Yang Xiu’s body moved and rushed out of the earth, and at the same time, a piece of qingluan wings flew out.

Hu Yibai saw that Yang Xiu was forced out, and his heart was not happy. His hands immediately pinched out a method tactic. Suddenly, a dark red cloak appeared in his body. It was nearly twice as fast as the net, and he immediately flew behind Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu said suddenly scared to death, want to also don’t want to grab a set of thunder pills to each other.
Although he heard five loud noises coming from behind, he didn’t expect to hurt the other party and make a disturbance.
Therefore, I flew forward without stopping and looked forward to the quick effect of Heiyu cartilage crisp.
And he just recognized each other’s dark red cloak, which he saw an old man in Minstrel when he was crossing the Grand Canyon. I don’t know how to get it.
watch from a height or distance
If you don’t dwell on God’s knowledge, you will feel that the other party is really not affected by the thunder pill attack, so you have a delicious meal and then follow the chase.
Yang Xiugen can’t escape, but he can’t solve the problem.
Yang Xiu is counting on his own degree, but he can deal with the other party and control the efficacy of cartilage crisp. But I didn’t expect the other party to first use a magic weapon to force himself out of the ground and then have a dark red cloak, which suddenly made him in danger and immediately dared not call out to the monks in the tower by luck.
"This person is a monk in Yuan infant period. Let’s attack together!"
In fact, he didn’t shout everyone’s base. After all, where can a monk be so comfortable, he can avoid so many thunder pill attacks.
But although I can see it, no one is going to help, partly because the monks here are refining the magic weapon of the town government, of course, to help defend where they can get rid of it
And the other part, of course, is to see Hu Yibai and not to attack himself. How can he take the initiative to make trouble?
Of course, there are still some monks who saw that Yang Xiu was able to hold on for a few minutes in the Yuan infant period, which is also inexplicable, so it is conceivable that the monks in the same stage will not fall into the well.
And even if you have the heart to help, Hu Yibai and Yang Xiudu are too fast to attack the root and can’t keep pace with each other, so Yang Xiu shouted for a moment but it was a human response
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu has been in a bit of a mess, but he dare not wait for the efficacy of "black cartilage crisp" any longer. However, he can’t get through this three minutes and then fly to the entrance of Xianfu cave.
He guessed that one of the other monks in Yuan’s infancy would definitely not dare to let those monks in the fit period go outside now.
Sure enough, Hu Yibai saw that Yang Xiu ran to the outside of the fairy house, and his look suddenly changed. He did not consider what his mouth suddenly spewed out a glow, and the magic weapon in the shape of an inch-long exquisite pagoda turned ten feet and covered Yang Xiu.
I felt a huge suction pulling on my body, causing the flashing posture to suddenly lag, and then I saw a pagoda falling on the top of my head and Hu Yibai’s figure getting closer and closer.
Yang Xiu suddenly wanted to shoot an arrow at the pagoda without backhand, and at the same time scattered the only few powerful thunder pills to Hu Yibai.
"Bang" a few loud noises, a green light, and Yang Xiu felt that his posture was loose and he didn’t come to see Hu Yibai’s situation immediately, and he immediately flew into the fairy hall to qingluan’s wing force.
Seeing that the mansion door is just around the corner, I suddenly let Bai Zhi out and immediately rushed out of the fairy mansion door.
Hitman, second watch)
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two Fairy House
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and ninety-two Fairy House
See Yang Xiu successfully flew out of the fairy mansion big white face boiled immediately metal gray thugs, and waved a reiki surges out and gave the sudden appearance of Bai Zhi to fly out and hit a crystal column in the hall and then collapsed to the ground twitching.
After cooling off, I thought calmly for a moment, and suddenly my body flashed and I came to the tower again.
The monk in the tower was startled when he saw it. Except for those monks who were still refining the magic weapon of the town government, the rest of them immediately stopped fighting to protect themselves. All kinds of magic weapons offered in vitro looked at each other with a face of alert.
