Qin Yu was immediately stuck when he heard this.

"My observation ability is still no problem," Xiao Qi said in a low voice. "He doesn’t think the surname Feng is like telling a lie!"
Qin Yu immediately shouted, "Tell your brother not to move Feng Jiuqing! Don’t touch him! "
"good!" Xiaoqi nodded.
Chapter DiYiLiu Point-to-point confrontation
Two anonymous text messages and Feng Jiuqing’s reaction have completely made Qin Yu suspicious of the hotel shooting incident.
There is no doubt that Qin Yu’s team and Longxing Group have a dead enemy. Apart from Xing Hao’s death, there is an absolute conflict of interest between the two sides. For the time being, there is definitely no way to reconcile all kinds of grievances.
But even if the two sides have the law to reconcile contradictions, Qin Yu certainly doesn’t want to be provoked by villains, so he will fight with Longxing now.
I think it’s one thing to take the initiative to fight, but it’s definitely another thing to have someone stab someone in the back and intensify the contradiction between the two sides now
After Qin Yu considered it for a long time, he immediately called Cocoa.
"Tell you not to hug the fire first" Qin Yu said quickly "The hotel thing may not be Longxinggan"
"no? !” Cocoa was stunned. "Isn’t the identity of the gunman already confirmed? How could it not be?"
"There may be something he’s hiding. Wait till I get back."
“……!” Cocoa pondered for a long time. "Okay, I know."
Xiaoyong, the owner of Longxing production, pushed the stair door and just wanted to rush out, the mobile phone trembled.
Xiaoyong leng bowed their heads and took out the words and immediately pressed the answer key.
"Don’t move yet."
"I came in" Xiao Yong emphasized the sentence in a low voice.
"Don’t talk nonsense when you are told to leave," the bald boss stressed and hung up the phone directly.
Xiaoyong’s emoticon glanced at the corridor outside the stairs, pondered for a long time and ordered, "Inform everyone to return to the original road and stop playing."
An unusual remark made Xiaoyong and others put the gun that had been lifted back into the bag again and withdrew sadly.
But before he left, Xiaoyong didn’t take away the explosives that had been set up, but left them in the production owner’s building.
off-road vehicle
Brother Xiaoqi grabbed Feng Jiuqing’s hair and asked, "Is it okay if I want to go out?"
Feng Jiuqing thought for two seconds. "I want to talk to Qin Yu."
"You don’t talk to him." Brother Xiaoqi shook his head. "You said he had verified it."
Feng Jiuqing heard it carefully. He felt that the other party didn’t have a horse to kill himself at this time. Then he said that Qin Yu had believed his words and had tried to verify that there had been a shooting in the hotel. He didn’t need to play tricks at this moment. The best way was to cooperate because the other party really wanted to kill him, but the car would dry up.
"Well, you can do whatever you want." Feng Jiuqing nodded at each other.
"You are also resilient when stepping on a horse." Brother Xiaoqi smiled and took Feng Jiuqing’s head with his right hand. "You bowed your head and talked."
Feng Jiuqing bitten to grind his teeth, and he was really flexible and bent his head and stopped saying anything.
Brother Xiaoqi looked up for a long time and ordered, "Let’s go out together."
"Good" driver nodded.
Qin Yu looked down at two anonymous text messages by car and shouted after a long time, "Xiaohao, you remember two numbers."
"Good" Fu Xiaohao nodded.
"7522 … 75379 …" Qin Yu rushed to Fu Xiaohao and read the two groups of words again. He frowned and ordered, "Send it to Pearl Krabs and let him find out who these two people are. Hurry up!"
"My horse told him" Fu Xiaohao took out another mobile phone and immediately contacted Ding Guozhen.
Zhu Wei, who was driving, held the steering wheel and asked doubtfully, "Isn’t it Longxing?"
"I don’t think so." Qin Yu shook his head. "If there is only a text message, it may be that someone wants to lead me astray, but the text message needs Feng Jiuqing’s response … I think it is not that simple."
"Also" Zhu Wei nodded.
"Revenge is rewarded, but we can’t let people lead us by the nose." Qin Yu frowned and said, "If it’s really not Longxing, then someone wants to start a contradiction between us and Longxing."
"Who the fuck could it be?" Zhu Wei twist the eyebrows expression solution whisper replied.
late night
Xiaoqi’s brothers went to the city and left the city smoothly according to the original plan.
Less than ten kilometers away from Fengbeikou, the Xiaoqi brothers pushed the door and pushed the car at Feng Jiuqing, waving "Come to you"
Feng Jiuqing slightly hesitated and bent down to get out of the car.
"Kneel" Xiao Qi brothers said steadily, pointing to the ground sound.
Feng Jiuqing was stuck.
"I told you to kneel. Do you hear me?" Xiaoqi brothers bowed their heads and pulled out a cigarette case and took out a cigarette.