"This is the wall of hades. It is said that there are poor magic soldiers buried in it, which can penetrate all the enemies of the world forever."

"Behind the wall of God is the pure land of hades. If you fight, you can gain strength and be invincible!"
"He has made a crack in that door, so it’s no wonder how terrible it is to dare to shoot the feathered king of Wang Ren."
Many people are surprised that Hades has reached this level quietly. This is not a vision, but a talent. It is terrible and few people can match it. Once it is exhibited, it can be proud of its peers.
It is said that there is a god sleeping in the deepest part of the pure land of hades. Only by surpassing Dacheng hades can we touch the world.
Some people say that it is not a god, but its own sleeping potential, or that the human body itself breeds trance and enters that realm with divine characteristics
Breaking the curtain of this divine power four times is true after Wang Chongxiao and the wall of hades swept through the fog.
Li Yu and Xu Xuan fought against the sky, raising their hands and throwing themselves into the sky. And Fang Yutai is one thing!
Feather fairy gold is gone!
The great immortal material just disappeared, which was hard for all of them to accept.
In an instant, all the kings broke out in terror and murder, and the sky divided Li Yu and Xu Xuan, and the two of them also had a face of "surprise" and never expected this scene.
"How can feather fairy gold disappear? !”
The two kings are angry that their war is this fairy material, but the bottom of their eyelids is gone!
"Something’s wrong. Someone’s secretly interfering. Take advantage of our war to reap the benefits."
Xu Xuan is also frowning. Li Yu is playing too hard. He let the feathered fairy gold mysteriously disappear.
Some of his eyes are fixed on himself, and many people feel that they have secrets because of the emergence of the gods.
This feathered fairy gold disappeared naturally, and everyone was the first to doubt him.
"My feathering friends are all devoted to God, and there is no chance to move the feathering green gold, otherwise it would have been a winner."
Li Yu’s "battle righteousness" mouth pulled Xu Xuan one by one and picked himself out to ease people’s eyes.
It’s true that the previous war was fierce. If there is a chance to take away the feathered green gold, then this Xu Xuan is too outrageous
Suddenly, Wang Chongxiao’s eyes flashed on the back of the crowd, where a fat figure passed away and there was a breath of feathers and green gold.
"It was a great Taoist priest! I heard that he was proficient in Feng Shui array and had been taught Yin and Yang, but he secretly shot? "
Soon the road with different timbres shouted that the outstanding monk in the corner of the crowd turned out to be this vicious person.
The kings were furious and suddenly moved in that direction. The waves of terror plowed all the way and nothing could stop them.
Many monks fled, and many people were almost frightened. This fluctuation swept before them and almost erased them all.
They don’t look back and never dare to get involved in the competition of feathering green gold again.
Li Yu’s eyes narrowed and he felt the cornucopia. He can also control it at any time by branding the soldiers’ words nearby.
Just now, it was mostly Duan De, a Taoist temple god, who was poor in Du Jie’s magical skills. He had the corresponding transformation secret method, which was often regarded as cheat people’s means.
But to his surprise, the Taoist priest didn’t really run away alone, and it was still a reliable feather fairy gold that fell into the bag
"chase! He can’t escape from here and go straight to the top of the mountain. That’s the end of everything! "
Xu Xuan decided to fly back to the crowd and rushed out of the bronze ancient temple directly to the mountaintop area.
It’s different from the darkness in the ancient temple, but it’s bright and the sun is hanging high. It’s a bit bleak that Wan Liyun reflects the vast scene straight.
The top of the mountain is not as magnificent as everyone thinks. There is a broken door stranded here, but it reveals the ancient and huge sacred air machine.
This door is very strange, and it doesn’t seem to be complete. It’s usually half of it stands here, but half of it is missing, and it may still stand in place.
"Is this when I saw Tianmen?"
Ye Huiling closed her eyes in the previous step and sensed the vicissitudes of life, which seemed to have lasted for so long.
"Tianmen, Feather and Ancient Heaven"
Li Yu’s eyes flashed and what he saw reminded him once again that the creator of the feathering god was a descendant of the ancient celestial headquarters. I didn’t expect them to bring out the wreckage of this thing.
They don’t understand that they are more and more surprised, so they look forward to the dilapidated door. There is an old plaque with three Chinese characters engraved on the hanging surface.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen All the kings have been defeated, and they have seized the marrow of God and respected the king.
Only three ancient characters have suppressed the trend of the times, which represents the glory of the past myth and the trace of the ancient heaven
"Xitianmen, is this brought out from the medieval heaven?"
Some people mutter to themselves, which is very shocking. The scenery in the mythical era is now in front of us. It is an indescribable and simple vicissitudes. Once the whole world came to worship all ethnic groups, it has now come to an end.
"The feathering gods are unpredictable in the ancient heaven!"
Many famous celebrities are excited, which is a great news. The opening of dusty history has proved to people that it is vast and magnificent.
At this time, many people looked at the feathering team. They looked at this towering half of the West Gate with joy and sadness, which made it difficult to find out.
"Feathering Taoist friendship is here. Can you tell us the true origin of the feathering gods in ancient heaven?"
Li Yu realized that the remnants of the Western Heaven Gate seemed to have been cut off by the trauma of the Great War, and the Southern Heaven Gate fell into the Shenxu, which seemed to have been brought out by the old troops of the ancient heaven.
At this time, he looked at Xu Xuan, the feathering king, and stepped into the feathering fairy mountain, which was exactly what he did with his eyes.
Rao is the former feather fairy gold, not his real goal, but it makes Li Yu curious. What on earth is he here?
Is it complete?
It seems that the heirs of the three dynasties are all eager to know the real secrets behind this.
In the face of such a situation, Xu Xuan shook his head and didn’t hide too much. "Everything didn’t originate from Zhongzhou, Beidou, but the distant feathered ancestor star."
Feather ancestor?
Everyone has keenly captured this strange area. Listen to this name. Is this the real origin of the feathering gods?
"About 300,000 years ago, a brilliant wizard appeared from the feathered ancestor star. It is said that the feathered star of the descendants of the ancient celestial headquarters stirred up the border situation and established a powerful god dynasty before his later years.
This deity is the embryonic form of feathering deity.
Tens of thousands of years later, a great man came to this god and became an emperor. Then he took this god to the Great Migration and disappeared into the star and came to Beidou Zhongzhou, which is known as the Feather Emperor. "
Xu Xuan slowly revealed the real origin of the emergence of the gods in the past, which really shocked many people.
"The feathering emperor’s feathering gods are all outsiders?"
Many monks in Zhongzhou can’t accept that it was originally from a furious emperor in Zhongzhou, but it turned out to be from outside the country. This makes them feel ridiculous.
Li Yu nodded slightly, and this is indeed the case. It can be said that the feathering of the gods is the continuation of the ancient celestial headquarters, and the feathering of the emperor is mostly the descendants of the headquarters. I don’t know that the flying fairy is not too illusory to move to Beidou.
In the so-called foreign guests, there is no good intention. Even the Terrans of Beidou Ancient Star Domain migrated from Ziwei Ancient Star, saying that they are not aborigines.
"Taoist friends really know that many feathered religions are worthy of being the first of all religions."
Xia Yiming took a deep look at Xu Xuan. This great religion is very low-key, and it is not as ostentatious as Yin and Yang. When someone is born, people will treat it as a secluded Sect.
Now that I want to hear it, I can’t believe it. This eclectic religion is absolutely divine, even if it was created by future generations.