"Come on, what you said is also white. Go and save your master. Now it’s 49-year-old. Finally, it’s difficult to complete the great sage’s distance. It’s just mindfulness. Just wait for these days, and you can prove it." Bing Qin looked at Wu’s eyes and flashed a trace of envy.

Looking at the ice, I realized that hey hey smiled and was about to jump. Suddenly, I felt that my head was black at the moment and I planted it directly.
"bang!" The earth rolled up clouds of smoke.
The jade boy in the clouds looked at Fang Dasheng and said to Qingniu, "Brother Qingniu smashed that monkey for me and called to know that we were good."
The green ox heard the news without asking the cause and effect, and flew to smash the Great Sage’s eyes with black hair and scattered powers.
Bing Qin was shocked when he saw this scene, and then he breathed a sigh of relief "to teach this monkey a lesson."
"Who is it? Who attacked me? "Wu staggered up as if he were drunk, and everything was very dizzy."
The ice ooze and others smiled gently and turned away, leaving Lingshan to stay awake and roar in place.
Jade Duxiu was placed under house arrest in a certain palace, feeling that the last line of Xuan Huang Qi entered the body and instantly melted into the embryo of Xuan Huang Qi. Jade Duxiu’s eyes filled with tears, and a congenital Yuan Shen instantly cut into the embryo of Xuan Huang, which was "one seventh of the size".
Jade Duxiu’s face was full of excitement, and a jade disc kept spinning rapidly. The magical powers of various avenues were rapidly deduced, but it was just a few breaths. In nine days, the fate and luck all flowed backwards into the jade Duxiu and disappeared into the Xuan Huang embryo.
It was only after half of the world trend was swallowed up by the Xuan Huang embryo that Yu Duxiu stopped with tears in her eyes. It was hard all the way, and she was humiliated and shuddered. Who knows?
No one can understand the feeling of jade solo at this time, which is the inexplicable joy of ordinary people’s experience.
"I’m the way, I’m the way." Jade Duxiu just sat there muttering to herself.
"Master, master, I’m here. I’m here. Where are you?" Wu shouted outside
Jade Duxiu smell speech finishing mood to become facial expression out of the gate "enlightenment! Teacher here "
"Master" Wu leaned in and looked at Yu Duxiu for a while before saying, "Master, are you okay?"
"What’s the matter?" Yudu avenue
"I feel that the master is different" enlightenment.
"If it’s different?" Jade Duxiu patted his sleeve.
"The master’s temperament has changed, and it tastes sharp." Wu turned around Yu Duxiu. "This is by no means a monk’s temperament."
"What are you talking about, monkey? Has that demon ever been surrendered?" Yuduxiu changed the subject.
"Down, down is the Tathagata. The Buddha himself came down. In front of the master, there is the Da Lei Yin Temple. We can go to Da Lei Yin Temple for another half month to meet the Buddha and get the true scriptures."
After hearing the enlightenment, Jade Duxiu nodded, "So let’s take a break and take a walk."
Jade Duxiu recovered the silence, and the mind was immersed in the mysterious embryo. With the forty-nine mysterious gases melting together with the amount of heaven and earth, the mysterious embryo finally changed qualitatively.
Exhausting information depends on the fact that the Xuan Huang embryo is produced. At this time, Yu Duxiu’s mind is constantly running, accepting and cracking the information in the Xuan Huang Qi.
Just like a congenital god, he automatically receives his own blood information. At this time, Jade Duxiu also constantly accepts his own blood information.
"Master Monkey, you can finally come. If you don’t come, my old pig will really go into the monster’s belly." But I saw the bodhi old zu crying in the backyard steamer.
How long has it taken to enter the steamer twice and put it on anyone? I can’t stand it.
Yu Duxiu looked at Wu "Don’t be quick to save the ring."
Wu Wen patted the steamer before he heard it, and the bodhi old zu, the flying pig, climbed out of the steamer and said, "It’s a noodle, and it’s also inside Brother Sha."
"Oh" enlightenment smell speech one leng hurriedly before the Sha Wujing also saved.
"Master, although the group of demons in Yunmeng country has been killed, it is not a long time to stay. Let’s leave early. The monarch and ministers in Yunmeng country have all been eaten. Soon there will be chaos. If you are involved, your hands and feet will be delayed, but the speed of going to Da Lei Yin Temple will be bad. What’s more, everyone’s eyes are red. If you delay to give people a reaction, you will be afraid of doom." Enlightenment
Jade Duxiu smell speech nodded "in this case, then everything is up to you"
The pig bodhi old zu searched the kitchen for a circle, carrying a big package with a burst of fragrance, and came out of the package and realized, "Don’t be too eager to talk so that you can become a Buddha in Japan."
