Hu Yingxue remembered that in her, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan Yu’s several reunions, Qi Uighur continued to say to Hu Qing, "Qi Uighur is how to return a responsibility? Is it arranged by my father? "

Hu Qingyin replied, "As far as I know, Mu Tianxuan first discovered the ghost of Hanyu when he was looking for you, and handed him over to his friend Tianque, who has the name of psychic. You have seen Qi Wu, who is distracted and reincarnated, and Xu Rui is a clue rising from the human world."
Hanyu deity is the god of war who killed the Tao, so that he can return to the avenue as soon as possible. Tianque deity sent him here. It is very likely that Xurui and Zerg calculated chaos to mix the Yuan world, which is also doomed to be born in the mixed Yuan world. Hanyu deity was taken to his distracted reincarnation and chose the dry Yuan world.
Not the kui is a psychic, even a distracted reincarnation, and the avatar is not diminished. Through Hanyu Shenzun you and Mu Tianxuan’s causal divination, it is calculated that the two of you fall just as there is facing the so-called doomsday, and you fool Hanyu Shenzun Tianhun to reincarnate there and find an opportunity to bring Mu Tianxuan. It is because of him that we find that you have been designed by Hu Rui again. "
Thinking of being calculated by Hu Rui twice, Hu Ying Xueyin said to Hu Qing, "Hu Rui and I are like natural words. No matter where we meet, there is a feeling that the contradiction is too big to die."
Hu Qingyin replied, "No one has yet figured out that Hu Rui, who was a mortal, will give up his body by borrowing crimson beads and resurrect the body of the God. It is common sense that this is something that should not happen."
Hu Yingxue remembered that Hu Rui was placed in a peach tree in that small plain with a slight frown. "How Hu Rui was reborn by crimson beads is unclear for a while, and maybe there will never be a way to deduce the truth. How did Xu Rui get distracted and reincarnated here? There should be some clues in this investigation."
Hu Qingyin smiled and answered, "It’s normal to dream back to the fairy statue and be fooled by people. It’s also normal for some people in Yamaraja to be fooled by the same trick, right? There are so many secrets in the nether world that we can’t check them, which makes our investigation have no progress until we get the deity’s instructions. "
At this time, Wei Chihanyu, who kept silent, suddenly said "Again"
Hu Yingxue, like others, immediately turned to look not far away when she heard Wei Chihanyu’s words. Once again, she let out light in the dark cracks over there, but after a few breaths, it became colorful. Soon, a small vortex appeared again.
Just here, it can be said that Hu Yingxue, holding five spiritual swords, will run over to kill the enemy, but only when he lifts one foot, he is stopped by Hu Qing. "Yingxue, you and Wei Zhe, Su Yi, Min Shao and Zong Jiu will let others go."
The so-called others are also many Hu Yingxue. Mu Tianxuan, Cliff, Crimson Pearl, Zheng Zhang and Zong Sheng are appointed by the three accompanying guardians who follow Zong Jiubi. None of them are in the sound insulation barrier. They will meet them when they go out from the barrier.
Because of Hu Qing dialect, Hu Yingxue almost guessed what Hu Qing wanted to do. "Need us to make an alchemist?"
Hu Qing nodded his head. "Refined Baixiao Dan has proved that you just announced that the prescription Baixiao Dan can effectively prevent practitioners from being released by the Zerg."
Hu Yingxue blinked. "Effective?"
Hu Qing smiled "very effective"
Although the former zerg was easily destroyed, it didn’t let Hu Yingxue relax his vigilance. The biggest killing measure of the zerg is not their own lethality, but hermaphroditism. They can release worms that are equivalent to their children, and they will become monsters with no thinking ability except suicide and being killed.
I’m worried that if there is a releasable insect family, it’s very likely that it can’t be prevented. Hu Qing gave me a preventive method. Think about how many kinds of insects are effective with Baixiao Dan. So it seems that the zerg worms are not so advanced. If there is nothing to parasitize, they will be killed, just like ordinary people swatting flies. If they can’t get another chance, they will be shot dead, but they have not been killed by the host before, otherwise they will be killed by the parasitic people.
If Hu Qing didn’t make a mistake, he deliberately gathered so many people in Tongji City in order to form an army of zerg worm soldiers, then those who planned this behind the scenes would be angry and vomiting blood when they knew that Baixiao Dan also prevented insect possession, because many people in the Lord’s Mansion found that in addition to the body method, some people knew that Baixiao Dan was stranded in Tongji City, and there was no way to get an insect-eating base to be possessed, which was originally planned to be destroyed naturally.
