Hearing this, Muhai shook his head slightly. "It’s not a false alarm. A big disaster is coming soon."

"What? Big robbery? " Two people eyebrows jumped at MuHai in surprise.
"Dean, I can tell you that the gravity of the earth will increase by 3 times at this time of the day, which means that if you weigh 1, it will become 4 kg.
And this process will last for a year, and gravity will increase ten thousand times, "Muhai solemnly said.
"What? Ten thousand times? Isn’t the average person weighing more than 10 thousand Jin? The weight of our repairers is extremely high. Isn’t that a billion pounds? "
Two faces show confidence and keep shaking their heads.
See two people like MuHai didn’t explain "big dean you can test these days also don’t I say more is true or not, there will be a result in a few days.
I have told you so much that I need your help to help me find rigid ore, refractory ore and matrix stone as much as possible, and the higher the quality, the better. "
The two men looked at Muhai solemnly, and their faces became serious again.
"What should we do if it is as you say?" Zhong Zhenwei asked
"It’s very simple to practice hard and let people practice hard. You can’t waste any time, otherwise you will definitely not live in the future," Muhai said
"PSST …"
Two people sensed chill breath body can’t help but chills.
It’s not like telling a lie to look at Muhai.
Now, no matter how he knows, if so, he really must practice hard.
Muhai said that and then turned away. His heart was in a hurry and he couldn’t wave every minute.
Two people gawk at MuHai figure didn’t continue to ask questions.
"By the way, I also tell you one thing: the gravity has increased ten thousand times. It was just a horror, and then a human catastrophe came. Even cave builders are like pigs and dogs."
Say that finish MuHai shape a flash disappear to stay in a daze.
"Big … big dean this … this is true or not?" The abbot couldn’t speak clearly and trembled.
"I don’t know," Zhong Zhenwei shook his head. "God knows. If it is true, we must be prepared for everything."
"Dean, I think we did something wrong," said the abbot.
"What is it?" Zhong Zhenwei asked
"It’s very simple. If what he says is true, then he may have something to see through the future. For this kind of person, we have to give him the secret service college?" The temple chief said
Hearing this, Zhong Zhenwei was one leng and then his face showed a regretful color. "You’re right."
"Alas, there is nothing we can do according to him now," said the abbot.
"That’s right"
Two people nodded to make an important decision.
Besides, Muhai has rapidly changed into his attic at the moment.
Then he quickly went to the room where he owned the escort.
"Hum …"
After the array sending method is charged, Muhai step into it and disappear.
As soon as the scenery changed, he appeared in Guya Village.
But he didn’t stop, but he jumped up and flew to Yusang Village.
Guya village is 2 kilometers away from Yusang village, and the flying speed of Muhai is 2 minutes.
"Shout …"
Muhaihua a Changhong disappeared into the sky.
Soon he came to Yusang Village and landed slowly.
"It took 21 minutes for a full minute" Muhai andao
One more minute can’t say anything, but this gravity enhancement is just beginning.
It’s only been three hours since 5 a.m.
Three hours slowed Muhai’s flight speed by five minutes. What if it was three hours? What about three hours?
As a result, you can imagine that Muhai dared not even think about it.
I finally managed to fly, and as a result, the earth suddenly changed and I couldn’t fly again.
"Afraid that the cars won’t move" Muhai andao
The power of the car is enhanced by gravity. I’m afraid that the car will be scrapped in three days, and the plane will consume more fuel and finally can’t fly.
These people don’t care about the sea, and they don’t have time to care
What he needs to do now is to develop the first Reiki weapon.
"Grandpa Xiao Shu, I’m back."
Say that finish MuHai striding into the villa …
Chapter 5 Boosting Strength [Fourteen More]