Sue was warm-hearted at night. It turned out that he was afraid of dyeing her. He just didn’t want her to touch him.

Pointed to the heat preservation barrel, "Well, remember to drink later and I’ll go first." After all, the shorter the stay in this class, the better.
Liu Yichen sobbed at the corner of his mouth. He said to keep her away from him, but he didn’t say to let her go.
The woman who impersonated her last night, he will definitely find out that Mrs. Lu can have one.
It’s been a long time since Sue left, and Liu Yichen still has some sadness.
Jiang Zhuomu held back his smile when he saw it, and only in front of Miss Su did he show his emotions.
Sue went to the hospital to see Li Ailing. Liu Yang was with her and came out without staying long.
It’s good to want them to be good
I hope Empress Liu Yang can cherish Li Ailing.
Sue gave Helen a call when she thought of the bridesmaid.
"Hey … late love"
"What’s wrong with your voice?"
Helen looked out, clutching her words. "I’m talking in the toilet. After you left, Liu Jingli asked me to be her manager. I don’t want her to see my class take private calls."
Sue bowed her head and smiled. "That’s good. Work hard. I’m calling to tell you that I’m getting married on the 15th. Can you be my maid of honor?"
Section 127
Just when Sue saw Helen didn’t answer and was about to ask, she shouted through her broken ears and took the words.
We agreed not to let Manager Liu find out she was talking.
It’s so loud that you’re not afraid of being heard.
Helen excited some incoherent "late love you say is true? You’re getting married? Or the fifteenth? God, it’s been four days, and I said, why did you quit for no reason? Why did you get married? It’s not interesting how you informed me now. "
After Helen finished, Sue said calmly, "It’s not too late for me to say it now. Just say whether you will be my maid of honor?"
"Of course, but I shouldn’t be able to make a gift now. I’ll buy a ready-made one … I’m afraid it’s customized …"
"The gift is ready. You just need someone to come." Sue interrupted her, thinking about the size of the gift. She is about the same size as Aileen and should be able to wear it.
"Great. I’ve been so excited for a long time that I don’t know who you’re marrying?"
Sue wan Qing opened her mouth holding her mobile phone and sold it as "You’ll know on the wedding day". Now, tell her that she is married to Liu Yichen, and everyone in the company is not allowed to know.
"Well, I must ask the groom for a big red envelope on your mysterious wedding day."
Sue thought of Liu Yichen’s ice face in the evening, and silently thought of it, if you dare to ask for it, just ask for it.
As soon as I got back to Lu Zhai, I saw that the servants in the courtyard were busy.
Sue came closer and looked at the tree with her eyes wide open.
Wen Yiting was next to the conductor and saw Sue coming over with a smile and said, "It’s still thoughtful of Yichen to plant a maple leaf in the yard in autumn. It’s beautiful and red and festive."
Wen Yiting is more and more satisfied with this daughter-in-law. Since she moved in, Liu Yichen has changed a lot, and the whole person is also happy. Many of them are not as lifeless as before.
Looking at the maple leaves all over the tree, Sue smiled at night. It’s nice to see them from the bedroom balcony.
Wen Yiting had people put a small round table and four stools in the tree so that they could sit in the tree and have tea and chat when the weather was fine.
Lu Jia is busy transplanting trees, and Su Jia is not idle.
Tang Sumei took Su Lan outside for a day and bought a lot of bags.
Su Kang saw that the servants came in one by one and piled up a large piece in the living room.
Pointing at these bags, he asked, "What are you buying? Buy so much? "
Looking at the bags are all famous brands, some meat hurts in Su Kang. The pb project will be officially started on the first of next month, and there will be plenty of places where money will be needed. The mother and the husband are so ho.
Su Lan glanced at her mother and dared not speak.
Today, I spent almost a million dollars on this trip. If my father knows, he will definitely scold her.
Tang Sumei’s casual pie pie still hurts for this thing.
When Su Lan is married to Lujia and becomes a big housewife, she can buy it every day.
Lujia is what property will care about this thing?
As soon as Tang Sumei changed her face, Su Kang became a little soft-hearted. After all, she almost died when she gave birth to Su Lan, and she has been in poor health these years. He usually follows her.
It’s just that if you buy everything, you can’t take it back, right? Then there will be no room for his old face.
"Su Mei, what good things do you want to buy today?" Su Kang took Tang Sumei to sit on the sofa and glanced at it and pushed the bag at random and asked
Tang Sumei smiled awkwardly. "I forgot to buy it once today. I will definitely remember to buy it for you."
Su Kang corners of the mouth sobbed and so a lot of all have no his share?
Glancing at Kang Sumei’s eyes, she saw that she was sorry and looked at her unhappiness and dispersed.
Forget it. Just make her happy.
Tang Sumei looked at the ground bag and felt happy. When she thought that she became Liu Yichen’s mother-in-law, she could spend money like this every day, and her heart was beautiful.
Pointing to the ground bag, he ordered the servant to "classify all these things and send them to my room with my young lady"
"Yes, madam," the servants took these bags to the floor and put them away.
After Su Kang went to the room, Tang Sumei pushed Su Lan’s room and saw that she was trying on clothes and smiling.
Su Lan looked at her mother and said, "Mom …"
"Do you like it?" Tang Sumei pointed to her skirt.
"Of course I like it." How about 200 thousand? Can you like it? Your clothes are different when you wear them.
"If you want to marry Lujia, don’t say that two hundred and one thousand clothes are also put on."
"Really? Mom "
"Silly child is really Liu Yichen, of course, but how can it be poor for President Lu to be his wife in the future?"
Su Lan was told by Tang Sumei that she was elated and imagined a better life in the future. She picked up her mobile phone and wanted to send her clothes to her circle of friends so that her sisters could envy her to death.
Tang Sumei grabbed her hand. "What are you doing?"
"Send a circle of friends to share" Su Lan looked at Tang Sumei strangely.
Tang Sumei sighed and pulled Su Lan to sit down and said, "Now you can’t be so arrogant. Don’t go to Liu Yichen in advance yesterday."