If this thing is good, it’s really the best weapon for Yin people.

With the magical power of soft fingers and invisibility, and the old man said that he could cut off the general magic weapon instantly, Yang Xiu was still puzzled when he was confident that he could make the enemy’s head fall off and his limbs fall into pieces.
The method of offering ancient treasures for refining is much easier than refining magic weapons.
Yang Xiu’s exercise forced a drop of life JingXie spirit force package to be slowly delivered to the soft fingers.
Life Jingxue is brilliant red and purple. When it comes into contact with life Jingxue, it naturally produces a blue-purple flame.
After the blue-purple flame is extinguished for a moment, the life essence blood disappears and has been completely integrated into the ancient treasure.
In this way, the round finger soft sacrifice has been completed.
Yang Xiu clearly felt the softness of the fingers in his mind after the completion of the training of the fingers.
The mind moves around the fingers and wraps around the index finger of Yang Xiu’s left hand, but it doesn’t affect the finger movement at all.
Yang Xiu’s interest drove this finger silk thread to entangle the brocade box with round fingers all over the body, and the brocade box immediately cut several pieces without force.
This delighted Yang Xiu, and his fingers were much softer than expected.
This ancient treasure and Zhu Ji Dan medicine have already been bought in Yang Xiu, and there is no point in staying in Delong.
Yang Xiuzheng intends to make peace with the school in Nanling, Delong, or directly return to Nanling School to practice in the abode of fairies and immortals.
However, there is no point in thinking of meeting with Nanling Sect. If you are arranged to do something, you will be wronged and immediately cut off. You plan to stay for another two days and then you will directly practice martial arts. After all, Yang Xiu can be regarded as a person who has learned to lower his heart this time.
But I don’t know that there was a great event in Delong Exchange Square before two days of the night, which caused all the monks in the square to be trapped in the square.
Chapter 45 Accidents
Things are very abrupt.
That night, most of the monks had meditated and rested, and Yang Xiu was also practicing the tactic of been changed.
In the middle of the night, I suddenly heard that there was a fight, and finally it became more and more fierce. The fighting rang and the spell collision was deafening.
Yang Xiu came out of the tent to find out something was wrong. At this time, the square was already illuminated by various spells, and it was as bright as day. When the monks came out of the tent, they were awakened, and the square was full of monks.
But everyone and Yang Xiu are almost at a loss about what is happening in front of them, and many monks fight with Delong Sword Sect.
Just as these scattered practitioners and small families and sects were in a state of panic, two monks suddenly flew in the middle of the square and stood upright.
In the sky, two people showed dazzling golden halo and red halo respectively, which enveloped them all over.
With the avalanche of two amazing momentum, many low-order monks in the practice period were immediately forced to stand upright by these two majestic momentum. Although Yang Xiu could still endure it, he felt his chest stuffy and his face was white at the moment.
I immediately heard a monk exclaim, "Look at this. The two people in this imposing manner should be monks in Yuan’s infancy."
"Ah, this is the bitter Zen master of Qianfo Temple and the real monk of Sancai Zongzhenfeng, both of whom are monks in the later period of Yuanying." And there is a way to recognize the monks.
Yang Xiu also faintly recognized that the two men in the square had seen the sallow and tall monk and the campus both made a red-faced man when they were on the boat in Wang Dezhen.
Listen to the real person, Zhenfeng, who is blushing in the red halo, say to everyone in the movie.
"Tonight is the night when all the major sects in the fix-the-true world unite to settle a past feud with Delong Sword Sect. We don’t want you to be quiet and stay where you are, and don’t do anything that will make us misunderstand. Our major sects also guarantee that it won’t be difficult. If anyone wants to fish in troubled waters and deliberately make trouble, they will blame us for being heartless and ruthless."
Zhenfeng’s real voice is full of spiritual power, just like shouting clank and strength in the ear door, especially the last sentence contains an inexplicable coercion, which makes people tremble and dare not violate it at all
The bitter Zen master was also quiet, and his expression was callous and indifferent. Although he said a word, not only did any monk feel cold and scared behind his eyes, but his fear was not necessarily lower than Zhenfeng’s reality.
Zhenfeng real people meet and they are shocked by the words just now, and then they go on to say
"Magic magic weapon has avoided our fight with Delong Sword Sect. Now all the monks have moved their tents to the southwest corner of the square. We will send special monks to ensure your safety and please arrange your horses and continue to practice and rest early. If anyone doesn’t want to move his fame, he is not forced, but don’t blame us for not waking up in advance."
Although the words are nice, everyone has heard the coercion and threat in Zhenfeng’s real words, and everyone knows that this is a disguised house arrest.
In a short time, a pair of monks composed of more than a dozen people came to arrange the migration of the people, led by two monks in the Dan period.
It is the same everywhere else.
Although the monks are very reluctant, no one wants to be under house arrest, but at the moment, the situation is better than that of others, and no one dares to object.
Listening to the implication of Zhenfeng real person just now, if anyone doesn’t move to the southwest corner of the square, it will be "unexpected"
Therefore, all the monks didn’t do anything to resist, clean up their tents and move to the southwest corner of the square.
Yang Xiu also packed up the tent law and who moved with them.
Yang Xiu thought that he would escape from the earth anyway, and it would not be easy to trap him. Besides, he didn’t have the strength to be the first bird.
However, the range of Delong Sword Sect has been decorated with the forbidden law. Godsworn can’t fly away from the ground. Yang Xiu has personally seen it and can’t expect to escape. Yang Xiu didn’t pay attention to it at the moment if he wanted to leave this right and wrong.
All the monks who didn’t take part in the fighting were crowded with tents at the southwest corner of Zhongdelong Square.
In order to avoid accidents around, Yang Xiuxian set up a tent in the middle and arranged a unique array of days.
Decorated properly, Yang Xiu went into the ground in one session and found out around the southwest corner. The main reason is that they are afraid that they will decorate the law to trap the southwest corner. That’s true. Then Yang Xiu’s soil evasion technique will not work well, and Yang Xiu will not dare to behave here.
But fortunately, I’m worried that the situation has not happened, and they haven’t arranged any other measures except a few pairs of patrolling monks
Yang Xiu guessed that the major factions were not willing to fight with these loose repairs again during the key period of fighting with Delong Sword Sect. After all, putting yourself in the law of others is equivalent to giving yourself life and death to others. At this time, no one will be willing or dare to promise things.
Although the overall practice and instruments are one or two levels lower than those of the sects, there are a large number of people in the practice, and there must be several monks in the square. If there is a real conflict, the major sects will not be able to solve it at once.
Now none of the monks will have the mind to meditate and practice. They are all watching the fighting between the factions and the Delong Sword Sect.
The main attack is to attend the trade fair. Most powerful sects of all sizes are United, and the monks are led by three monks at the same time to attack the mountains where Delong Sword Sect is located from the square.
Yang Xiu also learned from the mouth of some monks who have acquaintances with some sects participating in the struggle that there are also monks from all major sects outside Delong who attack at the same time to form an external attack. It should be determined to eradicate Delong Sword Sect at one stroke.
Moreover, because of the sudden incident, Delong Sword Sect did not notice the struggle in advance, and just then Delong Sword Sect was quickly captured by several mountains.
The monks of all factions did not encounter any strong resistance in the places led by the three monks in the integration period.
Gadelong was also surrounded by the joint monks of various sects, which made the Delong Sword Sect overwhelmed for a while.
But no one knows when Godsworn will attack Delong Sword Sect at the same time.