But Xia Wei seems to have been used to Mo Yifan’s amazing move for a little while, and then quickly sent the last twelve filigree needles to Mo Yifan’s hands, and then stared at Mo Yifan’s hands and mouth unblinkingly, hoping to see Mo Yifan’s amazing skills clearly and tell her intuitively that this time Mo Yifan will display his true level, if not later, it must be the shocking skills of the ancient people.

Mo Yifan has twenty-four filigree needles in his hand and twelve filigree needles in his mouth. Although he is not sure yet, at this time, he has entered a semi-mechanical state of mental height and will not consider any success or failure.
Suddenly Mo Yifan realized that his state seemed a little more strange than usual. After he entered the semi-mechanical state, he just cut off human emotions and turned himself into an almost cold-blooded robot, so that he could better control himself and make every subtle move to the perfect degree.
But today, it is a little different. At this time, Mo Yifan’s mind is focused on the patient’s body, and what kind of people are beside him? I feel that looking at the patient’s skin deeply in my eyes seems to have become a layer of wavy liquid, but in that transparent old man’s body, all the exhibits are looming in Mo Yifan’s brain, and even the blood vessels and blood conditions of the old man’s skin are visible to him.
Don’t I have perspective power again?
Mo Yifan was surprised in his heart, but in this situation, he was surprised and not excited at all. He was mechanically and calmly judging the practical significance and real possibility of this phenomenon.
X-ray superwaves can effectively penetrate human tissues and penetrate human structures, so it is not impossible for human eyes to have this perspective effect after special transformation, and it is not impossible for this skill to focus on medical skills, especially if aliens give him auxiliary skills
However, there is no doubt that this skill can not be shipped casually, and now this perspective function is obviously not perfect. Everything you see is vague and deeper. For the time being, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. It needs continuous exercise in the future, and maybe it will gradually improve.
This feeling is just a flash in Mo Yifan’s mind, and it takes less than a second to think about it. In a semi-mechanical state, Mo Yifan’s thinking turns several times faster than usual. Otherwise, his brain will follow the manual method, which is one thing and two things.
Finally, Mo Yifan got up manually, and his fingers were as fast as the musicians plucked the pipa strings, but they were clear and tidy. Each needle landed with different strength and angle nuances, and the error of each needle landing was accurate to one thousandth of a micron, which would never be an unforgivable deviation.
After this period of continuous practice in the small clinic, Mo Yifan’s acupuncture skills seem to be no higher than those of the previous days, but Mo Yifan knows in his heart where he has improved.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Wonder about technology
Before Mo Yifan, every time he hands, it seems like a standard robot’s hands and feet can complete every movement of the needle through a pre-formed treatment plan in his brain, as if it were completely out of his own consciousness.
That is to say, no matter how beautiful he is, he feels like a tool controlled by a robot, a tool without consciousness.
However, after continuous practice, Mo Yifan finally got rid of this depressing state gradually. Now, although he can still do some movements with the same program, he has been able to compare his own consciousness to match his own movements. Of course, this kind of matching is still based on a definite treatment plan, and he dare not be careless about this.
This kind of progress is invisible to outsiders, and Mo Yifan’s mind is clear, and he is surprised because he knows that if he practices like this, he can become a color Chinese medicine practitioner one day even if he loses his power.
The slender filigree needles have different strength when they stab each needle one by one, and the strange and unpredictable needle skills are perfectly displayed in his hands.
At this moment, Mo Yifan’s mouth moved slightly, and the speed of the two needles fell to the patient’s body with the naked eye. However, the ability of the mouth to control the force was still weak after all. When the needles were about to fall, Mo Yifan’s fingers would quickly twist or tap at the end of the needles, so those needles flying from his mouth accurately and mistakenly penetrated into the corresponding acupoints.
However, Mo Yifan moved so fast that it seemed as if the breeze had blown over the treetops and dragonflies had touched 36 needles on the water. However, in just three or four seconds, people next to him were scolded, not to mention seeing Mo Yifan’s technique, and they simply didn’t understand how those needles were suddenly transferred to the patient.
Only Xia Wei, who has been in contact with Mo Yifan the most, has lost the epidemic power to him. During this period, she taught Mo Yifan how to understand Mo Yifan’s needle technique. Although Mo Yifan’s speed is extremely fast, she can still see some trajectories of Mo Yifan’s falling needle technique.
In addition, although Xu Changyi is not uncommon these days, Mo Yifan displays acupuncture skills. He usually doesn’t want to be too eye-catching in the face of ordinary patients. If it is unnecessary, he will honestly drop a needle. Therefore, Xu Changyi also sees his strange technique, but he has never seen it so fast. Although he has a lot of experience, he can’t see clearly with Xia Wei.
