Didn’t you say Lin Qifeng was going to build a delivery array? Why is there no material in him? "Yang Xiu saw that Lin Guanjia didn’t wake him up as Lin Yifeng died.

Hear Yang Xiu asked housekeeper Lin Zheng in the heart can’t help but think "now that you have got the Lin Yi scenery multiplier did he kill Lin Yifeng? He also got my Yuan Shen Zhu! ?”
This little guess immediately shocked him, and he immediately dared not neglect and replied, "He really wants to build a delivery array because I bought most of those materials for pomelo."
This made Yang Xiu a little confused and asked, "Are you sure he is going to build it here?"
"I’m sure," affirmed Mr. Lin. "And I saw him put these materials into his belt when we came out. Can it be possible?"
"Material belt?" Yang Xiu moved his mind and immediately came to find a belt in the pile of relics with Lin Yifeng.
God knows that this belt surface has not only refined two things, but also five spirit beasts, which are much more precious than his ring.
"There are actually two top-level objects that are not generally rich," Yang Xiu sighed.
The two things in this belt each have 50 cubic meters, and there are many things in them.
However, the value of things in it is still worse than that in the ring.
Most of them are materials needed to refine the array, and most of them have already refined the phase array flag compass, etc. Probably the model can be taken out in the last few steps, so that it can already see what array it is going to refine.
Most of them are the kind of extended mountain array that must rely on the aura of heaven and earth to operate, such as the maze, magic array and trapped array. kill array has a set of power and is extraordinary
"It seems that Lin Yifeng is really going to see a abode of fairies and immortals here," Yang Xiu thought.
In the material belt, he finally found the material marks and array drawings that built the "send array", which immediately relieved him.
And immediately give these things to Jiman to show her how long it will take to build them.
To his surprise, he still has twenty "magic crystal cannons" and more than a hundred "magic crystal bombs" the size of watermelons in another object belt.
He has seen the power of this kind of multiplier, which is powerful. Except for the fast-moving monks, the effect is somewhat poor. Sometimes it can work wonders against others.
Sometimes let Jiman see if she can analyze the principle of refining the "magic crystal gun". If she can build it herself, maybe it will become a great help in the future.
At the same time, there are hundreds of lingshi piled up in two boxes in this room
Don’t underestimate these hundreds of lingshi, none of which is an order; They are all medium-order lingshi and high-order lingshi, and the total value is almost close to two million lingshi.
It seems that this time it’s really rich. After buying it in Lin ‘an City, there is not much Lingshi left. I don’t want this purse to bulge again!
I didn’t expect the Lord Lin to be so rich, and he was as used to taking everything with him as he was, which made him cheaper.
And Lin Yifeng once that line "Gankun removed array" array flag and the surface in the basement to deal with the two weirdos bronze mirror and the bow and arrow were also collected by Yang Xiu.
Especially for this bow and arrow, he has envied it for a long time. After all, its attack power is higher than that purple jade gourd.
He even thinks that this bow and arrow has reached the level of "spirit weapon"
If it can still withstand the spiritual strength of the Yuan infant repair or the combination repair department, he will think that this bow and arrow has reached the level of "Lingbao"
Holding the bow and arrow in your hand, I played with it. Looking at it, the blue bow is exquisite and small, radiating a faint glow. The handsome and gorgeous patterns and inscriptions on the face are as strange as flowers. The more I look at them, the more I like them.
I rubbed my hand for a while, and the bow was not made of metal as I thought, nor was it made of wood, but it was as moist and transparent as jade.
I can’t help but wonder that he tried to inject some aura into it, feeling that there seems to be an abyss hidden in this bow and arrow, and he can’t fill it with aura.
When he injected two-fifths of the body spirit force, a crystal clear arrow suddenly appeared at the edge of the bow string, and he quickly cut off the spirit force delivery.
At the same time, I feel that my hands are tight, and it seems that I am pulling a bow and arrow.
With a loose hand, I heard a broken arrow and went out across the ground and flew straight out.
When ten kill array banned, when two phases touched the abode of fairies and immortals, there was a sudden shaking, and even the law was a little unstable. If it was sent to Reiki, even ten kill array could not be banned in several minutes, so it was broken.
However, Yang Xiu is not surprised but rejoices that the bigger his magic weapon is, the better, so I can’t help loving this bow and arrow more.
