The little girl blinked her eyes and said, "My name is Yang Yingying."

Hey? Is it really Ying Ying that Yang Xiu’s heart suddenly swells? However, Yingying is afraid that she is already dozens of years old. How can she be so young? Even if she has decided to be Yan Dan, she will never settle her figure! Is it Ying Ying Si?
At that time, Yang Xiu was full of question marks! When he first saw the little girl outside jubao floor, he found that she looked exactly like his sister who had seen her once, and there was almost no change from decades ago, but how could it be?
"Where’s your flying needle instrument?" Resist the excitement in the heart, he confirmed again
Yang Wenwen is also tearful. He immediately took out a half-foot long iron needle from the bag and handed it to Yang Xiu.
Looking at this half-foot-long iron needle, the last trace of doubt in my heart also dissipated my lips and said, "Do you recognize me?"
"Are you a brother? !” Yang has some doubts and certain way
Ying side old man, choked eyes stare their circle a look of disbelief.
"You are but how did you do that? Is it like entering the realm of fix true? Parents "Yang Xiu then think of what way" regardless of you come with me ".
Then he took them into his rented abode of fairies and said to the old man, "Go to that room first and have a rest. My sister and I will talk it over."
The old man’s eyes flashed that it was all right, and he hurriedly walked into a room to practice.
Take Yingying into her room and eagerly say, "Tell me what happened over the years."
It turns out that Ying was able to enter the celestial world, but she was also Yang Xiu. She nourished the cloud and controlled the soul beast to suck JingXie and gave her the ten thousand-year-old blood ginseng.
Because the blood ginseng aura is too strong, although Yang Xiu gave her the drug at that time, some aura remained in her body.
Her master, Wang Daoxian (that is, the old man outside), discovered the powerful aura of Yingying’s body, and then found that it was widened and tough because Yang Xiu’s blood ginseng was washed and cut, so she accepted her apprentice to teach the Tao, and Yingying entered the realm of repairing the truth.
Because her body has never been long, even she and Wang Daoxian don’t know what the reason is. Her body has always been like this, and even her gods have been affected to some extent. Therefore, she has been scoured out because of her original body when she went to the Master’s Gate several times.
Yang Xiu also learned later that Ying Ying was injured by Jingxue Shenshi when she was parasitized by a fog-controlled spirit beast.
Although it saved time, she was a mortal at that time, but her physique, essence and blood were not strong, which still affected her growth and kept her body in the parasitic stage of being controlled by fog and spirit beasts
Fortunately, it doesn’t have a great influence on the gods’ knowledge, except that she sometimes gets a little confused, which doesn’t affect her thinking. And Yang Xiu has just seen the argument with those monks in Dandingmen, which is still very organized, so Yang Xiu will no longer worry.
【 One more six thousand words 】
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Fair
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Fair [vip]
He also asked about Wang Dao and got to know others
It turns out that Wang Daoxian’s name is Jinglun Lai, and he is a scholar. He is also a bit fertile in his family. Because of his obsession with metaphysics, he not only digs up some Taoist allusions every day to find some Yijing metaphysics, but also changes his name. Although he didn’t know there were monks in the world at that time, he was also happy.
Wang Daoxian was able to practice because he bought a picture of "Weng Wang Yue Tu" in his mind. After being soaked in water, he actually showed several formulas.
Of course, this miracle excited Wang Daoxian, who was bent on seeking fairy fate, and he groped for it without considering it.
I don’t want to persist for a few years, which really made him feel a little angry and made him more energetic.
Later, slowly, he came into contact with the fix-true world and realized that the fix-true world was vast, so he also knew that he was small, so he also wanted to learn from his master and go further.
But for one thing, he is old, and for another, his qualifications are not good. No sect has taken him in for several times, and he has given up his life. From then on, he has been practicing in the world of mortals until now he has a special constitution, so he has taken care of himself.
I learned Taoism from Wang Daoxian, but I have been groping for the twelfth floor of practicing spirit for more than 60 years. This time I came to Lin ‘an to buy a foundation Dan to see if I can build a foundation successfully.
