were afraid to block the long-range shots of Lazio players, which was not a good sign …
He also knows what this is …
Lazio’s ruthless long-range kicking tactics have made all Schalke 4 players feel afraid.
They are afraid of getting hurt.
In particular, Raffini’s nose and mouth are covered with blood, and a lot of blood is dyed. The scene of the jersey is so visually impactful.