Hu Yi Baihao didn’t care about suddenly holding the exquisite pagoda in his hand and coming out with a method tactic. Then he hit the pagoda, and the pagoda was suddenly illuminated and covered with more than ten kilograms of monks, and then he pulled into the tower.
These monks felt an irresistible strong suction suddenly coming from the light, and their bodies involuntarily flew to the pagoda above their heads. They were immediately shocked and hurriedly commanded their magic weapons to attack the pagoda and Hu Yibai respectively, and at the same time rushed to other monks in the tower.
When the other monks saw it, they couldn’t help but feel sad and worried that the other side would treat their hands later, so they didn’t hesitate to move more than a hundred magic weapons like meteor showers and greeted Hu with a white body
Hu Yibai saw this face and suddenly flashed an impatient look. He saw his left hand suddenly "lock" the exquisite pagoda, snorted and forced a spiritual force into the pagoda. The pagoda suction was immediately increased in a few minutes, and the monks were put in it.
While he himself took advantage of the fact that the magic weapon was going to be close behind him, a flash of dark red cloak immediately flew out of the tower and ran to the gate of Xianfu, leaving those magic weapons behind him.
When he saw that he was about to fly out of the gate of Xianfu, he immediately typed a handprint on the pagoda in his hand. Suddenly, the monks in the pagoda were taken into the net and released again, and at the same time rushed to the gate of Xianfu.
But now this dozen monks are in a coma and can’t be dragged by Hu Yibai’s spiritual power independently, so they haven’t been dropped.
Just as this group of monks were about to leave the fairy mansion, their white body suddenly flashed and turned into a brocade fish mixed with monks, and they flew out of the fairy mansion.
After seeing Hu Yibai disappear, the monks in the tower suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and immediately reacted to another scuffle.
And the original to the ground twitching Bai Zhi this moment also quickly turned over and wiped a handful of corners of the mouth bleeding looking at the tower direction with a tree.
The monks in the tower who are refining the magic weapon of the town government have also entered a tense situation. At this time, it is already Chen in Ouyang Bowen’s piano and an old monk in Kuyin Temple. However, several monks are as big as Tu Shishu, but they have been packed with a few gods and even failed in calligraphy and painting in the town government. It is already early foreign affairs.
Among those four people, Shi Qin is the weakest, and now she has refined the calligraphy and painting of the town government. The main reason is that she has suffered many attacks and is relatively difficult to cope with, so she can’t concentrate on refining the realm.
"I don’t know where Xiao Xiao, the girl, went at this time. How can she fall off the chain at this time!" Shiqin cast a glance at the tower and didn’t see the trace of Lin Meng’s chamber. Suddenly, he was out of spirit.
"Shi Daoyou, what’s wrong with you?"
"Ah, how can I feel my hands and feet!"
"Poisonous! ?”
Just when she was anxious, she suddenly heard all kinds of exclamations in the tower, and more and more of them gradually spread to everyone.
Just when she was still a little uncomfortable, she suddenly felt a bifurcation of the true qi in her heart, and suddenly she was full of strength.
"It’s over, don’t I have a secret heart?"
Regardless of the things in the fairy house, Yang Xiu flew out of the fairy house and immediately rushed to the surface ship to fly to the ship, so don’t worry about the enemy behind him
watch from a height or distance
Just as his net flew out of Xianfu, he suddenly felt a powerful god’s knowledge coming to him, like a flood sweeping, which immediately drowned him in a secret.
Yang Xiu, of course, knew that this was the god knowledge of the monks who guarded the fairy house, so he didn’t resist, and even if he resisted, it would be counterproductive
Sure enough, but in an instant, this knowledge of god withdrew from him, as if nothing had happened.
Yang Xiu continued to fly, but to his surprise, when he was about to fly out of the sea, he suddenly smelled a smell of blood in the sea, and then he heard a loud noise shaking the earth from the sea, accompanied by a strong Hua Guang attacking people and penetrating into the sea to turn up a huge wave.
Seeing this, Yang Xiu suddenly ate sadly and didn’t know what happened outside.
But then I thought that there were several monks outside, even if there was any accident.
And that friar behind him who want his name is urgent.