The reason is that Xu Shao didn’t make the soul bead.

Thinking that a joke between two people may make Tianyun Xianyuan lose thousands of years’ protection, Wang Xiao and Zhang Tong look pale at this moment.
In their hearts, Tianyun Xianyuan is everything, even if it is Tianyun Xianyuan, it is at all costs to sacrifice his life. Now, if two people have caused such terrible consequences to Tianyun Xianyuan, then they are really desperate.
The shepherd boy’s father is more great than Bai Jiusheng’s. For the first time, Wang Xiao and Zhang Tong felt a little strange and thought about Ma Bai’s experience.
Shen Yin for a moment, the shepherd boy looked at the black gas in front of him, and Xu Shaoshen said, "If Xu Shaohe walked through the road of shedding the immortal without a soul bead, then his talent is just that."
Seemingly talking to himself is actually a guide to Wang Xiao and Zhang Tong. If Xu Shaogen really stops, then Xu Shaogen is not a good candidate for the protection of Yunxian.
However, Wang Xiao and Zhang Tong still didn’t relax at all, unless Xu Shao successfully walked through the road of shedding immortal, otherwise this time things will stay in their hearts forever. After they became two people, evil influence made it difficult for them to make progress.
In fact, it includes the situation of Xu Shao when no one is white
At this time, Xu Shao’s shedding of the fairy array is not that Mi is lost in reincarnation.
It’s that Xu Shao’s practice is different from that of Kyushu University.
It is the first time that the six fighters of Kyushu have been able to become masters of the metamorphosis period more quickly at the peak of their hegemony in the tongtian period.
Xu Shao’s practice is the practice of Buddhism’s magical powers, and the seven treasures of glazed bodies are practiced horizontally. The practitioners of Kyushu are very incompatible with the practice of truth.
Originally, even if Xu Shao didn’t want to upgrade the horizontal practice of Qibao glass body to Erbao body, then Xu Shao naturally entered the realm of Mofan and broke through this realm directly to the realm of Wu Zu.
Discarding is not only to shed mortal souls, but more importantly, to shed mortal bodies to form a more suitable martial arts practice.
The Buddhist magical power of practicing Qibao glass body horizontally has been tempered. It can be said that Xu Shao rou does not need to shed this process.
But Xu Shao’s soul needs to evolve again.
This evolutionary process is not a metamorphosis, but a yuan god.
There are two directions for Xu Shao to practice Buddhist magical powers. One is to exercise his body and become a god. This is the ultimate goal of practicing Qibao glass body horizontally.
And the other direction is Xu Shao’s practice of thinking without moving the king. This is a kind of spiritual practice. When he has passed the process of giving a ghost question, Xu Shao’s next step is to break through the rou body and relax his mind.
If Xu Shao can practice the Buddhist magical power of the Immortal King for a lifetime in constant reincarnation, then Xu Shao can directly go out of the Yuan God with his soul Mahayana in reincarnation.
It’s a pity that in the second reincarnation, Xu Shaowu learned the essence of soul, but he didn’t reach the level of Yuan God.
In the third reincarnation, according to the plot in the reincarnation world, in the near future, after Xu Shao passes through the realm of Yang Sheng and other realms, he can achieve the Yuan God’s breakthrough in reincarnation without going through the fourth Shinto reincarnation.
In Kyushu University, Xu Shao, the so-called Shinto, cultivated Buddhist magical powers and pursued the peak of martial arts. There is no need to cultivate different roots.
Then, when Xu Shao was going to be in the Mahayana realm in reincarnation step by step, it went through several times, and finally the singularity of Xu Shao appeared in the fairy array.
Xu Shao at this time is no longer a scum in the Shefan Fairy Array who was tried by the Shefan Fairy Array and then completed the Shefan Fairy Array, but a scum in the Shefan Fairy Array must be put out of danger.
Bai Wuzu, a character who should never have appeared in the third reincarnation of the Immortal Array, and his method was to discard Xu Shao by abandoning the Immortal Array.
At this time, Xu Shao didn’t have another chance. If Xu Shao was killed in this reincarnation, then both Xu Shao in the dream of reincarnation and Xu Shao standing in the fairy array will be destroyed and have another chance.
