"That’s good. How’s your gentle face?"

"It’s not good, but you’re still serious at work, so don’t think about it any more." He said, hugging her and walking into the house together.
"But my heart always beats fast and I worry about him …"
"Are you worried that your brother will be too sad when he is lovelorn? Have you ever worried when your husband is lovelorn? When you gave me up to Yunjian, you know I almost hurt myself. "
"Ah?" Gentle surprise
Then he sighed and hugged her and went inside.
The servant immediately offered tea to Teng Yuncai to let her go.
Gentle but still curious, looking at him won’t be true … Want to hurt yourself?
Teng Yun doesn’t talk, but drinks tea to hide his emotions.
True or false, I want her to relax about being gentle.
Later, he asked her to make it up to her.
Gentle still goes to brush Teng Mei every day and then tells Professor Yuan about the school’s important business.
"It would be great if two professors could help at the ceremony."
"I’m sure I’ll go. How many people have signed up now?" Professor Yuan said.
"More than sixty people will be divided into different classes according to their age, so one class is more than ten," said softly.
"This is very good and can better guide each child’s situation," Professor Yuan said.
"Do you spend so much money on setting up a school to collect so many children?"
Professor Teng asked a.
"There are fewer children now, and the classrooms are not finished, but I believe that children and parents who register after work will come one after another. I am very confident in this respect. In the future, our kindergarten will definitely be one of the best in the city."
Professor Yuan looks so gentle and firm, but he is very heart-warming.
"Gee, I really like dealing with children. Please call me if there is anything I can do," Professor Yuan said.
"There are many trivial things in school that need your help. If you don’t dislike being too trivial, can you stay in school for a few days?"
"Of course I have no problem."
"Then I am at home by myself?"
"You can find Lao Wangqi next door by yourself."
Professor Teng …
This leaves him alone.
"It would be great if Professor Teng could go with us."
"Who will take care of Teng Mei?" Professor Teng immediately asked if he was unhappy that others had forgotten his sister.
Gentle and speechless.
"You take care of Rourou and have a mother to help you. Let the old child take good care of his baby sister at home."
"Even if the school is established, I will come to help my aunt clean up every night. My aunt loves beauty so much that I will never let her wake up and find that she is different from the past."
Professor Teng’s heart moved but he didn’t speak.
Professor Yuan looked at his eyes and flashed emotion, which was also a sigh.
Gentle but so sincere, Professor Yuan suddenly remembered whether the Civil Affairs Bureau will start work in two days.
"Hurry to remarry," Professor Yuan said.
Gentle nodded and didn’t speak. She looked at Professor Teng and twisted her eyebrows. What she wanted to do most now was to make Professor Teng smile.
It seems that I haven’t seen Teng Mei smile since his accident.
Although not his real father, he used to do more to her than she did to dear dad.
Remember tenderness.
She never likes to do things that she complains about.
She used to be a cold-blooded animal. She never really paid for anyone except her family and her two girlfriends. She didn’t even devote herself to Puyang Ruifeng. She just had a relationship and thought it was appropriate.
But now …
She was so sad that Professor Teng was sad or not.
My heart seems to have shed tears, but my expression is still docile.
Later, she went out to call her brother. Wen Liang was working overtime. She heard the phone ring and saw the word "sister". Her dark eyes just looked at the phone for a while before she wanted to connect it clearly.
"elder sister"
"Still working overtime?"
"Well, there is still some information that has not been sorted out clearly."
"Don’t be too tired. Health is the most important thing."
"I know you take good care of yourself and my little nephew, and I will take care of my own affairs."
"Well, I won’t bother you much, but try to rest before eleven o’clock."
"Well, I’ll hang up first and call you when I have it."
"Good bye"
Gentle talk to Wen Liang at this time is actually very careful. Her younger brothers and sisters are not worried. Who knows that she will still be worried?
It’s just that elder sister is like a mother.
Wen Liang worked hard and sent him a message asking what time he would get home.
He will be back at eleven o’clock, so you go to bed early.
The warmth looked at the kitchen, then put the mobile phone and headphones on and got up and ran to the kitchen.
I can’t help sighing that you used to cook for me before, and now you’re like this. I’m embarrassed to let you cook for me as a sister.
But I don’t know if I can eat when I cook.
Anyway, the warmth hates Belle, and now I can’t wait to see Belle and beat her up immediately.
Section 33
No one has ever made her brother so sad since Belle.
Even though she and the elder sister, the second sister and the third sister sometimes joke, they seem to make fun of him or look down on others, but more often everyone encourages them.