Wei Fangying didn’t say a few words a night except for the initial hello. Meng Xin was puzzled and embarrassed to ask. After all, every couple knows how to get along.

Anyway, tonight is very happy. Liu Ruxu finally got rid of her suffering. She believes that KINOMOTO SAKURA will be white.
The dinner didn’t take long to end in an hour, because Gu Sheng and Wei Fangying were leaving the next day, and they needed to go back to their rooms and rest early.
Then they parted ways. Emily didn’t say anything all night. She didn’t eat much at noon, and she was hungry because she was waiting for the willow catkins dinner.
Sure enough, it was a big meal. She ate it quite refreshing. Before, she lived in luxury. After such a long time, it felt like a generation ago.
"Why don’t we go somewhere and get together again?" Emily gave her opinion when she was driving.
Everyone looks at her with children on both sides, and Liu Fu and Liu Mu are both old. Where can they wander like her? It’s really talking without thinking.
Emily was silenced by everyone. "All right, go home and sleep."
Li Ziyu and Meng Xin took their own cars, and all three of them sat in the back and found a driver on their behalf.
Liu Ruxu called two cars here, one for Liu Fu to sit with Liu Mu and KINOMOTO SAKURA, and the other for her to sit with Emily.
Liu Ruxu is a cautious girl. When Emily came over, she found out that something was wrong with her. One night, she didn’t say that she didn’t want to ask in front of so many people, "Ellie, do you have something on your mind?" If you think I’m okay, let me hear it, even if I can’t help you solve it, it’s better than keeping it in your heart alone. "
Section 141
"It’s okay, you don’t understand." Emily shook her head. She didn’t refuse Liu Ruxu’s heart, but those things, which she had hidden in her heart for so many years, she still planned to continue to hide.
In fact, it’s really nothing. It’s just that she confessed to her again last night. Her company has been chasing her for half a year. It’s really heart-felt and powerful.
She could see that he was serious about her, but she couldn’t let go of anyone but someone in her heart, but she really didn’t know how long she could wait for that person.
So when she got up today, she sent a short message to that person, saying that she would give him another week, and if he still didn’t reply, she would try to love someone else.
She has figured it out that since her mother is gone and her father doesn’t forgive her, she will have him alone in this world for three years. If he doesn’t give her a deadline, then she will give up.
She is not Meng Xin, and she is not as clever as a child. She is not like Meng Xin who can wait for five years.
I used to reply immediately when I received her text message. That person didn’t reply to her after she waited for a day.
Of course, she is not happy. From the initial period when they were assigned to the present, he took the initiative and she escaped. Later, he stopped taking the initiative and she stopped taking the initiative. Today, it was the first time that they had taken the initiative for such a long time, but she was so ignored.
She felt bad, very bad.
But we agreed to give him six days when he was given a week, didn’t we?
Willow catkins stretched out his hand with a sigh and held Emily so silently to appease.
"Are you going to buy a house?" Emily suddenly asked that with so much money, she should invest in real estate, which is still stable these days.
"Those are KINOMOTO SAKURA, and I still want to find a job." This is Liu Ruxu’s plan. If she stays in G city, she needs to find a job to support herself now.
She has worked in a hotel before, so it should be easier to find a hotel. Maybe some of them can’t take good care of KINOMOTO SAKURA.
When she goes back, she needs to discuss with her parents. If they are willing, she can really buy a house to take her parents over and let them help pick up a KINOMOTO SAKURA when it is inconvenient for her.
I just don’t know if my parents can adapt to city life.
"… well, you can’t live a happy life like Meng Xin, can you?" Emily shook her head, but Nai said that she didn’t want to go home too early, just didn’t want to be too idle.
People tend to think when they are free. She doesn’t want to think.
Li Ziyu and Meng Xin Che Hengheng were in a bad mood. They finally couldn’t hold back for a long time. "Mom and Dad, what are KINOMOTO SAKURA’s parents going to divorce?"