In this case, Hu Qing asked Hu Yingxue to take people to refine Baixiao Dan naturally, because they didn’t go to the city and didn’t know the situation. When they came to Tian Shu Palace, they entered the magic valley. Even if they got the news now, there was no way to receive the refined Baixiao Dan spiritual material. Although some people were really bad, they couldn’t watch them being parasitically assimilated. Considering this, Hu Qingcai asked Hu Yingxue to take people to rush to refine Baixiao Dan.
Yu Yuwen’s personal goods are enough to sweep how many people there are in front of him. Hu Yingxue took out two bottles of Baixiao Dan and handed them to Yu Yuwen Haojie "in case you bother to send them."
Yuwen Haojie took the medicine bottle containing Dan and threw a bag to Hu Yingxue "Dan medicine in return"
Hu Yingxue didn’t refuse to pile up a pile of refined Baixiao Dan plants on the ground and then turned to Wei Zhe and others. "I don’t know when those zerg suddenly released insects, so we can refine enough Baixiao Dan as soon as possible."
Chapter 327 What will you believe in the good vs.
After another fierce battle of zerg, Yuwen Jianxing intends to find Mu Tianxuan or Wei Chihanyu to learn more about zerg information. Then he turned around and saw a child-faced crane repairman with two people, Ling Fei, coming over to meet "Elder Ruoliang, why are you here?"
Zheliang is an elder in Tian Shu Palace, but he doesn’t belong to the old school of Ge and the Yuwen family. The Yuwen family doesn’t respond to his disobedience. The old school of Ge has done a lot to suppress him. It is a good example that someone can suppress him if he really doesn’t want to suppress him.
On the suppression of the status of Zheliang in Tian Shu Palace or the gradual promotion due to his contribution, it can be said that he is the first elder of the pavilion. Because of his current status, he has won a lot of people’s heartfelt respect. Great, even though he has been regarded as a thorn in his side, the pavilion elders dare not casually shoot him.
Because it didn’t pass the Tian Shu Gongdan League and the Duke of Tongji City, an agreement was reached. Fat meat didn’t have to eat soup residue and it was pitiful. This made Tian Shu Palace refuse to pass on the request for reinforcements from the Duke. I heard about the accident here, and I didn’t wait until the Duke of Tongji City and Danmeng Ruanhua planned to continue to watch.
Finally, the news came out at this time, and I didn’t think about the problems of fat meat and soup residue. Many doubts, even if they were not very obvious, would make a cautious person like Zheliang have to care about smoothing out what happened here. He immediately decided to bring someone to see it himself.
Knowing that Zheliang is in the joint staff, I don’t want him to get credit again. Further, several old horses called an elder named Ma Cong and told him to go with them. Although Ma Cong has a clever name, this man is not very clever, but he is obedient and doesn’t worry that he will rely on the emperor Tiangao to be far more cunning like others.
Before leaving the pavilion, the old people asked Ma Cong to keep an eye on Ochliang, and he stared at Ochliang intensely. Ochliang speculated that it might be to seal the magic valley again and do some articles determined to bring people into the magic valley. After several persuasion, Ma Cong also took people into the magic valley.
It is Ma Cong’s order to get Hu Yingxue and other elites to the bottom of their eyes. This is not Ma Cong’s rare insight. It is based on the process of encountering such incidents. Although he disapproves, Yan Liang knows that this is a foreign style of Tian Shu Palace and has not expressed his opposition.
However, Zheliang didn’t make Ma Cong decide everything, such as taking Hu Qing, Lan Yi and Mo Chen into the magic valley, and he didn’t say hello to Ma Cong. There is one reason why he wouldn’t say hello if he told Ma Cong that he would resolutely oppose Hu Qing’s coming in.
Sure enough, I learned that Ruoliang brought three people who were not on the list to enter the magic valley, so Ma Cong found him and asked Hu Qing to be sent to the Yuwen family. Ruoliang sent Ma Cong away to come over. In fact, after Ma Cong left, he turned around and saw that Ruoliang came to Yuwen family. I didn’t find him here.
Although the pavilion elders are constantly changing, they have not officially fought with the Yuwen family. Although Ma Cong is an elder, he believes that he is still far away from the Yuwen family without the pavilion elders. It is not at all strange that he is so timid. When Yuwen Haojie took Yuwen’s brother to catch them halfway, he almost didn’t split him with a sword because he stopped him.
