"Tell me what you want to follow me." Flying Sword 6 Can gave Qian Swift a curious look.

"I dare not have a brute elder. My father and mother were killed by Zhu Xianjian … I hope this elder can make decisions for the younger generation!" Qian Swift said this, bending over the flying sword, kneeling in front of 6 Can, knocking on three heads, and not protecting his forehead with Jin Dan Zhen Yuan, knocking against the sword in Chiba, dripping with blood.
"Do you know that I dare to find a monster like Zhu Xian Sword Sect alone?" 6 can laugh at it. It’s true that this woman is more confident than herself.
"The younger generation asks the elder, but the two sword emperors and the master of Buddhism fought side by side and single-handedly robbed the scattered immortals!" See 6 can laugh at yourself thousands of swift without anger is looking at 6 can stubborn asked.
Can one leng didn’t expect his four robberies and scattered fairy wars to be broadcast so fast, and a small Wuyi Sect then fix the true also knew about it.
"Do you know that when you go here, I will have my own escape spell, and you, an alchemist, will die in the Sword Sect?" Knowing that you will die, you have to go to let 6 Can admire this’ weak’ woman.
"I want to be able to see my parents’ revenge with my own eyes. Swift is sorry to die!" Qian Swift knelt behind 6 Can and refused.
"Hehe, I like the temperament of Hidden Dragon 6 fighters!" 6 can praise is the default to revenge the poor woman.
"Hidden Dragon 6?" Qian Swift is one leng and really can’t figure out that this senior expert who can fight against the Four Robbers and Scattered Immortals will go to Qianlong 6, which is a wild place for the fix-true.
"Now that you know that I robbed the scattered immortals in World War I, can you recognize this person?" 6 Can release a mirror image with one hand and one lift.
"This is …" The sudden appearance of the mirror image shocked Qian Swift, and then slowly calmed down to the heart andao. This may be the powerful avatar.
"This is a hidden dragon disaster!" Suddenly, Qian Swift noticed the mirror image, and the two prominent red eyebrows were pale with horror and looked at the gloomy face with cold eyes and mirror images.
Then I thought that this hidden dragon disaster was just summoned by my predecessors, and I couldn’t help but look nervously at the white junior predecessors in front of me.
"Ha ha, hidden dragon disaster is a good name with advertising effect …" 6 Can smiled and didn’t care about Qian Swift.
"Your revenge depends on him this time!" Proudly touched the nose, 6 can smile and point to the mirror avatar standing at the end of the flying sword, pause, stare straight at Qian Swift and continue to say, "If I have a way to let you take revenge by yourself, but from then on, you will be weakened, then you will be broken and die immediately. Can you accept it?" ?”
Thousands of Swift’s face was filled with ecstasy, and six Can’s three heads trembled and said, "The younger generation is willing to invite the older generation!"
6 Can nodded with satisfaction and drank a "mirror image possession!"
With 6 can command red eyebrow mirror body movement like a phantom into thousands of swift body.
Swift stuffy hum a corners of the mouth shed a little blood, but this woman with a blood feud abruptly resisted the pain, and her hands gripped Chiba’s flying sword tightly.
In front of the mirror image and the thousand swift overlap, the blood vessels of the thousand swift burst, and the bright red blood dyed her clothes black and bloody. The great pain made the thousand swift tremble.
"If you can fit him perfectly before going to Zhu Xian Sword School, you will temporarily have Du Jie’s early strength, and he still has many magical skills. If you can’t fit him, you will die!"
6 Can’s cold voice makes Qian Swift feel happier in pain than in the early days of Du Jie, which she can’t hope to have now if she can persist! Revenge of parents is no longer a luxury! Thought of here, thousands of swift two lines of tears flowed out of the whole body pain as if suddenly disappeared.
6 can praise nodded, this woman has a lot of tenacity that most men don’t have.
After the mirror image in the field has risen to the eleventh level, it has the special property of mirror image possession, which makes Qian Swift merge the mirror image. On the one hand, 6 can want to try a mirror image eleventh level change.
On the other hand, after the fourth-order scattered fairy battle, 6 can also show the disadvantage of mirror image. Although the mirror image is repaired and the skill is average, it can make the fairy liquid increase its strength, so that it can fight against the four robberies and scattered immortals, and the master mirror image becomes a chicken rib.
Let the mirror image possess a thousand swifts to improve the strength of thousands of swifts and add a powerful helper to the immortal sword faction. This is also the ultimate goal of 6 Can.
The mirror image has been changed by distraction, and there is no time limit. If it is not scattered, it will always be there. It is inevitable that this possessed pair will be too strong to remove possession. It is inevitable that the host will go backwards. It is very dangerous to break the soul at the moment of removing possession
However, it’s good for this woman to live for revenge.
Chapter 34 Zhu Xian Jian School
The third chapter has been updated today, and I am a hundred to ten thousand! The fourth part of Shuo Zhai, the largest in three continents and six islands, is coming. Please collect and recommend it if you like.
The Zhuxian Sword School is located in Mengguzhou, the largest of the three continents and six islands.
Although there are hidden sects such as Emperor Sect and Wanfo Sect in Sanzhou and Liudao, it may not be the most powerful sect, but if it is said that it is very old, Sanzhou and Liudao Zhuxian Sword Sect is definitely the first.
Twenty million years ago, when aliens invaded the Qunxian War, the Zhuxian Sword School was already in existence. Fifteen million years ago, when the beasts were in chaos, the Zhuxian Sword School officially established its position as the first sect in four continents and six islands at that time. It was said that when my brother was over ten million, it was the Mahayana period, and the level of scattered immortals was also hundreds of thousands. Not only was the Zhuxian Sword School also the most moderns in the realm of repairing the true.
However, six million years ago, the pioneers of the Zhuxian Sword Sect invaded again, causing heavy casualties. The masters of the Du Jie period were almost destroyed. At that time, Nanganzhou, where the Zhuxian Sword Sect was located, moved to Mengguzhou after the Great War of Six Sinks, and now it has lost its first school style and fallen into a third-rate school.
Subsequently, after several generations’ efforts, the Zhuxian Sword School finally returned to the ranks of the class sects in the past six million years, and this Huashan sword theory was the first meeting of the Zhuxian Sword School to test the strength of the practitioners in four continents and six islands before the second alien invasion, which was the biggest event in four continents and six islands at that time.
Millions of years have passed, although the glory is not in Huashan, but it has been preserved with the sinking of South Ganzhou. It has become the main theme of Huashan sword theory to test and verify the style of their respective sects.
With the increasing strength in recent years, especially after the accident in Chiba City a thousand years ago, the strength of the Zhuxian Sword Sect soared. This time, the Huashan Sword Sect had the opportunity to invite all the third-rate sects in three continents and six islands, and the scene was extremely huge.
Thousands of miles stretch from Menggu Mountain in Menggu Zhou to Xianhuasha Road in Zhuxian Jianpai Mountain Gate, and hundreds of willows extend along the steps.
At the foot of the mountain, dozens of disciples of Zhuxian Sword Sect are receiving visitors from all directions in an orderly way. The minimum repair of these dozens of people is actually the highest four in the early stage of Yuanying, and they are all masters of Mahayana. The receptionists with such scale and strength show their class style.