"Because they have no feelings," Meng Xinkou explained, "KINOMOTO SAKURA doesn’t care if she lives in a family environment without love."
"No feelings will divorce? Then you … will it happen one day? " Heng Heng is worried that such things will happen to him.
He didn’t think it was all other children before, but now this kind of thing has happened in KINOMOTO SAKURA. He is so close that he is really worried that one day he will face the divorce of his parents.
KINOMOTO SAKURA’s parents divorced, and he felt sad when he looked at KINOMOTO SAKURA. If it happened to him, he would be even sadder.
"No, Hengheng, our family will always love each other. Not only will mom and dad not divorce, but Hengheng will have a sister in the near future, you know?" This question is Li Ziyu’s help to answer.
"Really?" Hengheng smiled and Liziyu nodded and said that it was true, of course, but the little guy couldn’t help but feel sad when he thought of KINOMOTO SAKURA. "Is it KINOMOTO SAKURA or quite pitiful?"
"Aunt Liu will give KINOMOTO SAKURA double love. She won’t be poor. If she lives in a family that can’t give her love, that’s poor, you know? Heng Heng-"Meng Xin knows that Heng Heng is still young and may not be too white. She said these words, but she will know when he grows up.
And Liu Ruxu has divorced, so Shen Mu doesn’t want to say anything to Heng Heng about what KINOMOTO SAKURA has done.
"Go to sleep, Hengheng." Li Ziyu advised her son to close his eyes and be quiet for a while, so many things would not be thought about any more.
"Good" Heng Heng closed his eyes.
"Do you think it is strange for Gu Sheng to get along with his wife?" Meng Xin has been thinking about the two people. It’s hard to say when eating. After all, there are many people and the parties are present.
"No, how strange?" Men have a lot of nerve. Where can Li Ziyu inject so much?
"….." Meng Xin was nice. Well, she’s really too divinatory. Two things are not her business.
Meng Xin also simply closed his eyes and took a nap for a while.
-dividing line-
Gu Sheng and Wei Fangying took the stairs together after dinner. They didn’t say anything all the way.
Mainly Wei Fangying has nothing to say in the face of Gu Sheng. The combination of two people is also what they need. Wei Fangying needs a marriage that won’t cause her trouble. Gu Sheng needs to give her family a succession.
Now they have a son and a daughter. At that time, the deal had been reached, and there was no need to communicate more except that it was necessary to pretend in front of outsiders.
Ladder door dozen two people go to their own room.
Gu Sheng woke her up before she took out her room card and brushed it in. "Do you need me to wake you up for the first flight in the morning?"
"No, I can get up by myself." Wei Fangying refused directly. She would set the alarm clock. She didn’t need him to be near her too much. "By the way, I want a divorce before you and grandpa leave for M country."
"…" Gu Sheng looked back at her with sharp eyes. Wei Fangying also looked at him and was not afraid at all. "How did we get married at the beginning? You shouldn’t forget? Now I don’t need this marriage, so I want to end it. "
At that time, she received a message from Gu Sheng to prove to others that he and Liu Ruxu were innocent, and she was an attorney and an agent. She was willing to help solve his troubles, just as she had to show up when she was in trouble.
But now she really doesn’t need this marriage because she is going to become a monk and has found a suitable place.
"But I still need it now", especially when Grandpa is seriously ill. At this moment, he is really not suitable for divorce and Wei Fangying’s marriage change.
"Let’s talk about it in your room." When the two confronted each other, the doorman Fang Ying bowed his head and said to Gu Sheng. Anyway, she hasn’t taken out her room card yet.
Gu Sheng is definitely a gentleman, and she is completely at ease with him.
When they entered the house, Gu Sheng took the lead in saying, "Grandpa is seriously ill now. What kind of marriage will happen to us has a great influence on him? I’m not against divorce, but I hope you can wait a little longer."