Professor Teng came out of the kitchen and saw tenderness frowned slightly. He thought about it and went into the kitchen again.

Gently holding the little girl and watching the little girl stretch out small tongue and lick her lips, she couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to touch it, and then thought that her hand was a little dirty and took it again.
Professor Yuan quietly observed the happiness when he looked at the little guy gently, but he was anxious but afraid to show anything.
"Are you brothers and sisters going home to have dinner with your mother this weekend?" Professor Yuan asked again
"Yes, but if you have something, I won’t go back." Looking at Professor Yuan gently, my eyes became more and more panicked.
"Don’t you go back to spend more time with her, go back to accompany your mother after dinner, and then come back the next day. Children just want to be filial to their parents. I will also go to the video with your husband later."
"Well, I’ll go upstairs first." Then I returned the child to my mother-in-law and went downstairs with my bag.
That’s a panic in my heart
Yan was cooking when she heard the phone ring, looked out curiously and then went out to answer the phone.
Gently close the door and hear mom pick it up. Mom, what did you say when you met my mother-in-law today?
"Nothing. What’s the matter?" Yan expression is also a little nervous.
"Didn’t say anything? She looks very strange tonight. I quarreled with you. "Some words were not given to Yan, saying that I was afraid of Yan’s misunderstanding and theorized with Professor Yuan.
Where did she know what the two elders were hiding?
"There may be something else without her. We had a good chat this afternoon and she brought me a lot of supplements," Yan said.
"Oh, that’s good. That may be something else. I’ll hang up if you eat on time."
"good!" Yan hung up the phone and sat on the sofa and sighed.
She doesn’t know how long she can hide it, but will it be exposed one day?
After gently putting the phone on, I still felt that something was wrong, but I couldn’t think of it, so I changed my home.
However, because the girls were all in the video room with Teng Yun, they went directly to the kitchen behind her building.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
But he didn’t escape that man who could see the figure flash behind the sofa.
He sat in his office and looked at his home, with a flash of disappointment in his eyes.
Professor Yuan took one look at the kitchen and another. When are you going to come back?
"Not so fast!" He looked at the child sitting on the sofa playing with toys lightly.
In fact, he missed these little guys for so long, but he was sad when he didn’t miss someone.
It was the woman who knew that he and the child were in the video and didn’t stop looking at him.
"Can you come back early or come back early? She doesn’t say anything at night but secretly feels sad. Doesn’t your heart hurt?"
But she would rather secretly feel sad than let him go back. What can he do?
They are not in a stalemate in the Cold War, but need to calm down their disappointment when they are divided for a while.
"You won’t do it either. Go and talk to that little video for a while. You haven’t seen each other for a long time. I wish I had your aunt Zhang here."
Professor Teng said, he blew the tenderness out.
I feel uncomfortable because I have one thing in my heart that I can’t say, so I take her and Teng Yun as an excuse.
Gentle but at the kitchen door, I don’t know what to do.
I would sit alone in the restaurant like a child, listening to the NianLia outside.
"Anyway, your father and I both hope that you will come back soon and be gentle. I also think that you are always outside in such a big home. Do you want it or not?"
Teng Yun is also bored listening to mom. I have something to do later. I’ll hang up first.
He is waiting for her mouth.
If she really wants him, she will show even the slightest desire to let him go back.
She is so clever that she can express that kind of emotion to him through people, and he will throw more than 20 billion bills here and come back to her at the first time.
Because of money, he has no shortage of this thing, and the land is already in his hand. He can send someone to watch over himself and watch over his wife and children at home.
The next day, I went to Ban Chenchen tenderly to find her with Yun Xiang.
Tea bar there allow xiang that kind of sad eyes looking at gentle chenchen sat next to see two women eye to eye.
"Why don’t you two have a fight? I haven’t seen you two do it yet." chenchen squatted at the bar with a glass of white water and looked at two women sitting opposite.
Then allow Xiang to divert attention to stare at her with tenderness.
Chenchen is a little wronged, isn’t he? What’s the point of you two staring at each other like this? Let’s talk about something and solve it.
Section 174
"I ask you, if my brother keeps bothering you, are you going to break up with me?"
Gentle and sluggish, but then I sighed that your brother is your brother, you are you. I didn’t promise to have dinner with you last night because I was worried that your brother would meet with you, and everyone was embarrassed. Then we could meet like today. Isn’t it much better?
"You really didn’t want to break up with me?"
"Heaven and earth conscience, even if Wen Yi and warmth are with me, is the same. You are no worse than those two sisters. Except for those two biological ones, I have both of you over the years. I have done more than my own sister. How can I break up with one of you?"
Yun Xiang almost cried. "I’m tired enough. If you break up with me again, I’ll tell you that I won’t forgive you for a generation."
It is also true that she is exhausted because of the child. As soon as the tears fall, chenchen and tenderness are distressed.
"Okay, okay, I swear I would never do such a stupid thing. Is that all?"
Suriano couldn’t help laughing. Yun Xiang has been particularly sensitive recently. She finally ran out and turned out to be a witness.
Ah, it’s still an unwarranted thing
"Allow xiang you don’t want to be gentle is that person? Although she is a big housewife now, it can’t stop us from entering the room, can it? "
Chenchen said with tenderness that she has hugged Yun Xiang, dear. Believe me, heaven and man will abandon you, and I won’t.
"And me, we are always good sisters." chenchen immediately raised his hand.
It was that child-like Miss Chen who made both of them laugh.
Chenchen also laughed. Oh, hey, I, a pregnant woman in labor, can still make two big immortals laugh. It’s really … Ah … It seems …
"Shit, my amniotic fluid is broken!"
Chenchen turned pale nervously and slowly looked at her pregnant women’s pants. Listening to her strange voice, she lowered her head and shouted nervously.
"What should I do?" Allow xiang eyes almost stare.
"Talk!" Give a gentle shout and hold chenchen. Let’s go!
Han Xi happened to see three women in a flurry with documents.
"This is …"
"Hurry up and hold her floor!" Gentle immediately said a.
"hello? Is it a hospital? We have a pregnant horse here … Ah, it’s in the soaring office building. "