At this time, broken arrow, who had been silent all the time, finally gave a face of best decission and shouted at Liu Fei, "You are now shouldering the whole day’s safety. Only you can stop the God!"

"Yes! You must hold on! "
A listen to this pure Yin also can’t help but quickly echoed and said, "Remember when we first met, I spoke to you? Maintaining world peace is up to you! Don’t let your ancestors down! "
A joke at the beginning has now come true?
"I …"
Lu Fei wanted to say something but was interrupted by pure yin toughness. "Think about Xiaoxiao, think about your child and your heart. If you die, I am afraid that your heart will bury you!"
Sure enough, when I heard the word "Xiaoxiao", Liu Fei’s mind suddenly vibrated!
Well, he is such an ambitious person. What do you tell him about "Heaven’s Righteousness"? He may not feel anything at all, but once he remembers people around him, especially Xiao Xiao, he can stimulate his limited potential!
[449] The real furnace keeps a hundred classics! New life in destruction!
? "good! I know! "
Almost instantly, Liu Fei swept away. Just now, there was an unprecedented color in his eyes!
The ancestors have sacrificed everything and everything has been redeemed by law. If they continue to go like this, they will really die in vain!
And Xiaoxiao also needs to protect himself. How can he die?
How sad would Xiaoxiao be if he died?
Thinking of this, Lu Fei’s brow suddenly became domineering and an unyielding will lingered in my heart! The long-lost words filled his mind again. "My life is up to me! No one can let me die unless I want to! "
In an instant, Lu Fei’s remnant soul, Guanghua, is still weak, but it has faintly turned into a huge oven shadow! Fierce a vortex, and the pure source of the surrounding grandfathers collapsed and absorbed the past!
"That’s right!"
Watching Liu Fei shake up pure Yin again, I was satisfied with a smile and quickly took out the things in the ring one by one according to broken arrow’s guidance and scored them into this "deceives the big array"!
Faintly, there seems to be a spring thunder exploding, and thick essence instantly fills the whole abode of fairies and immortals, directly turning into a torrent, and rushing away at the huge furnace tripod turned by Liu Fei’s remnant soul!
Once the weak and residual soul was hit by such a strong impact, Liu Fei suddenly felt miserable! Tough-hearted, such as he can’t help crying out in pain at this time.
"Be sure to hold on! This is still the real test! "
While comforting Liu Fei, Chun Yin’s hand was moving, but it didn’t stop at all. One natural material after another was constantly broken and poured into Liu Fei’s residual soul!
"Mud pill Xuan Hua Bao Jing long left hidden month right day root Liuhe Qing …"
At this time, Liu Fei was almost numb and faint, but suddenly there was a burst of chanting in his mind. It seems that the owner has just broken the residual soul Tao Hongjing, and what he chanted is the "Deng Zhen Yin Ji"!
At one time, the sound was vague, but as time went by, it became louder and louder! At the back, it was not just one person chanting, but dozens of people. It seems that all the ancestors are chanting this sutra.
Hong Liangyin is as deaf as Hong Zhong Dalu! Actually successfully diverted Lu Fei’s attention. At this time, he seems to be no longer in pain! Because all his attention is focused on this chanting! In my heart, I couldn’t help reciting it together. "You said that the sun and the moon are common in the eyes of the Tao, and they are also left and right …"
Seeing that Lu Fei was no longer in pain, his breath became more peaceful, and his pure yin face suddenly emerged with a touch of ecstasy! Without the slightest hesitation, all natural materials and treasures will be broken and swept away directly towards Liu Fei!
The tidal wave-like energy surged and instantly drowned Lu Fei completely. At this time, Lu Fei seemed to have turned into a huge "cocoon", and all his body was wrapped by majestic power!
I don’t know how long it was before Lu Fei’s mind suddenly stopped chanting, but there appeared one after another dense runes, and all kinds of magical powers and practices flashed into his mind
"hmm? This ….. Is it … "
Suddenly, Lu Fei seemed to understand something instantly, and without any hesitation, he hastened to set off a few soul forces to wrap these runes and instill them into his own soul!
This is the inheritance of the ancestors!
Ten ancestors almost instantly filled the oven of Lu Fei’s soul!