However, this bow has a disadvantage, that is, the consumption of reiki is a little too high. No wonder Lin Yifeng doesn’t dare to do more every time.
After playing with it for a while, he carefully put the bow and arrow into Gan Kun’s hand.
"… club in a special box now a few special SPAR and a dozen to jilt a shark is what words written by animal skin and some messy things.
But none of them can be known by Yang Xiu and I don’t know what it means for Lin Yifeng to put them together alone.
Just as he was about to close the box conveniently, his heart suddenly moved. When he was sweeping one of the thumb-sized round beads, he actually felt that there was a wave of gods in it. Although it was very weak, it still did not escape Yang Xiu’s induction
In the face of strange things, he can’t be careless and immediately instigate Gankun to ban the ball hanging in front of his eyes, so he can rest assured to look at it.
Seeing the round bead is dark and deep, as if there is a world in it, and there is a blood-red nail-sized doll in it, which is particularly eye-catching
Little people even look like housekeeper Lin, who has seven points of imagination in it, but they can’t rush out of this bead.
"Yuan Shenzhu?" Yang Xiu’s heart moved and then he thought that Lin Guanjia had been to one thing, but he didn’t think there was such a multiplier
Take Yuan Shen Zhu out of Gan Kun’s hand and have a good look, but I still don’t see anything and I don’t know how to control it.
Just when he looked at Yuan Shenzhu, housekeeper Lin also saw that Yang Xiu suddenly showed a very frightened look and wanted to escape, but how could he hide when the Pearl was so big!
Yang Xiu looked at him with a funny expression and asked, "What are you hiding from?"
Butler Lin, the villain, obviously communicates with him and even knows Yang Xiu. He immediately panicked and said, "Yang Daoyou, forgive me. I will believe in your Lord from now on!"
"Is this what you said about Yuan Shenzhu?" Yang Xiu said nothing but asked faintly first.
Manager Lin said "exactly"
Yang Xiu added, "How long have you been following Lin Yifeng?"
Mr. Lin couldn’t help but ask the rhythm with Yang Xiu, and he didn’t know what the other party meant by asking. He carefully said, "I’ve been with him for 23 years."
Yang Xiu "What do you usually do for him?
Lin Guanjia said, "I usually stay in Renault’s restaurant to practice;" At ordinary times, there is no specific thing to do whatever he tells me to do. Most of them are to help him keep an eye on the situation of the Xianshi Association or buy him some special materials. That’s all. "
Yang Xiu puzzled. "That’s it. Then why did he ban you?"
Manager Lin wry smile way: "Actually, I should count him as an experiment. He has always been keen on doing this kind of secret forbidden art, and my name is Zhuang Shangnong. I once went to Lin ‘an City to buy some Gupei Yuandan medicine, so I didn’t want him to touch it, so it became like this."
I can’t believe that this Lin Yifeng is really a weirdo, not only building Lin ‘an City into today’s scale, but also always doing such strange things as magic crystal guns and so on.
"Songfu" and so on.
Yang Daoxiu: "How much do you know about him?"
Now that you have killed him and the other party is considered to be a "young master" with three talents, of course, you must understand clearly what trouble will happen in the future.
Zhuang Shangnong said, "Actually, I don’t know much. I told you everything when you asked me. After all, how could I say anything on my own initiative? Besides, he is usually a quiet person and doesn’t like talkative people, so I learned all these things from knowing what I know, or because I have been in contact with this for more than 20 years."
"so!" Then Yang Xiu was silent.
And Zhuang shangnong also dare not watch yang xiu carefully, quite nervous and don’t know what the fate is.
Just at seven o’clock in his heart, he was suddenly surprised to hear Yang Xiu suddenly say, "You said you would serve my Lord!"
Zhuang Shangnong immediately said, "Yes, yes, the villain is sincerely willing."
Yang Xiu noncommittally said, "but for your sincerity, I might as well be careful. When you were captured by me, you actually took the initiative to betray Lin Yifeng. You said that if you were caught by someone in the future, you wouldn’t come to calculate me again! So how can you be trusted? "
Zhuang Shangnong’s face suddenly changed when he heard this. At the same time, he couldn’t help complaining that if I hadn’t been like that, I would have lived to this day!
But he didn’t dare to say it, so he had to think of a way for Yang Xiuxin to know if this was the key to survival.