Ni Haodong frowned, lit a cigarette, spit out one mouthful smoke, narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, "Your sister and I won’t really get married. She has someone else in her heart, and so should I."

Cheng Han raised his eyebrows and joked, "But you two are now recognized as a couple."
Cheng Jiahe’s family doesn’t agree with Cheng Xue, but it’s not home. Cheng Jiacai is looking for someone to force Cheng Xue to give up He Yanni’s company. It is the most direct and effective way to choose a marriage with strong family background and join forces. This marriage has emerged.
"I’ll take care of this, but you mustn’t provoke Anluo again."
"Threaten me?" Cheng Han corners of the mouth raised high as if he heard a funny joke "NiHaoDong what do you threaten me? Huh? "
"Ann … she is me … the first time is me … after all is me! Do you want to touch my woman? "
Hear NiHaoDong said Ann fell for the first time gave him Cheng Han feel very uncomfortable, he rarely show such a serious expression he sink a face to cold hum "NiHaoDong you don’t deceive yourself? If she has you in her heart, will she still avoid you? Let you not find it for so long? "
Suddenly Cheng Han laughed. "We had a good time that night. Our lips are so soft and our bodies are so soft …"
Ni Haodong went on the rampage and punched Cheng Han again to settle down. What did he develop into? What does he know so much? Is it really like him? He doesn’t believe that he doesn’t believe that Anjou can communicate with another person in such a short time. He just put it into use in a small hotel. Now the room is spacious and his legs and feet won’t be bound. After several moves, he didn’t hit each other.
Leng Song and Yang Bai looked at each other tacitly and came in to pull Cheng Han back with a smile. "Presumably, you just bent down to her and didn’t taste the beauty fragrance. There is no place to vent and run wild here?"
"…" NiHaoDong Cheng Han with a face of rage is notoriously difficult. He is a smiling tiger on the surface, but he always hides a knife in his heart. I’m afraid the more he wants him to stay away from him, the more he has to stir up the mess. Although his heart is as uncomfortable as being scratched by a cat, he finally stops saying anything and turns away.
"Ye? When shall we leave? Master and his wife urge you to go back quickly. "Lengsong asked with a look behind them.
"Ah" Cheng Han corners of the mouth overflow with a smile, if he just left, wouldn’t it make NiHaoDong that little comfort? He has to stay for a few more days anyway! He turned and flopped down on the bed with his back to Lengsong and waved his hand. "Go out and get some sleep when you are tired."

