Sue blushed at night to avoid his eyes and pretended to look at the decoration in the office.

After a while, the secret came in with a teacup.
Sue was so busy that she took a sip of her mouth and squinted.
"Is it so delicious?" Look at her enjoyment. Liu Yichen looks at the cup in her hand. It’s dry in her mouth, and he wants to drink it, too.
"It’s delicious. Your tea here is better than at home." Sue took another sip when she finished.
Liu Yichen laughed heartily. "I think you are in a different mood. I just brought this tea from home."
"Really?" Sue looked puzzled at the cup in her hand. This tea tastes more authentic. It feels a little strange at home. Is it really like he said that tea tastes different when you are in different moods?
"Yes," Liu Yichen put her hand around her waist and grabbed her hand to gather the cup to her mouth.
Sue got a fright at night. This is what she drank.
Liu Yichen took a sip of his smack as he wished. "It’s really delicious."
Sue was amused by his childish behavior and wanted to laugh. "This is what I drank. You are not afraid of my saliva."
"Not afraid" Liu Yichen grabbed the cup from her hand and put it on the coffee table, holding her face and kissing it.
Sue’s mind is white in the evening. Isn’t it tea? Why did you kiss her?
Ten minutes later, the two of them were panting.
Liu Yichen clung to Sue’s late feelings and leaned against her, panting and spewing out hot air, which made Sue’s late feelings ears hot.
Looking at her little earlobe getting redder and redder, Liu Yichen couldn’t help but put it in her mouth.
"Ah …" Glared at Sue’s late love exclaim. "You are a dog. Why did you bite my ear?"
"I want to bite other places besides your ear."
Sue blushed at night and gave him a haircut. "I’m going to class." Then she ran out of Liu Yichen’s office.
The secret at the door saw her red-faced and disheveled and ran out from the inside, sipping her mouth and smiling.
It was not until I walked into the ladder that I patted my chest. This pervert never came to drink tea again.
It was not until I returned to the marketing department that I remembered that I forgot to tell him that she was going to have dinner with Liu Yang and Li Ailing later.
Forget it. I’ll send a message later
There are still five minutes before Ben, and Liu Yang sends a message to Sue, waiting for her at the company gate.
Sue sent a message to Liu Yichen as she packed her things and walked out.
Liu Yichen’s face turned completely black when he received the message. This woman wouldn’t have taken him with her.
He’s so gross.
Reach out and press the line "Jiang Zhuomu came in"
Jiang Zhuomu’s heart is trembling. Fortunately, manager Lu said to let him in this time without yelling, so let him roll in.
Jiang Zhuomu just pushed the door and Lu Yichen pointed to him and said, "Ma, give me a look at where you have dinner with lawyer Liu?"
Jiang Zhuomu one leng Miss Su climbed the wall? Manager Lu, is this to catch a rape?
Do you love me, Liu Yang?
In love, men and women are full of waves, life is short-lived, amorous women dance on the floor covered with rose petals, waltz on the curved terrace of the mansion, watch the moonlight, swear to life and death, hug each other in the rain, cry drunk, kiss their heads in their arms, wear a pearl crown, wear a white veil, drag a long skirt and step on the red carpet, and set a pure bride and a Covenant in the name.
Liu Yang drove Su Wan Qing to a mid-range Sichuan restaurant. Although it is not very famous, the business is very good. You have to make an appointment before you can get a seat.
Liu Yang parked the car and walked directly inside.
Sue took a look at the hall after her. There were a lot of noisy people, but the atmosphere made her feel relaxed.