"They are playing a big game of chess, and you should be the most important one," Sun Dasheng said bluntly.

"I …
Chapter 1 Star Peak Deterrence 2
? All over the sky, the stars are moving slowly, and at the same time, they are constantly dropping like a flood of floodgates. In an instant, the poor star power enveloped the whole Xiao courtyard. In the ancient elder sister’s method, these thick mountains were controlled by the star power, and they were pressed on the top of the heads of more than a dozen star-pole masters.
The stars in the eternal life stopped moving after a few moments, and at this time their positions appeared very mysterious and showed a pattern.
Mind changing, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving, mind moving.
It is only in this state that we can understand its power when we reach the peak of the growth world.
That more than a dozen star-pole masters were powerful just now. At this time, the department is shivering and it is even more difficult to move.
Even if you want to escape, it is an opportunity! In front of the star pole summit master, this dozen star pole boundary strong people all feel too weak.
The monks in Xincheng once again looked up in shock. First, they were startled to see the wonders of the stars and then they were shocked to see the strange appearance of the stars all over the sky.
"Come back to disturb the Xiao family in the future and kill them!" Although this sentence of the ancient elder sister was meant for the more than a dozen masters of the celestial pole, it was blessed by the star array diagram and stirred up the city. Most monks heard this sentence.
Just after this sentence was finished, it was found that the star array in the star disappeared, and it was easy for everyone to think that the strong one was Xiao’s strong one just now.
Before the new town building, everyone had never heard of Xiao Jiake, but after the new town building, Xiao’s family brought great shock to everyone again and again. First, the duke’s house owed Xiao’s 50 billion Yang Jing, then the grand auction Xiao’s family made a big deal again and again, and Xiao’s family inspired the daytime star for a year. Now it turns out that even the star’s top master appeared in Xiao’s family … What is the position of this Xiao’s family?
After the words of the ancient elder sister, more than a dozen star-studded masters were pressed on their heads, and the weight of Xingli Mountain suddenly disappeared and was suddenly released. Their blood circulation suddenly accelerated and they could not help but spit out one mouthful blood and flew out one by one.
Stand firm behind more than a dozen star master didn’t dare to stop for a minute haven’t go to aftercare for a moment, have been out of the xiao compound by the gate.
"These guys should be killed!" Jiang Lanshang resentment tunnel
"Killing them is bound to make our two top strengths, Xiao Jiahe Xingge and Jiange, into a water fire." Gu Dajie shook his head. "Now Xiao can’t offend these two top forces too hard. If they don’t kill these guys this time, they won’t have too much loss and won’t be too jealous of Xiao. Plus, they will not dare to move Xiao for a short time today. They don’t know that I will go." Maybe it’s because they are still not quite at ease about Xiao. Gu Dajie waited in Xiao for a while again.
As the ancient elder sister expected, Xingge and Jiange confirmed that Xiao’s master had a star peak and didn’t dare to make a move again after sitting in the town. Xiao’s family and Xincheng were very calm, and monks in the city had been talking about Xiao’s family.
During this period, the ancient elder sister was not idle. Her star-pole peak state was heavily forbidden in Xiao’s compound and Xiao’s clause. Several advanced magic weapons and disposal materials were taken out by the ancient elder sister. Now, even if a large number of stars are extremely strong, they will never break the Xiao’s forbidden array for a short time.
Even if the forbidden array is broken, there is a very high sending array in the forbidden array, which can send Brother Xiao thousands of miles away in an instant.
After arranging these ancient elder sisters, they left their own department behind, so they quietly left in one night.
Gu Dajie is in the dead of night when she can’t leave everyone to say goodbye. It also proves that she has some disappointment in her heart. She is afraid that once she says goodbye, she can’t help but stay again.
In a compound in the new city, several experts with swords and Jiange are sitting together, and their expressions are very gloomy.
"Xiao’s family really has a star-top master. It seems that Old Four was killed by this star-top master!"
"I don’t think that woman may have done it at the time of the birth of the Pocahontas Palace. At that time, she was in the middle of the celestial pole. She can’t stay in the abyss of hell for hundreds of years and then reach the summit of the celestial pole, can she?"
"Old four will have to check more before he dies, but now it is certain that the Dan medicine refined by Xiao’s family is Xingqiu Dan!"
"Can you let the master of the celestial pole directly own the Star Dome Dan?"
"yes! That woman must have made such great progress because of Xingqiong Dan! "
"But wasn’t that pill eaten by Sun Dasheng?"
"Sun Dasheng is greedy, but it’s so important. How can he just eat Dan medicine?"
"So Sun Dasheng returned the Star Dome Dan to the Xiao family. He must have some with the Xiao family. After all, he also gave the divination furnace to the Xiao family before."
"The woman who has just reached the top of the star and Sun Dasheng can’t touch them easily when they are here."
"But they are the most suspected to be old four dead."
"Old four will die and want to rob others’ baby. It can’t be put on the surface." Not only are Jiange masters talking about Xinge, Haige and Leige, the three top forces, but now they are also focusing on Xiao’s family and benefiting their own huge forces to investigate the history and background of Xiao’s sudden birth.
They soon found Huludao Hulu City, and Xiao Lingyu, the owner of Xiao Jia’s family, was just a wake-up teacher in the wake-up building. Even when he was away from Hulu City, he needed to rush hard and almost failed.
They can find out that there are not many messages about Xiao’s family, but they can find out a lot about Gu Dajie, especially Xingge. They know Gu Dajie very well and know her husband.
After checking these messages, the four top leaders were silent. Even if they speculated that the ancient elder sister Xing Qiong Dan would go to Xingguo Road, they would not dare to do anything to Xiao. After all, there is Sun Dasheng who just came back from Xingguo Road behind Xiao.
This Sun Dasheng is even more horrible than the star-pole summit master. In addition, Xiao Lingyu, who is in charge of Xiao Family, left the new town with hundreds of Xiao Wei by sending the law.
Because it is to send the troops away from the place, everyone doesn’t know that they are tracking them away from the law.
Xiao Lingyu, who is thousands of miles away from the new town in an instant, took Xiao Wei into the magic weapon of the ancient elder sister’s round bowl-shaped flight and went to Tianxing Forest.