Qin Yu sat in the chair without saying a word.

"I said you have to contact a long Ji to shut up the four capillary tubes, or he will bite you back. It’s really troublesome." Zhu Wei woke up. "After all, the welfare home is dead."
"They won’t go to Changji to try four hairs just to scare me." Qin Yu asked Ba to answer, "You can do whatever you stare at these days."
"What about you?" Zhu Wei asked
"I fucking accompany Coco and them to walk in the north." Qin Yu got up and picked up his coat and replied, "It’s good for me to have a rest for a week just at this time."
"Come on, didn’t Laofeng tell you that you should cooperate with the police inspector to investigate?" Zhu Wei stopped.
"I got a fucking B!" Qin Yu Yin face scold a way "the old saying goes, I will see if Liu Zhixiong dares to fight with us independently".
Say that finish Qin Yu heart extremely annoyed from the unit.
Evening hotel room
The old cat frowned at Qin Yu and asked, "Did you quarrel with Lao Li?"
"No" Qin Yu shook his head.
"Nothing," the old cat said incredulously. "If you hadn’t quarreled with Lao Li, how could you say that you were suspended and Lao Li hasn’t moved yet?"
"Don’t ask," Qin Yu replied impatiently. "You can call Coco and let’s go to the Joy Palace for a sit later."
"It’s not that the more you do this, the more uncertain I am," said the old cat with great concern.
Qin Yu looked up at the old cat and said briefly, "If you have any questions about how I get along with Lao Li, don’t ask or talk more. Is this good for us all?"
The old cat sighed and said nothing.
"Believe me, we can handle it," Qin Yu said with relief.
"Really, how can things get better and better, but the contradiction is getting bigger and bigger?" The old cat mumbled and turned and left the room.
Liu Zhixiong raised a glass to Wen Yonggang. "Thank you for your help today."
"Oh, it’s all small things. I don’t get along with that little guy." Wen Yonggang also raised his glass and "dried up."
They hit the glass and drank it off.
Brother Feng from the top office of Joy Palace asked Ling Ye, "Won’t you go and see Wen Yonggang when he comes?"
"No," Ling Ye frowned and replied, "I’m tired of him."
Chapter 39 Strong kindness?
At nine o’clock in the evening, Coco sat down next to Qin Yu with a bottle of beer in the box of Xile Palace and asked, "Hey, big brother, what’s your situation?"
"What’s the matter?" Qin Yu twist a head to ask a way
"You are not in the right state these days!" Coco Diane frowned. "What’s the problem? Personal or business?"
"Nothing" Qin Yu back neck drank more than half a glass of spirits before vague words responded.
Cocoa blinked his eyes and put his chin on his left hand. "Don’t hold back and talk to someone. It’s also a way to relieve stress, and you’re not a gossip. What are you afraid of?"
Qin Yu rubbed his hands and his eyes were red. He looked at Coco thoughtfully for a long time before telling the truth, "I was suspended."
"What?" Coco didn’t know it yet, and he was very surprised after hearing it.
"After the collapse of Pei Deyong, there is a big drug line in the market," Qin Yu said distractedly, bowing his head and pouring wine. "Yuan District came to talk to us and gave us a price: I didn’t agree."
"The other side?" Kekewen
"Yes," Qin Yu nodded. "They want to make a profit and they want us to give them limited goods. I don’t agree that this is unfair to the company’s brother … but Li Shu thinks this is a big opportunity for our institutional people because the other party will export us a lot of political resources."
But she is a very clever girl. After listening to Qin Yu’s simple words, she roughly understood the contradiction. "So you and Lao Li also quarreled?"
"Well," Qin Yu nodded, "those people in Yuanqu don’t want to get a little drug talk, but want to control this industry, do you understand?"
"Can let Lao Li compromise big really deserve this pattern and ambition" Cocoa lightly echoed 1.
"We have worked hard for so long and lost many people’s concessions and many things to get to this point today, but before we can enjoy the fruit, someone has to reach out and pick it first." Qin Yu once again poured a glass of wine with a hoarse voice and continued, "I was suspended because someone knocked on me."
"Can you understand Lao Li?" Cocoa took the initiative to ask 1
"Of course I can understand," Qin Yu nodded. "He is a politician and we have done a lot. Now it is understandable to see opportunities and want to move forward. Besides, he will be forced to do something behind his back, so he can’t help himself."
"Yes," Coco continued after taking a sip of the wine and considering for a long time, "Xiao Yu really has a big view on the medicine line, which is a good thing for our merchants, because we can develop only when the market is big, but I can understand you from the standpoint of friends."
Qin Yu turned to look at the cocoa.
"If you are not nervous, I won’t force you to get along with those people in Yuanqu." Coco said with a smile, "I believe in you in Songjiang at present."
Qin Yu was relieved to hear this.
"But I want to say that an outsider can see that Lao Li is good to you, not to mention your own personal feelings." Coco said with gentle relief. "My suggestion is that no matter whether you finally agree or not, Lao Li can’t be chilling. It’s really rare to meet an elder who is willing to take you in society nowadays."
When Qin Yu heard this, his whole body was covered with goose bumps. He thought a lot of things about Lao Li’s efforts to protect Qi Lin and himself in Tuzha Street. I remembered that he paved a road for himself when he left the superintendent; More reminded of his long Ji in danger, Lao Li rushed around all night alone to find him …
All kinds of kindness are vivid.
The more Qin Yu thinks about these things, the more uncomfortable and tangled he is.
The interests of all the brothers should be considered, and Li Sili should also be considered.
Qin Yu is tired of drinking wine and is racking his brains to think about how to balance all his demands.
Everyone knows that Qin Yu is in a bad mood, and no one bothers him. He drinks wine and chats in groups, but Yu Jinxun sings like a fool.
After a while, Qin Yu drank some brains and immediately got up and rushed to Cocoa and said, "God, I’ll go to Fengbei with you and do something by the way."
"Good." Coco is like an old woman who has been wandering around in business for many years when talking about business, but when she relaxes, she is as lively as a girl who hasn’t grown up. "You can count me in if you accompany me to Fengbei Market."
"You are so generous."
"Don’t you have to spend this money to find some ducks?" Coco blinked at Qin Yu.