Don’t say that Yuwen Haojie is that Yuwen Jianxing and Yuwen Chen have nothing to say about Ma Cong, but they are different. Not only Yuwen Jianxing is very respectful to greet him when he sees him, but Yuwen Haojie also bowed to him out of respect.
Because the Yuwen family has a special position in Tian Shu Palace, Yuwen Haojie, although he doesn’t have a real cabinet, always sees him with some courtesy on the surface. Elder Zheliang first gave a gift to Yuwen Haojie before saying to Yuwen Jianxing, "I’ve come to Hu Qing Daoyou to know something."
After returning to Yuwen Jianxing, Yan Liang went straight to Hu Qing’s front. "Daoyou sent me a message to confirm the mistake?"
Hu Qing surrendered and replied, "Even if you speculate on such a thing, you are not allowed to have empty words or exaggerated words."
When you hear this, you suddenly frown. "What is the solution that the insect does harm to friends?"? Can you elaborate? "
Hu Qing replied, "I also had a headache, but when I found a bug in Tongji City, I accidentally found that I didn’t dare to go near it. I made some explorations to determine that it was because those practitioners had all taken Baixiao Dan, which means that if there was Baixiao Dan, I should not be afraid that the bug would turn us or people around us into enemies."
Speaking of which, Hu Qing pointed to the spiritual alchemy Hu Yingxue and others who are in the middle of a field next to it. "I came here to ask Yimei Hu Yingxue to help refine some Baixiao Dan with her disciple’s disciples. You need to refine it and seal the magic valley guard’s share. Because of the Danmeng and the duke’s mansion, some people who have moved to Tongji City and the people who have gathered in Tongji City because of the theory of Taoism have gathered in Baixiao Dan."
Ruoliang’s eyes are much sharper. "Are there still zerg rushing out of the magic valley?"
Hu Qing replied, "It should have been lurking in the city before. As far as I know, the Zerg have to reach a certain strength or completely adapt to the new environment to breed insects."
Zhe Liang immediately figured out that his face was obscure. "Is it that their plan is to assimilate the people who stayed in Tongji City and lead them to occupy the magic valley?"
Hu Qingxiao "Their plan should be like this, but I didn’t expect that Penglai Xianzong Yaoguang directed such a play, which not only made the Zerg afraid of premature exposure but also made Yingxue take the initiative to announce the prescription of Baixiao Dan, which made them stay in Tongji City when they couldn’t help but decide to start work, and the white news bug couldn’t get up their plan, which was tantamount to failure."
Hu Qing and Zhe Liang have had several contacts in recent years, and they are very happy because of several contacts. Zhe Liang is very confident in Hu Qing. After listening to Hu Qing’s words, he tightened his brow and relaxed a lot. "Is there any other way to make the same kind of zerg besides parasitic worms bred by himself?"
Hu Qing replied, "At this stage, without worms, relying on most zerg is like a tiger without claws and teeth. The zerg will stay in Tongji City at this time, and the practitioners should be able to solve this crisis. Of course, it is necessary to add that before no one is dragging their feet."
After listening to Hu Qing’s words, Yu Wenhaojie and Zhe Liang’s face are a little ugly. Both Zerg have launched three waves of impact. I didn’t see Ma Cong send someone to ask Yu Wenhaojie to discuss who the foot-dragger would be. It goes without saying that Ma Cong’s trouble is that the cabinet elders told him not to follow Zhe Liang’s wishes, so he will sing the opposite tune to the end.
Don’t talk about what unexpected performance Ma Cong will have. There will be a headache because of him. The news is that people here say it, whether they believe it or not, and the attitude they show must be that they don’t believe it or not. Nature is to stop the arrangement of Tian Shu Palace.
Yu Wenhaojie’s finger knocked on the hilt that he had been holding in his hand. "Sure enough, I should have split him at that time."
Hu Yingxue came near here with a few bottles of Baixiao Dan that had just been baked, when Yu Wenjie suddenly came and asked, "Who is Yu Wen’s elder going to chop?"
Yuwen Haojie replied "a very obedient dog"
When I heard it, I knew that the dog in that sentence was not a compliment. Hu Yingxue smiled and said, "Don’t insult the dog." He stuffed all the bottles in his hand into Hu Qing’s hand. "You said that the number has been refined."
"So soon?" Hu Qing pours out a bead. Although the sun can’t be seen here because of the fog, Dan Zhu does not contain a trace of impurities, and it becomes colorful and dazzling in the sunshine.
Hu Yingxue smiled and replied, "A lot can be refined if the order of Baixiao Dan is not high."