Don’t smile. "It’s so-called if you can return to your ancestors by blood, even if you don’t become a Buddha."
After that, the pig bodhi old zu took out an unknown cake from the package and stuffed it into his mouth to chew and chew
"Merit is complete" Amitabha, the pure land of Lingshan, sighed gently.
"Now that the teacher has completed his merits, has the reincarnation of the teacher returned?" Kong Xuandao
Amitabha shook his head. "You never talk about coming back."
Kong Xuan was puzzled, but Amitabha didn’t explain to Kong Xuan. It took a long time for him to turn around and look at the nether world passage before he sighed gently, "There are too many causes and effects to make a clue when I don’t know."
With that, Amitabha closed his eyes and continued to preach the Avenue.
"The general trend of Buddhism has become." In the wild, the snake god sat opposite the fox god, and the wolf god and the fox god gathered together.
"Buddhists have plundered less than half of the worlds. In the future, the fate of Buddhists will be unstoppable. Even if we beat the Terran, it will be difficult to compete with Buddhists." Snake God’s eyes are faint. Now that Buddhists have sworn enemies, it is natural to spare no effort to pull hatred for Buddhists
Look at me, demon gods. I think it took you a while to listen to the Tiger Shinto saying, "If you defeat the Terran in the future, you still need to curb the power of Buddhism."
"Buddhism everywhere is like fire and water, so we must contain it," said the rabbit god unhurried.
"It’s hard for Amitabha to be the strongest in all worlds. Only Tai Yi’s ancestor and Fox God can compete. I don’t know if there is a breakthrough in that cold." Wolf Shinto said.
"Terran is the biggest threat. It’s too easy for the ancestor to break through. It’s not far from the breakthrough. It’s not only the Terran that has an ambiguous attitude." Fox God held out three fingers. "Not Amitabha Terran has three strong men."
Said the fox god break off a finger "went to the whirlwind Terran and there are two. It’s just a matter of time before the breakthrough. The Terran has two strong people. If it weren’t for the Taiping ancestor’s innate treasure, it was taken away by the ghost master. I’m afraid I’m in trouble now."
"There’s another unlucky ghost hiding in the corner waiting to see your jokes. You must guard against it." Cow God said sullenly.
"Today, the forces of the heavens and the earth are complicated and take the lead. Although I am the biggest force, I still have an opponent. I don’t know if it is the best time to launch a race war." Fox God bowed his head and spoke in a low voice
"If we delay for a while, let’s see if the Buddhist gets the general trend of the heavens and then move on. We can’t lose both sides and be benefited by the Buddhist." While the chicken god took a feather fan and slowly swayed to focus on the purple light flow.
Chapter 16 Arriving at Da Lei Yin Temple
Hearing the chicken myth, everyone was silent.
It took a while to listen to Tiger Shinto: "The realm doesn’t mean that the fighting power is just a Amitabha, so what’s the good fear that we should be United as one?"
"I say so, but what if Buddhists take the opportunity to sneak attack?" Sheshendao
"Hum, we’ve never been a soft persimmon. If Amitabha dares to pinch it, we’ll dare to retaliate crazily and uproot the Da Lei Yin Temple completely. You know, the Terran has endured Buddhism for a long time because it’s afraid to provoke the enemy easily." Tiger Shinto said.
"Come on, stop fighting. The Terran must be divided into high and low levels. If you want to break through without the support of fate, everything is a delusion. If Buddhists dare to reach out, we are not soft persimmons." Fox God interrupted the debate.
It is said that the four of them walked all the way in the direction of Da Lei Yin Temple, which was leisurely and carefree. All the monster monsters countered and disappeared quickly after they really got close to Da Lei Yin Temple, even if it was better than too easy, the ancestors did not dare to plot against it at this time. After decades of ups and downs, they finally arrived at this Lingshan Da Lei Yin Temple.
"In front of the master is the big screamo temple." Wu pointed to the distant mountain peak, which went straight into the clouds to measure the Buddha’s light. I don’t know how many Buddhist monks talked about it.
"This is the Great Leiyin Temple." The pig bodhi old zu stared at the building of the Great Leiyin Temple and smashed it. "I heard the name of the Great Leiyin Temple before the old pig, but I never really saw the Master of the Great Leiyin Temple. Let’s go."