Yang Bai handed the ticket to Ni Haodong and asked, "Where is Sioux City …"
"No matter what happens there, you stay here and help me keep an eye on it. If anything happens to her, you won’t come back to me."
Looking at NiHaoDong car and roared off, Yang Baimeng forced to look up at the hotel where Anluo was located, sighed, lifted his legs and went in to book the room next door.
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There were snowflakes floating in the night, one by one, and then the snowflakes were wrapped in a ball and rolled from it. Ni Haodong listened to Yang Bo’s call in a corner of the party, and his eyes were full of smiles.
"Ni Shao, we have just arrived at Sioux City."
Text 7 Traditional Chinese Medicine
"East elder brother don’t come ill."
NiHaoDong just hung up the phone and then came a woman charming voice. He twisted his eyebrows and turned his head to look at the past. Mo Ning was wearing a deep V-shaped gift. The career line showed that she raised a glass of wine and sent it to NiHaoDong. NiHaoDong looked down at her eyes and didn’t pick it up.
"Brother Dong, you and I have been identified to the point where we can’t even drink a glass of wine?"
Her red lips evoked a stupid smile. "So many people are watching. You don’t even give me this face? Or are you afraid that I will poison you? Ha ha "
Section 67
Ni Haodong didn’t want to talk nonsense with her, frowned and took the glass in her hand and gulped it down, then bypassed her and walked into the crowd.
With a bitter smile, she crawled around the corner of her mouth, curled her fingers and quietly poured out the wine in her hand. Her horse was going to marry the old man who made her sick, and all this was planned by Ni Haodong. Good, even though he did this to her, she still thought about him. What should she do? Good idea
in ten minutes
Ni Haodong felt that something was wrong, and his eyes were dizzy, and there seemed to be a dreamland. He condensed and concentrated, knowing that something was not good. He immediately thought of going outside to find Chen Shuai, but his arm was held by people without walking a few steps.
He squinted and tried to see the blur in front of him. He shook the man’s hand and asked coldly, "Who are you?"
"Sir, you may be drunk. I’ll take you to the lounge to have a rest."
A strange man’s voice NiHaoDong growled a "roll"
Then he groped his way forward again, and the loud music in his ear made his nerves break. He felt that his whole body was rushing against the current and rushing to find an exit. He cursed and suddenly remembered Mo Ning’s glass of wine for him.
He was trapped!
His ears are buzzing and his headache is splitting. He feels that he is very energetic at every step. His eyes are black and his body has hit the wall many times. I don’t know how long he has been walking. He feels that he was hit by someone in the back of his neck and lost consciousness as soon as his eyes turned.
Chen Shuai smoked a cigarette outside the door. He just saw Ni Shao coming this way very slowly. He bowed his head and twisted out the cigarette butts. Then he turned his head and couldn’t see Ni Shaoying. He was suspicious and went in for a turn. He didn’t even find it after washing his hands. First no one answered and then he called him. What’s going on here?
He immediately called Yang Bo, who was staring up at him in front of him. "You’ve been with me for a month, so don’t say ok?"
Yang Bai smiled at Anluo. "I don’t want to follow Ni for a day, so I won’t dare to withdraw."
As soon as the words rang, Yang Bai was connected. Chen Shuai shouted mindlessly and overflowed. "Oh, no, Brother Dong is gone!"
Yang Bo’s face tightened immediately. "You wait in situ for a positioning device in Ni Shao’s wrist watch. I’ll check it."
Hang up, Yang Bai said to Anluo while searching for the location of Ni Haodong on his mobile phone, "Ni Shao has an accident!"
"Where is it?" She was nervous and sweaty, although she decided that there would be no more news of his accident from now on, she couldn’t help but tremble.
Yang Bai stopped a car to rent a car and settled down with him. Yang Bai commanded the driver to hurry and searched for the specific location of NiHaoDong.

Mo Ning stared at his handsome face by the bed for a long time, and her enchanting red lips gently reminded her to go into the bathroom and take a bath, and when she came out, she was surrounded by a bath towel.
Ni Haodong hasn’t woken up yet. She lies beside him with one arm holding her head and the other hand reaching out to his chest. His shirt buttons are twisted one by one by her, revealing his healthy skin of wheat color. She reaches out and touches his chest skin, which is silky and tight. She bows her head and kisses his chest muscles. Her hands wander around him at will …
NiHaoDong suddenly open your eyes at the same time a turn to her.
"who?" He asked in a low voice, as the body woke up, it was restless and menacing. Ni Haodong opened his eyes to see the woman, but what he thought was a blur.
"talk!" He growled at the woman’s warm body temperature and soft body, which deeply stimulated him. When Mo Ning felt his agitation, he felt that his blood vessels were about to twist together to form a knot in one’s heart, and the pain was unbearable. He bowed his head and bit the woman’s shoulder, and the woman hugged him tightly and let out a light hum.
"Luoluo" Ni Haodong whispered, "Are you Luoluo? Huh? "
"Hmm" Although Mo Ning had hatred in her eyes, she still "hmm" against her will-she never expected that Ni Haodong could even think of settling down after winning the most powerful medicine!
Hearing her response, his eyes were hot and he could melt everything, and his mouth kept whispering "falling"
Ni Haodong bowed his head and kissed her deeply. He tore off the woman’s bath towel. Mo Ning felt cold and couldn’t help but hug his neck and say, "Brother Dong, I have been waiting for this day for a long time."
Ni Haodong suddenly stopped moving, and the obsession in Mo Ning’s eyes has not receded, but Ni Haodong suddenly reached out and stuck her neck.
He is so strong that Mo Ning feels that he is suffocating. His face is gloomy and he keeps saying, "You are not Luoluo! What about Luoluo? I am falling! "
"Er, Brother Dong, let go of Brother Dong" Mo Ning felt that she couldn’t breathe, and soon she was speechless, and the fear of death pervaded her.
Yang Bai located the specific location of Ni Haodong, and informed Chen Shuai that Chen Shuai asked for the room card from the front desk and went to the ladder. Yang Bai and An Luo just arrived and took the ladder together and rushed to the innermost room on the 16th floor.
Door instantaneous three people leng leng for a few seconds, however, Yang Bo took Chen Shuai.