It’s also a peripheral place, mostly in the underworld. The army can’t find anything of value.

The difference is that there has been a great war here, more than half of the houses have been in ruins, and half of the floating boats in heaven have crashed into the square in front of the temple.
Ho ho!
The evil wind in the square suddenly rose, and several wolf zombies climbed out of the ruins with blue fire burning all over them.
Wang Xuan frowned and turned to go.
There’s no point in slaying these zombies. The battlefield outside may be decided at any time, and it’s not good for him to talk about who gets the Seven Shags Tower.
Hoo ~
Xuan, the king of the great hall, has disappeared
Stepping into the virtual road of hades again, Wang Xuan has become more courageous and courageous. While protecting the candlestick with one hand, he speeds up like a streamer cutting through the darkness.
This time, he completely gave up the peripheral slums and went deep into the central area along the dragon ridge line of hades.
Wang Xuan stopped after three hours.
At present, it is close to the neck area of Candle dragon, where the vine tentacle array area is larger. Obviously, it is worth exploring the ancient hades.
Be familiar with the situation and step into the range of the array
Poof! Poof!
Two dark fires rose into the sky in the darkness.
Wang Xuan suddenly eyes a bright.
Here, the two heady bird incense burners are not only three feet high, but also maintain the charm, golden light and sparkling surface. I don’t know if it is a spiritual material that can survive this long time.
The light brightened a few steps forward.
In front of my eyes, there is a magnificent hall, with ten thick and towering jade pillars supporting the beams, colored glasses and dragons circling the pillars, and the rich ground forms a white fog like a fairyland with a vision …
However, before Wang Xuan could see it clearly, his face changed and he hid behind the main hall door.
Outside air billow, the earth trembled with a mad laugh, "Ha ha ha, you are all going to die!"
Xiao tu? !
Wang Xuan canthus micro pumping this old monster how still not dead?
He fought against the private army of Gouyuan Tianwang Palace, which formed a tight encirclement array with flags flying and five-color poison clouds surging
"Array falling stars!"
Come and drink in anger
I saw several crossbows soaring, and the texture was like a white jade and golden carved dragon, like a living thing. The surface of the crossbow was cruising, and it was Wang Xuan who had seen the crossbow falling from the sky.
His face changed.
These heavenly kings’ private armies have obviously lost a lot. The ground is full of dead bodies. How dare you become angry from embarrassment?
You know, this thing can disturb the pulse, and even the whole area will be scorched with one blow.
Thought of here, Wang Xuan did not hesitate to rush to the heady bird incense burner, and the figure disappeared after the strong wind.
Both sides at war have noticed such a big noise.
Xiao Tu has been crazy, waved his hand unexpectedly, and there are five colors around him. Obviously, it is necessary to reverse the five elements.
The face of the leader of the Chinese private army changed, although he knew that someone was sneaking in, but at this time, he didn’t care.
A terror star mans suddenly fell.
In an instant, the world was covered with white mountain …
On the other side, another hall has appeared in Wang Xuan.
He looked at the falling star crossbow in the distance, and it was really terrible. Even if it was separated by two areas, he could still feel the tremor on his feet and ground.
He shook his head slightly and said something
Everyone has his cards, and he may not be afraid of those two sides, but here he is most afraid of arousing Candle dragon’s large-scale counterattack
Who knows what will happen?
Just in case, search as soon as possible
He saw a circle of the main hall and the main hall just now. They are all rare treasures, which can be guaranteed today. Obviously, they are extraordinary things. They will be dismantled later and just exchanged in nine days.
The wooden giant door of this hall is still intact, and I don’t know what the spirit wood is. The surface texture is vermilion, like the faint fragrance of Long Lin.
While looking at the door makes Wang Xuan one leng.
Naturally, the surrounding palaces are bustling, and to his surprise, a statue of Baizhang stands in the square in front of the temple.
Dressed in a luxurious brocade robe, he looks like a human figure, but he has a one-eyed forehead and two twisted horns.
This is ….. The glass Buddha of the underworld? !
Wang Xuan startled heart take up an idea.
I heard that the sacred statue of the glass in the nether world was once the ghost emperor, and one of them was called the ghost king.