Journalists are good at reading colors. They carefully observed Gao Hongbo’s expression when he said this and found that he didn’t seem to be lying.

Really benefited a lot.
But it’s only been a day!
Gao Hongbo seemed to find the reporters puzzled and surprised. He smiled and said, "Every training detail of the top European teams deserves my serious study and thinking, and even the warm-up exercises have benefited me a lot."
Then he didn’t want to say anything more, politely said goodbye to the reporters and left.
His wife works in the press office of the China Football Association and deals with the China media every day. Naturally, she knows what these media reporters are like.
Just as close as women and villains, Sun Yuan complains that it is not good to keep too close to them.
He didn’t want to talk more after answering the reporters’ questions politely.
Gao Hongbo’s study in Lazio soon reached the State of China through these media.
The State of China was also surprised.
No one knew that Gao Hongbo had gone to Lazio after a while …
After being surprised, many people think it is a good choice to go abroad to develop rather than stay in Guoqiang.
Moreover, he even won the Super League in China. What else does he want? Is he going to be the head coach of the national team?
The coaches who always win in China have a head start, that is, don’t be confined to the domestic environment, but go out bravely. Players can study abroad as well as coaches.
China’s backward football level is not only that the players are not as good as people, but also that our coaches are not as good as people.
Otherwise, why does the China Football Association always look for a foreign head coach? Isn’t it the future that monks can recite scriptures?
From schlappner to Horton, from milutinovic to Alihan, from Dujkovic to Folado, I would rather change my team performance in the end. In fact, Gao Hongbo also wants a European second-rate Camacho …
If the level of China coaches can also be in line with the world, maybe our football level in China will be promoted and improved.
Don’t talk about the system. This problem can’t be changed, but you can’t put all the blame on the system just because there is something wrong with it, and then you will know to scold the system without doing anything. That’s not what people should do.
It is progress to improve China’s football strength as much as possible within the institutional framework, even if it is improved by one centimeter.
This requires players and coaches to work together.
Players who want to study abroad can leave messages as well as coaches!
The pioneers who always win over China have laid a good foundation for China football in Europe.
If you are really capable and open-minded and eager to learn, if you are willing to let yourself be the head coach in China, you will learn something from a primary school student.
Theoretically, this is a beautiful vision.
If we have more winners and Gao Hongbo, will there be no way out for China football?
But the actual situation is cruel and always wins. After nine years of hard work in European football, only now has a Gao Hongbo come to find him to study in Lazio.
Is it because Gao Hongbo is so clever that he thinks of things that others can’t think of?
Actually, it’s because I’m going abroad to be a grandson. How can I be a grandfather in China?
As a coach in China, you can get a red envelope and a kickback for gambling … There are many advantages. No matter how the team leads, this team has demoted itself. If another team continues to eat, someone will pay for it.
When you go to Europe, these special skills will be gone. You have to be bossed around by foreigners like a grandson. It’s hard to do something that you didn’t do in China for a long time. It’s not worth it.
There is also the most important reason … In fact, the vast majority of China coaches are good at European football. Look, even if you go to the door, you will be turned away.
How much did Chang Sheng suffer when he was traveling in Europe? His experiences almost made the listeners cry, and few people could hold on.