The light householder is also very puzzled. Supposedly, Leisheng has no strength. How can he see his strength?

Where did the householder know that this self-proclaimed smelly little man in front of him was actually a master figure with more than 200 years’ practicing experience, and his theory of body and spirit had been greatly changed since he came to this world?
He has become stronger than on earth, and even without the experience of practicing on earth for more than 200 years, he can feel that the light master’s blood is more full than before.
The atmosphere suddenly became a little weird, and several brothers who were not telling the truth were secretly on guard.
Leisheng and Lightmaster felt the change of atmosphere at the same time.
The light householder took a cold look at his sons, and it seems that it is not possible to solve things overnight if he wants to eliminate their vigilance against Leisheng.
He realized that this may be because Leisheng deliberately said that he had broken through the matter, and the purpose was self-evident.
Therefore, he quickly broke free from Lei Sheng’s help and respectfully said to Lei Sheng, "I also want to thank my brother for recreating grace and light. My brother listened to me and bowed down to Lei Brothers."
Saying that the householder will fall to the ground.
According to Lei Sheng’s age on the earth, it’s nothing to make a man in his seventies bow down. But now it’s the planet of Hubei. Lei Sheng is just a young man who has just grown up. It doesn’t make sense for him to make an old man in his seventies bow down.
So Leisheng quickly held the householder and said sincerely, "I can’t accept the words of thanks, old brother, but I want you to bow down. Isn’t this a loss of my life? Since we have made a mistake, I should do my best to help my old brother."
Light home opinionated Lei Sheng said it was true and no longer melodramatic, so he straightened up. However, when I glanced at those smelly little people behind the light home, I didn’t kneel down immediately. "What are you doing? I am commensurate with my brothers and sisters. Why don’t you kneel down and thank you for me, Lei Shuyi!"
This LeiShu really took the light family by surprise, and the light wave was too light. After the householder woke up and took a look at the brothers, he immediately took the lead and knelt down.
"Thanks to Uncle Lei for recreating grace"
The second generation brother of Guangjia fell to his knees, and Leisheng was also greatly relieved.
"Let’s all get up," said Lei Sheng. "My old brother and I should help him make a breakthrough in martial arts as soon as we hit it off. After all, we have to rely on our old brother to exert his waste heat. I hope your brothers can also work together in Qi Xin to manage this important city in good order. Hello, I am good, everyone is good."
Leisheng took the opportunity to beat some second-generation brothers who didn’t focus on business.
After the householder glared at his sons mercilessly, he took Lei Sheng’s hand and walked to the living room.
The second generation brothers of Guangjia got up quickly, and they all saw the shock from each other’s eyes. It suddenly became clear that the father’s ability to break through was benefited by Lei Sheng.
After understanding this, their eyes gradually revealed fanaticism because they also saw the hope of becoming stronger.
Before, I didn’t take Lei Sheng seriously. Very few second-generation brothers gradually regretted that they shouldn’t slack off in the work assigned to them. Where did they think that a person about their age could have such a big event and couldn’t understand what his father said? Now everything has been figured out. It turns out that Lei Sheng hides everything.
A cold sweat came out of them, and they suddenly thought that Bai Leisheng had done this today. Since the householder announced the closure, they have been unwilling to do things. They always feel that Lei Sheng is too young to lead them, so they have done a lot of things, and Lei Sheng has been hidden. It seems that it is today.
They guessed that their father should be in vain, and if his father asked them out, it would be a big trouble, and they would be severely punished, because the owner of the light house had warned me before announcing the closure.
That a few second-generation brothers wiped their foreheads and sweated to speed up the pace. After Leisheng and Lightmaster sat down in the living room, several people burst into kneeling on the ground and confessing together.
The light family gene is really good, and no fool knows where he is wrong and how to remedy it.
The light Lord is dark and angry. These fucking things don’t live up to expectations, but he is not suitable for expressing his indifference at the moment.
Lei Sheng said, "Get up, there is still a long way to go. The strength of the light family is the core strength of Fenglei City, and it is the reward and punishment system of Fenglei City. If you want to be healthy first, if anyone slacks off again …"
"There are a lot of people who play around alone. If they can’t do things, they will give me their seats immediately. Now get out of here and reflect. If you don’t do things seriously, don’t be surnamed Guang."
The light master’s timing is just right. He’s really afraid that Lei Sheng will say something to kill his son in front of him. Will he be guaranteed or not?
So I said the punishment first.
The boys hurried back knowing it.
When the brothers were exiled, Lei Sheng asked, "Is that your youngest son who just went out the other day the father of Guangpeng?"
The light Lord nodded, wondering what Leisheng meant by asking.
Lei Sheng said, "No wonder Guangpeng is so petty. It turned out that it was influenced by his father. It seems that it is better to have less contact between these two fathers."
Just because of Lei Sheng’s words, the fate of Guangpeng was completely changed.
The householder was ashamed and said, "I spoiled him and became a worthless thing."
Lei Sheng said, "Poor parents, don’t talk about it. I have prepared a good table for my brother to taste."
Lightwave lost no time in saying, "Wang personally prepared it."
The householder’s eyes lit up and he smiled. "Is it better than a bag?"
All one leng.
The householder explained, "To tell you the truth, on the way back, I saw a group of people queuing to buy things. I was curious and asked a white man. I didn’t know what delicious food was until I tasted ten of them myself. When I learned that this was created by my brothers, I knew I had a good time."
Lei Sheng laughed. "In the past six months, I have turned around every corner of Fenglei City, and I have indeed found a lot of good things that are native to our local area. People are usually busy with agriculture and don’t pay much attention to it. Now I have discovered it, and of course I will promote it."
Talking, the Kung Fu table has a plate of delicious dishes. It is really difficult to make delicious dishes on the resource-poor planet of Oedipus. Although there are plates, Lei Sheng has made great efforts to collect its ingredients.
However, these ingredients are extremely common to us earthlings, such as Chinese cabbage and radish, which is really common.
The householder stared at a small white square on the table and asked, "What is this dish that is smooth and tender?"
"It’s made from tofu and soybeans ground into juice."
"Soybeans can also be ground into juice and this way of eating? Never heard of it, never seen it. Where did brothers learn this? Not again … "At this point, the householder realized that he had made some gaffes and stopped quickly.
Lei Sheng said, "Our family has an ancient history. I saw it from the face."
"Your home? Never listen to my brother. "
"I’m the only one who escaped from a robbery in the village. I’m sad about the past. I don’t want to say today that this old brother’s restaurant is not delicious when it’s cold."
Lei Sheng said a few words, but it was enough for these wise people to guess many stories.
With this dish, the householder ate five catties of rice to be satisfied.
There is also wine on the planet Oedipus, but unlike the earth, it is made of grain, but it is synthetic. Because he is young, he has never tasted the wine in this world, and he doesn’t know what it is like. People always get drunk when they drink too much.
There is no wine-making facility on the planet Oedipus, and he hasn’t done much research on wine.