She thought, "Since my parents can’t do it for sure and they don’t know other people who have the ability to come up with a few elixirs, I can now ask Elder Yang, and this Elder Yang doesn’t look like Leng Qing is even willing to take out the" giant magic pill "to cure Li Dage, and there are other better elixirs. Besides, it’s not difficult for him and Grandfather Tianxuan to come up with several thousand-year-old elixirs, so it’s not as good as asking him for it."

However, Li Junhe has some feelings and is even more unwilling to see Bai Ouqing so low-spirited, so he stopped saying, "White girl, don’t do this. We don’t want to make it difficult for our predecessors."
Bai Ouqing heart way this is not you, but she also knows that Li Junhe has a strong self-esteem and therefore ignores Yang Xiu.
See two people have hooked Yang Xiu playing hard to get pretend don’t "in fact, I have this material but it is all from elders. If you don’t give it to outsiders, I can’t explain it. After all, the Millennium panacea is also a precious thing."
Bai Ouqing heard Yang Zhen’s great joy, of course, and even Li Junhe showed excitement. Bai Ouqing hurriedly said, "Elder Yang, we also know that this is very difficult for you, but now you can help Li Dage. After you save Li Dage, you will definitely repay you. Please, Yang Changlai."
See the time is about the same, Yang Xiu finally revealed his eyes "although some panacea is not good to give to outsiders casually, it is not without flexibility."
"What method?" Bai Ouqing and Li Junhe asked with a hopeful face.
Yang Daoxiu’s view of Li and his qualifications are good. If he worships my teacher and my master’s elixir, it is only natural that his treatment will be done, and those elders will not have anything to say.
Yang Xiu did this, first exaggerating Li Junhe’s illness, and then inducing him to stay with him willingly. Although he is not sure what he is, it will be white to hold others in his hands one day.
"Really? Brother Ken Li, the elder? " Bai Ouqing hurriedly pulled Li Junhe to bow down after hearing this.
She wanted her parents to accept Li Junhe as an apprentice when she learned that Li Junhe was a casual practitioner, but it was impossible to have this series of things later.
Just now, when she asked Yang Xiu and Great-Grandfather Tianxuan, she thought that Yang Xiu was not low in the middle of the gate and intended to let Li Junhe worship in Yangxiumen. Later, Yang Xiu was worried about Li Junhe’s injury and didn’t say it.
How can you not be happy to see Yang Xiu take the initiative now?
And Li Junhe just came out this time to seek truth from the master. Just now, I saw Yang Xiu fighting with those two monks in the Dan period, and I didn’t lose the horse, so I felt that Yang Xiu was quite magical.
And from Bai Ouqing’s conversation, I know that this elder Yang has some background at the door. I think that when I become his apprentice, I can ask him to help Bai Ouqing put in a good word about the private medicine, so as to reduce the punishment. Therefore, it is certainly more willing to smell the words.
"Don’t listen to me first." However, Yang Xiuxian made a momentum to stop them from worshipping immediately. "You know, after worshipping my teacher, you will never betray me and you can’t switch to others again. If you commit a crime, I will clear the door, but if it is light, you will be reincarnated and you will never be born. You have to understand!"
He also put soul pressure on Li Junhe when he said that.
In the face of tremendous mental pressure, it is difficult for Li Junhe to repair his roots now.
See Li Junhe kneeling in front of Yang Xiu kowtow more than positive color way, "after heaven, after earth, my brother, Li Junhe, today worships Yang Xiu’s senior teacher and lifelong father. If I dare to betray my legacy, I will die of lightning strike in Li Junhe."
Of course, Yang Xiu didn’t let him go and didn’t really teach him this oath
When he is ready, just give him a few exercises to practice by himself, and then he can study the magic of other bodies in a justified way, which will not cause him to resist.
After all, Li Junhe is a five-spirit-root qualification practitioner, which has a unique advantage over ordinary people. Yang Xiu also dare not give him high-order achievement method and give him Dan medicine, or even Li Junhe will repair it soon.
After all, the world is a force to speak. If Yang Xiu can’t suppress Li Junhe to him then, there will be other ideas without rebellion.
