The sky was wild and the sea was in the direction of the sea, and the five majestic and magnificent forces broke through the long and rapid crossing of the first heavy day and the second heavy day … and soon they came to seventh heaven.

All the way, those ascended a heaven to experience the emperor and the immortal almost fell to their knees. These five forces are incomparable like five universes traversing.
Five giant beasts, as huge as stars, fell outside Lingxiao Hall, showing the form of horses, sheep, pigs, monkeys and snakes.
It is the five great statues of Cangwuhai: Tai Ling Tai Ma Tai Yang Tai Pig Tai Monkey Tai Snake.
The mixed primate incarnates the spirit of the 12 Zodiacs, and each of them has a general power. At this time, nearly half of the five deities have gathered together, and this power is almost the same as that of the yin queen in its heyday.
"Kill Guo Yi by cutting the spirit"
Taiyu sound came from that time and the broken marks.
Each of the five deities showed off the attack and killed the avatar, and spit out a series of deities, such as a clock, an iron mountain and scales …
At that time, the Lingxiao Temple was like the sea, and it would be able to annihilate the original Lingxiao Temple. At this time, the Lord of the Lingxiao Temple was horrified and quickly retreated. If he was bombarded by five gods, he would probably fall into eternal sleep again.
Chapter 913 Falling Heart Buddha statue
Five statue at the same time to conan the destroyer Aaron than five statue of killer force flooded the whole seventh heaven.
The violent quiver of Lingxiao Temple was torn by the five statues, and the lines seemed to be about to collapse in an instant. Bai Xier belonged to one body. The Lingxiao Temple was attacked, and Bai Xier was like being violently hit by a sledgehammer, spilling a little blood at the corner of his mouth.
At this time, the demon statue from Lei Yin, the Lord of Tongtian, is fighting as a bee, and the queen of Yin is too fish. No one can stop the pace of the five statues.
At this moment, the false Buddha lamp in Guo Yi’s body was slowly flying out. The Buddha shadow carved on the plain surface of this clay Buddha lamp gave birth to a trace of mercerization, and a singing sound of the ancient Buddha came out from the Buddha lamp.
This Buddha has gone through layers of emptiness for a long time, reaching the distant boundary of Lei Yin.
A familiar force, the Lei Yin boundary, rises slowly, but the Buddha lamp sings together. This sound is holy and solemn, getting closer and closer, and getting more and more urgent …
A white holy bergamot stretched out from the distant sky and gently fell on the false Buddha lamp, which was as rough as the original clay, and slowly broke off a layer of stone and turned into a golden magic lamp.
"Take off all the broken cocoons, become a butterfly"
The false Buddha lamp fell into her hands and then crossed the border from Lei Yin.
Yun Xianer’s eyes are full of light and she says "immortal heart"
"Fairy heart has become a thing of the past, but now it is a falling heart," she said.
The fallen Buddha came across the border, wearing a silk robe, burning a small red mole between his eyebrows, and the precious elephant stepped on a colorful Buddha lotus.
In her eyes, she has the edge dharma, which is as deep as a pool of gods, and her gestures are full of edge rhythm, which makes all the honored guests feel that they want to worship her.
The real Buddha seems to have achieved the four great things.
The palm of your hand gently holds the false Buddha lamp, and two fingers stretch out in front of the Lingxiao Temple. The wick fluctuates slightly, and the true Buddha blood in the lamp burns.
A huge golden Buddha shadow suddenly rose and turned into a huge mountain, which blocked five statues with one blow.
Five statue of killing soldiers flew back, and the false Buddha lamp was also violently extinguished in vain.
Falling into the heart, the Buddha statue still stands quietly, and the sacred eyes of the colorful Buddha lotus are slightly open and indifferent, staring at the five devils as ancient as the Buddha statue.
This is a joint effort of the five buddhas, and the power is incomparable. Even the hands of the empress dowager may not be able to stop it, but the Buddha statue who fell in love unexpectedly has such great power.
Taiyang Zun stood tall and gently twisted his white beard, saying, "The four great ones are all so powerful that they are almost the same as the Buddha in the heart."
Taima Zun is 100,000 feet tall, burly, long and narrow with four legs. The horse’s face is covered with black beard, and four legs condense into four divine clouds, each of which is like a wing.
Taima Zun speed Zun Zhong is extremely serious in his eyes and nodded, "I’m afraid this Lei Yin repair is already the first Buddha."
"The four younger brothers in the Yin Dynasty fell in love with the Buddha, and their achievements were even higher than those of Lingxiao Fairy."
"This is not necessarily a fairy fairy heart has reached a higher level. If it reaches the realm of honour again, it will definitely be stronger than before."
The five statues of Cangwuhai once again made moves. This time, five people made efforts to kill hundreds of gods, just like hundreds of gods flying out over the whole seventh heaven.
Although the Buddha’s practice of falling into the heart is powerful, it is difficult to defeat the five buddhas, unless she has reached the level as powerful as the empress dowager and the Buddha.
Hundreds of killing methods are overwhelming, and each one can destroy one side of the world.
Falling in the heart, the Buddha statue is still indifferent and stands in his hand. The golden false Buddha lamp slowly flies up and condenses into a thousand magic lamps. Ten thousand lights linger around to light up the whole world.
This is the "myriad lights" of Buddhism. The so-called "myriad lights" means that everyone is equal and prosperous, and this is to unite the strength of all sentient beings against the five great buddhas.
This is definitely a big deal. Dare to compete with the five great statues by manpower. This is a verve, and this is a repair. I can’t find a few.
Hundreds of killing techniques collided with thousands of lights and suddenly broke, making the fault shake to the cloud nine.