Lao Xu didn’t know that Mo Yifan had never seen the real thing in front of him. He has always been a poor old frog sitting at the bottom of a well.
And one of the most horrified is Lin Xiaoai, who just saw Mo Yifan take all 36 needles and even took 12 in her mouth. I absolutely don’t believe that Mo Yifan can really drop all these needles in a short time. How can it be counted that these 30 needles have to be finished with a small needle? Because Mo Yifan was indifferent to her just now, her heart is somewhat uncomfortable. At this time, she is still waiting to see Mo Yifan ugly.
For the blink of an eye, Mo Yifan could not see all the needles in his hand and mouth, but the old man’s body was tied like a hedgehog. Lin Xiaoai was surprised and grabbed a few steps with horror and came to the front of the patient to look at it carefully.
She came to think that Mo Yifan’s manipulation is fast, but the accuracy will not be too high. One hand is thirty-six needles. Well, it should be like the martial arts novel, which says that all the thirty-six needles can be ready to pierce the corresponding acupoints. How can it be said that even if Mo Yifan can really pierce all the thirty-six needles into the acupoints, it is not right? Acupuncture is not just a matter of throwing darts and putting the needles in. Different acupoint manipulations should be different for different diseases, so as to achieve treatment.
And Mo Yifan stabbed all 36 needles in such a short speed, and where did he talk about the technique? Xiao-ai Lin, even though she admired Mo Yifan to death in her heart, still felt uncomfortable at the thought of Mo Yifan’s coldness to herself just now, and wanted to find something wrong with this acupuncture technique to stimulate Mo Yifan.
However, when Lin Xiaoai came to the vicinity and took a closer look, he suddenly found that although all the 36 needles had been separated from Mo Yifan’s control and penetrated into the patient’s body, none of the 36 needles were completely motionless.
The ground is shaking slightly from side to side and spinning rapidly. The most outrageous thing is that several filigree needles are actually twitching at the patient’s acupoints, as if a hand was holding the needle tail gently and leaking carefully.
Lin Xiaoai felt that her nerves had been heavily thundered, and then she turned to Mo Yifan. When she saw the ghost, she stared at her big eyes and muttered that it was impossible. How could it be that I must be dazzled?
Mo Yifan was too lazy to watch the patient unblinkingly at this time.
Although the needle has been used, the treatment is not over yet. This time, he put too many needles in his hand, and he is not sure whether he can finish the application of each needle accurately, so his nerves dare not relax at all
The patient’s condition is really bad. Mo Yifan knows that even if this treatment is successful, he can get back the patient’s life. If he wants to cure it completely, he may have to continue acupuncture for more than ten times in the future before he can completely cure it.
But even this has made Mo Yifan do his best. It seems that the strength of each stitch is not great, but the actual mental and physical strength is unusually large. If Mo Yifan had not been transformed into an unusually strong body, he would not have been able to complete the miracle of 36 stitches in a row. But it is not over yet. Fortunately, after entering the semi-mechanical state, his fatigue is not so obvious, but he has escaped from every pore of his body uncontrollably, and his shirt, white coat and face have just been washed.
Hey, I’m asking you a question. Why don’t you?
Lin Xiao-ai’s horror has not diminished, but seeing Mo Yifan staring at the bed with a sullen face, the old man doesn’t look at himself, and he doesn’t answer his words as if his roots are gone.
The girl’s pride made her angry. She gritted her teeth and stepped closer to Mo Yifan. When she asked Mo Yifan, she saw that Mo Yifan’s head was sweating like a brake, so she got a fright. Only then did she know that Mo Yifan’s seemingly relaxed freehand brushwork needle movement must have actually consumed him a lot of physical strength.
There is no need for Mo Yifan to say anything more about this. Lin Xiaoai is not a heartless paranoid. As soon as he sees this situation, he tries to make himself accept the facts in front of him and believe that people are really as amazing as such a freak.
The girl’s heart was touched by Mo Yifan’s silent face at this moment. In her heart, it seems that Mo Yifan’s indifference and pride are the most beautiful.
Lin Xiaoai saw Mo Yifan sweating like this and quickly turned to Xia Wei and shouted one.
Xia Wei smell speech also saw Mo Yifan sweating and quickly went aside and took a clean towel next to the sink to help Mo Yifan wipe it with his own hands, but he had already been robbed by Lin Xiaoai before he went to the place.
Come and wipe your sweat.
Lin Xiaoai was so clever that the same kitten walked up to Mo Yifan and said softly, but she didn’t put the towel into Mo Yifan’s hand, but directly wiped it on Mo Yifan’s forehead.