"Ancestors just how to return a responsibility? I’ve never seen this black smell in the fairy array? " Bai Jiusheng frowned. He is a happy doctor. He is very sensitive to this black smell. He seems to have an aversion from the depths of his soul, but he can’t figure out the origin of this black smell at the moment.
Bai Jiusheng murmured a little surprised. When he looked back, it seemed that nothing could move him for thousands of years, but the ancestor of the shepherd boy frowned at this time.
This shepherd boy looks like an old child. At this time, his eyes are shining with strange light. After a short period of regret, as Xu Shao is black and angry, more and more shepherd boys’ eyes change.
Turned into a trace of disbelief, more of a shock.
"Yan deeply soft that wench information how didn’t realize that Xu Shao is a self-created person?" The shepherd boy whispered a word that even Bai Jiusheng, the true fairy, didn’t catch it clearly.
"Jiusheng, remember I told you about the world outside Kyushu?" The shepherd boy stared at the spread of black gas, but Xu Shao didn’t make a move to rescue Xu Shao from the fallen fairy array. It means that he didn’t want him to make a forced move, so Xu Shao’s soul will be lost in the fallen fairy array forever and become a real soul in the fallen fairy array.
Bai Jiusheng’s eyes lit up. Kyushu Big 6 is a big 6 where fighters and practitioners J reflect each other. But outside this Kyushu Big 6, there is a Kyushu practitioner that is very different. That place is called Tianzhou by the older generation of true immortals.
In Tianzhou, there are martial arts players and practitioners who are more powerful in sword repair.
The so-called sword practice is a branch of practitioners, but tens of thousands of years ago, Kyushu University 6 practiced kendo practitioners suddenly changed, making the vitality of ordinary practitioners completely different, but the attack power was extremely powerful.
Perhaps the understanding of heaven and the repair of those swords are not as big as those of Kyushu fighters and practitioners, but the repair of swords is completely higher than that of practitioners and practitioners of the same order in lethality.
"Ancestor, what do you mean?" Bai Jiusheng felt more nervous than ever, and his eyes glanced at Xu Shao, the immortal array.
"Jian Xiu was forced by fighters and fix true B: when he was 6 years old, he once said a word …" The shepherd boy narrowed his eyes and was crisp, and the child was somewhat complicated or lost. "They said that Jian Xiu is the real Wu Xiu …"
Chapter seventy-six Li Mubai? Taibai?
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Chapter seventy-six Li Mubai? Taibai?
In the dream of Xu Shao’s third reincarnation, the fairy array is reborn
Just when Bai Wu Zu pounded yao pestle and Xu Shao was about to be blown to pieces, suddenly a blue light flashed and a little pale blue light appeared in Bai Wuzu and Xu Shao.
"Lotus?" Even in the face of death, Xu Shao was still attracted by this green light, which turned out to be a blue lotus.
For a moment, in the astonished eyes of Xu Shao and Bai Wuzu, a lotus took root and a blue lotus bloomed in front of Xu Shao and Bai Wuzu.
The moment when the lotus blooms seems to have stopped at this moment, the general Bai Wuzu Dao yao pestle is not far from Xu Shao’s forehead, and the scene of black gas being solidified is more strange than that.
At this time, Bai Wuzu’s ferocious eyes were horrified, but all this was frozen by this blue lotus.
"I didn’t expect that in my lifetime, I could see someone being rejected by the fairy array. I’m not alone …"
With the old sound, an old man with a white beard appeared in the lotus, as if the lotus fairy was walking towards Xu Shao
Xu Shao was not frozen by the blue lotus like Bai Wuzu, but he could move normally to see the old man. First, he was stunned and looked at the blue lotus and the sword in the old man’s hand.
"The predecessor is Li Mubai, a poet and sword fairy?" In the bamboo forest paved by yao, Yu Xi in Tsing Yi once said that there was a poet and sword fighter named Li Mubai in the previous dynasty when he was teaching gas refining.
Although Xu Shao has never seen Li Mubai, the poet sword fairy, at this time, the old man appeared in the famous violet of Li Mubai, the poet sword fairy, and his body was hard to hide. The combination of elegant and sharp shock wave combined into a strange atmosphere.
Li Mubai?’ The old man said with a Gherardini expression, "I didn’t expect anyone to call me by this name after more than ten thousand years. Someone told you this title in reincarnation."