Respect for strength is a principle that Yang Xiu has always believed in.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Trial
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Trial
The first more 12 o’ clock again more 】
Seeing that the goal has been achieved, Yang Xiu is also relieved. "Now that you have worshipped in our door, I will help you heal after your injuries return to Nanling Sect." "Thank you, Master." Li Junhe’s heart is also happy, and he is also happy with Bai Ouqing.
"This" hexagram sword "is a first-order magic weapon. You can’t wait for you until the foundation period." Yang Xiu took out a shiny flying sword and handed it to Li Junhe’s heart. You are not afraid of something sweet and you are not dead set.
A little surprised
You know, during the foundation period, my brother needs a magic weapon. If you only rely on sects every month, it will take almost a hundred years to buy one. Now Yang Xiu will send one directly, and of course, let the two of them go to surprise gift. Li Junhe immediately worshipped again.
"Let’s go. We’ve been delayed here for a long time."
What danger? "Li Junhe worship Yang Xiu division also put a lot of talk.
Yang Xiu collected the flag array and then put the leopard out. The two of them sat down and said, "Actually, it’s not too serious, but there should be other family agencies and there is still some trouble."
Anyway, sooner or later, he will have a chance, so now he has revealed a little
"It must be the Ma family." Bai Ouqing said bitterly. "These guys always do small moves."
"Ah, is it dangerous for the white girl to go?" Bai Ouqing’s face is normal, but Li Junhe is a little flustered.
"What’s the panic? You don’t think you’re as steady as the white girl." Yang Xiu shouted, "Don’t worry that the parents of the white girl are monks in the Dan period. It won’t matter if you have the heart to be punished at most."
Li Junhe said awkwardly, "I’m a little worried about White Girl, so I asked Master to help her then."
"Don’t worry, the teacher has his own discretion."
Several people flew all the way to Nanling, and Yang Xiu also took the opportunity to ask a Li Junhe, who himself had a reaction to the force of the body, but he still didn’t get any other information.
Just halfway back, I met several law enforcement cousins who were waiting for Hong.
Each of them rode a high white crane and stopped at a high mountain. Because he had contacted Yang Xiu, he stayed here and waited until he knew that Bai Ouqing had been found.
After introducing Li Junhe to several law enforcement cousins, they returned together.
Two days later, the group finally returned to Nanling Twelve.
Yang Xiu said to Li Junhe, "You should go to the abode of fairies and immortals with Hong Bu, and let Hong Bu choose a place for you near my training room. I’ll take Miss Bai to the head."
"It’s Master, but you must help the girl!" Li Junhe said that in the past two days, although Li Junhe felt that the master was not as accommodating as when he first met Bai Ouqing, but most of the time he was cold-faced, he still didn’t miss Bai Ouqing’s nagging in Yang Xiu’s ear. Yang Xiu was a little annoyed, but seeing him was really worrying, and Bai Ouqing wouldn’t be punished.
At this moment, when he talked about it again, he said, "Well, I know that Hong is different. You explain the situation of the abode of fairies and immortals to him and familiarize him with other law enforcement cousins."
"It’s Elder Yang". Several people know that Li Junhe was accepted by Yang Xiu in the past two days. Suddenly, they dare not neglect because Li Junhe has a practice period, but they are interested in pleasing each other.
"White girl, if you don’t mind, I will visit you sometimes." Li Junhe said goodbye to Baiou.
"Bai Ouqing so easy way.
"Well, it’s not easy to get behind a sect, white girl. Let’s go."
Yang Xiu came to the hall with Bai Ouqing, and now more than a dozen monks with different looks have sat here. Most of them have been married, Dan has been repaired, and Ling has sent some management officials, while Mu Yi’s boss is sitting in the temple.
It didn’t take him long to come back. These people are all ready, but they just don’t know how to solve it. However, after a practice period, my brother dispatched such a big battle. I don’t know if it is a working class.
Although irrelevant in my heart, my face was solemn and else. I brought Bai Ouqing into the center of the hall and directed Mu Yi’s head to record that "my brother Yang Xiu visited Mu Yi’s head."
When all the monks saw Yang Xiu come in, they all looked at him and showed no expression of curiosity or clarity or indecision. No one showed disdain when he saw that he was a monk in the construction period.
"Well this hard Yang Shi.
Mu Yi owners don’t worry not rashness way