By the time Liu Biao died, Cai Mao had already paid Liu Biao, saying that Cai Mao had occupied Jingxiang, but at that time Cao Caona was afraid of Cao Caowei and Cai Mao to surrender, and finally the defeat of Cai Mao soldiers was cut by Cao Cao.

Such people may not be able to do anything when fighting, but it is another matter whether it is good to play a political expert or not.
The situation in the field became more and more fierce, and the people took out their own ferocity. They had an idea to kill Bian Shi!
"Are you crazy? This is a lady! "
"Wake up, will you? The real enemy is watching the play!"
On the surface, the foot soldiers seem to be merciless, but in fact, they have left a hand and will never hurt their lives.
"We didn’t surrender, madam!"
"If my wife doesn’t die and gives the words of surrender, the morale of the army will surely dissipate, and Tianmen City will be really powerful!"
People are talking as if it makes sense.
"Fart what nonsense demoralized grandpa is soldiers demoralized? You are ignorant! "
In my heart, the people seem to have come back to their senses. Yes, blocking themselves and killing their wives is a group of elite soldiers. They risk their lives to block themselves and kill their wives, but they still want to kill their wives themselves. This is different from the enemy.
Pa 11 people slapped themselves with a big mouth. "What’s wrong with me? How can I kill my wife?"
They all reacted by looking at the dead bodies everywhere and then at the soldiers and experts who surrounded themselves and others. They didn’t know they were wrong. They were bewitched and turned their eyes to the figurines.
It’s not just one person, but a team of only twenty or thirty people, but they can get a lot of weapons, and all the cufflinks are what they want now. It’s a big feeling that ordinary people have so many cufflinks.
This team is also very clever, and immediately left the group and went to Wen Pin to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Bitten by a dog?
"This? Qiu shan you? " A citizen couldn’t believe that his fingers trembled slightly when he pointed at his former friend and ran to the enemy side.
"I don’t want to be an ordinary person, and I am willing to fight hard!"
The face of the people named Qiu Shan rose a little guilty, and was immediately crushed by the emerging rage, and his face became ferocious.
"You … you son of a bitch! Do you remember who took you in when you didn’t even have clothes on? "
"I don’t care about this bitter day. I’ve had enough. I want to be rich … er, my Lord …"
Qiu Shan blushed and screamed at the top of his lungs. Suddenly he called to an abrupt end. He looked coldly at the tip of the knife coming out of his chest and even forgot the pain. He would never have thought of ensuring that he would melt. The rich and powerful man pierced his heart and his eyes fell and never stopped.
"Forgive me, my Lord!"
"We did everything according to Lord Cai’s orders. Are you going to kill us?"
Qiu Shan is in cahoots with the traitors, panicking and yelling, lying on the ground, his body shaking constantly.
"kill! None left! "
Wen Pin immediately raised his butcher’s knife without hesitation, looked contemptuously at him and waited for the slaughter. A group of traitors said, "Today you can betray Li, and you can betray my master some other day. If your master surrendered, it would be a shame for you to surrender, but your masters are still fighting bloody battles. Wen Pin most despises you traitors who play dirty tricks behind your back!"
Cai Mao, who was in the rear, wanted to stop thinking for a while or gave up turning his head to find Liu Biao. He didn’t even have a look back.
Everything was white. It turned out that everything was misled in this tense environment. Blackhead and others immediately shouted, "Protect your wife! Protect your wife! "
It’s too late, and the heavy armor will surround this place. In the field, Bian Shi’s mother will be tightly protected for hundreds of people, just like a boat in a huge wave.
Screaming and begging for mercy gradually stopped, and all the traitors were beheaded. Wen Pin’s charm stood out in front of the army. "People here are the most important forces in Tianmen City. You don’t care if you destroy other fish and shrimp."
"Li county commandant but you grasp?"
You can talk here, except Bian Shi, and you lose music and enter Bian Shi. It is definitely impossible for a woman to show her face in front of the army, so she enters the crowd and speaks loudly.
"Li county commandant? But catching that strong man yesterday was really tricky and it took me a lot of effort. "
Le Jin carefully stared at Wen Pin and muttered with a relaxed expression, which was not at all like the hypothesis that Li Xianwei was really caught, but Li Xianwei was a real soul with strong fighting power, but he was still caught by this person. It can be seen that this person’s fighting power is by no means simple, and I, Li Xianwei, are also equal. Maybe this young man’s martial arts is in me.
Inadvertently glanced around and looked up at Wen Pin. Wei Yan knew at a glance that he was by no means a mediocre soldier. He had a great talent!