It’s really a blessing to meet Yang Xiu.
I asked my parents again that they had died, and I couldn’t help but feel lost.
Listening to Yingying, although both of them have lived over 100 years old, they don’t have much heart time. First, they are looking forward to Yang Xiu’s return. Second, they have not come because they have never been married. The two old bodies should be able to persist for several years without becoming sick from psychological depression.
After listening to it for a long time, Yang Xiu remembered that when he had not met Master Tianxuan before, he was preoccupied with how to prosper because of the decline of his family, but he was always depressed and frustrated, so that he would like the kind of life of sword, sword, river and lake.
However, because of this, his mother recognized him as a self-contemptible, whimsical toy, and thus imposed more constraints and punishments.
Although he knows from the bottom of his heart that his mother is his heart, he still feels that his parents don’t know what they are thinking. He is also depressed because he sees his parents tired all day and wants to change this life.
Therefore, until Master Tianxuan came to Nanling School, he and his parents were still deadlocked.
When he finally achieved something by cultivating immortality, the "stalemate" had already changed with time and distance. However, he left in a hurry when his parents were fully satisfied with the material, without taking too much care of the needs of the elderly, and at the same time, he also had a "knee-bearing", or he thought of the cultivation of immortality in his heart and covered it up completely
Yang Xiu suddenly looked at Ying Ying lightly. "At the beginning, I didn’t tell you that the fix-true world didn’t introduce you to the door and didn’t go back to see you, which not only made your parents leave with regret, but also made you suffer so much over the years. You should blame me!"
Ying a blank silence.
Yang Xiu sighed and added, "In fact, I have some difficulties in walking forward, and I lack absolute strength and power to protect you. If I rashly bring you into this world, you will no longer be calm, but more afraid of being threatened by your life every day."
Then his expression became more serious. "You should also remember that if you want to gain a foothold in a world of intrigue, you must either be ignorant but dull, or you must have the power and potential that can make you despise everything! Otherwise, entering it will make you fly to pieces. "
See ying ying thoughtful tone YiHuan way "but now that you have walked in, then follow brother practice."
"Well," Ying Ying replied, "and master brother should also help him. The master has taken good care of me this time over the years, bought me Zhu Jidan and bought his multiplier."
"Don’t worry, I know I won’t mistreat him." Yang Xiu replied with a smile.
Suddenly, when Yang Xiu’s mind took out the elder token, he saw that it was Jiman and Bai Zhi flashing inside. At the same time, the message said that it had been done. "You will stay here during Yingying’s stay. I still have some things to do in Lin’ an. I will teach the cultivation techniques when we go back, okay?"
Ying nods "got it"
"I’m going out now-you practice here and I’ll be back soon."
In a mortal room in Lin ‘an City, Yang Xiu asked Bai Zhi, "How did you get it back?"
"Yes," Bai Zhi took out two jade boxes and handed them to Yang Daoxiu. "The blood curse spent 120,000 on the soul stone and 200,000 on the mud."
"Well," Yang Xiu took the jade and said, "What about other stores?"
Bai Zhi shook his head and said, "All the bigger shops in Lin ‘an City have been there, and no owner needs materials."
Although I expected this kind of situation, Yang Xiu was still a little disappointed, but he quickly adjusted his mood. After all, he was surprised to receive five kinds of materials in such a few days.
Next, in addition to some common materials, there are two kinds of main materials for making Biluofeng.
A kind of Bi-flame iron called Bi-flame iron is not only hard but also heavy, which is the main method for refining Bi-screw peaks.
A kind of "green crystal" is a kind of material, which can increase the recovery of Biluofeng attack, and it is also very important.
"Since there is no such thing, you are not in a hurry to receive these materials. I will think of some ways for your late master to buy some Dan medicine for the foundation period." Yang Xiu thought for a moment. "And buy some Zhu Jidan."
White zhi "belongs to white"
Because I’m going to attend the exchange meeting tonight to avoid any accidents, Yang Xiu intends to take Bai Zhi with me.
After that, Bai Zhi was put in the hands of Kun, and the soil escape technique was used to escape Jiman.