[12] Over!

? The next morning, the east just showed a fish-belly grey. Liu Fei, Tang Feng and "Song" appeared in the courtyard early, but they and dozens of Tang Mendi also appeared nearby at the moment, looking for a position with excellent vision.
Daba Mountain is humid and smells of earth. The morning breeze blows and hits people’s faces, which is very pleasant.
However, the atmosphere can’t be said to be tense, and no one has the heart to enjoy the comfort brought by the cool breeze.
Today will be the time to "accept" Lu Fei’s training results. In the case of moving qi, Lu Fei will fight Tang Feng! If you want to lose, it’s not too ugly to count as a land flight!
"come on Take out all your strength and fight for me! " Tang Feng said with high fighting spirit, "I am shocked by your progress. I am looking forward to cooperating with your true spirit and what surprises you will give us!"
"good! I will try my best! " Lu Fei nodded his head. He expected more than anyone else! He also wants to know how strong he is after fifteen days of training!
At this moment, Li Song waved to Tang Feng and Liu Fei and shouted "!"
Liu Fei suddenly felt a surge of blood in his body when he heard this. It has been a long time since he used the true qi. At this time, he was cheering and almost not deliberately suggesting that Liu Fei was surging out of the body. The strong true qi of gold and red surrounded Liu Fei’s body surface, making him look especially magical at the moment.
Liu Fei drank a foot and stepped on Yu step like a left arrow, and ejected a punch toward Tang Feng’s other.
Door broker!
This is a very common move in Tang Boxing!
"Depend! This small is a fake Dan realm. How can the true spirit be more vigorous than me? "
Tang Feng was secretly surprised, but his hand speed was not slow at all. His right hand quickly drew an arc behind him, and then suddenly Zhang Chengzhang clenched his left fist and punched Liu Fei almost at the same time.
Tang Feng has been practicing Tang Jiaquan since he was four years old, and his accomplishments in this boxing method have almost reached the state of perfection. At this time, once it is put into practice, it is natural to practice by hand.
Right palm defense, left fist attack! Strictly speaking, this move of his is not a move in the Tang family boxing, but it is a trick with the Tang family boxing!
Boxing comes from the heart!
"wow! Big brother is really amazing! In the Tang family boxing attainments have reached such a level. "
"Yes! Even if we study for another ten years, we may not be able to have the achievements of eldest brother now. "
"That little loser!"
"That’s right! How can he be a gentleman’s opponent? "
In the case of movable qi, almost no one is optimistic about Lu Fei
Bixiu Lufei is still in the realm of false elixir, while Tang Feng entered the realm of elixir as early as two years ago
Compared with fighting skills, Tang Feng has been practicing martial arts since he was four years old. Tang Jiaquan has already been practiced by him. On the other hand, Lu Fei had barely understood fighting skills before, and only recently received a fifteen-day assault training.
Not to mention the combat experience, it was only a month or two when Lu Fei debuted, but Tang Feng had been working in the mysterious investigation bureau for several years. Because of the particularity of work, Tang Feng often fought in this kind of actual combat, and his experience was obviously not comparable to that of Lu Fei.
In a moment, the two men’s boxing shadows were stacked together, and "Bang" was a muffled sound. Tang Feng’s right palm blocked Lu Fei’s head-on blow!
No! To be exact, it should be that Liu Fei punched Tang Feng in the palm!
I have to admit that Tang Feng has a strong fighting consciousness and rich fighting experience. He originally planned to catch Lu Fei’s punch with his right hand and then quickly swing his left hand to attack Lu Fei.
Advance, attack, retreat and defend Tang Feng’s move seems to have put himself in an invincible position.
However, he underestimated the great power contained in Liu Fei’s fist, and Tang Feng knew it was broken only when he touched it!
Julius came to Tang Feng, who had never swung his left fist, and was directly blown out by Liu Fei’s fist. At the same time, the chest door left a very flaw in mainland China!
Liu Fei naturally won’t miss this excellent opportunity, and immediately pursued his fists and danced wildly like a storm towards Tang Feng’s chest.
Tang Feng secretly complained in his heart. At this time, he has a superb fist. Nai’s feet off the ground simply make him unable to passively punch to resist Liu Fei’s crazy attack!
Finally, Tang Feng’s feet returned to the ground. Tang Feng’s heart was full of joy and he waved his fist and bombarded Liu Fei’s other!
However, at this moment, Liu Fei’s mouth suddenly raised a strange smile and disappeared in front of Tang Feng.
After fifteen days of assault training, not only has Lu Fei’s fighting skills improved, but his "step by step" has also made great progress! Almost in the blink of an eye, Liu Fei stepped around behind Tang Feng.
Tang Feng in the mind a surprised just then a cold wind hit the back of his head. Tang Feng didn’t even think about consciousness, but he blew his fist at him and went away with anger.
Step by step, step by step, Tang Fengcang urged to swing a punch, but failed to intercept Liu Fei’s long-planned punch after all.
"Bang" a rumbling Tang Fengjiao vest a pain the whole people have stumbled jumped toward the front.
Liu Fei’s fist was just about to pursue it, but Tang Feng went straight to him with a wave and shouted, "Stop! I admit defeat! "
Tang Feng shouted loudly, but it fell in the ears of onlookers, but it instantly shocked everyone like a thunder in the sunny day!