All the strong men were shocked and surprised by Zhou Wangwu’s strong flesh, and Yun Fan’s mysterious swordsmanship was horrified and horrified

The light of the sword is scattered, which is hard to resist. A few strong people with five qi and the Yuan Dynasty don’t change color. They ask themselves that they can’t stop Yun Fan’s fencing from shaking.
"Give me defeat!"
Yun Fan drank a lot and stepped on the body. In the blink of an eye, Zhou Wangwu’s hands closed.
In an instant, thousands of sword lights gathered in the clouds and turned into a ten-foot-long sword awn, revealing the shocking sword potential and stabbing the sky.
Yun Fan’s hands split into palms at the same time, and two big handprints of Xuan Yue were blasted out.
At the same time, the huge sword awn also chopped down from the sky, and the bright sword light split the sky like a curtain.
Two huge hands fell from the sky, followed by a more terrifying sword mans.
Yun Fan’s blow combined the power of two martial arts doors to attack and block two Xuan Yue handprints, which could not stop the sword mans from splitting behind.
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Chapter 17 Ten billion compensation (the first! Two! More! )
Zhou Wu Wang looked frightened and instantly despaired.
The strong are also shocked than the same despair for Zhou Wangwu.
Zhou Wangwu drank a lot and condensed a huge tripod defense side combined with soil vitality and vigorous spirit.
Boom Boom
Two Xuan Yue handprints split the khaki giant tripod at the same time, and the earth-shaking explosion broke out.
This khaki-colored giant tripod has a strong defense. Two Xuan Yue handprints are scattered and scattered, and the khaki-colored giant tripod is also shaken out of some cracks and remains intact.
The horror mountain turned into a shock wave and rushed out for more than 100 meters, and it continued to spread rapidly. It was like a large bomb explosion in the sky.
Star Luo Jianfa changed the amazing sword mans and immediately chopped the cracked khaki giant tripod.
King Zhou’s defense by force is really strong, but it can’t stop the continuous attack of two martial arts.
It was another explosion, and the khaki giant tripod crashed and fractured, and it was divided into two by the amazing sword mans.
The ten-foot-long sword awn broke through the powerful tripod, and the light dimmed a lot, but it still had a strong attack power, far from being comparable to that of a small sword when it was scattered.
Zhou Wu Wang’s powerful protector, vigorous spirit and solid flesh were instantly broken before this sword light.
Zhou Wangwu’s chest was cut out with a long wound, and the blood gushed out like a note. The body was hit by the power contained in this sword and fell to the ground.
Zhou Wang’s defeat in the middle of Five Qi Period
Yun Fan’s right hand turned a sword into a sword, and it was the D-class alloy blade that returned to his hand.
It’s still a little weak to cut the real sword’s sharp edge for the strong five-qi Chao Yuan. This sword will hurt Zhou Wangwu. If Yun Fan is a C-class alloy blade, that sword is enough to gut Zhou Wangwu just now.
Yun Fan walked from the sky step by step with a real sword in his hand, like there was a step.
Looking at walking from the sky, the Zhou family in Yun Fan is not frightened, and the strong are not shocked
Yun Fan is only 20 years old this year, and he has defeated a first-class family by himself. It is hard to believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes.
Even if I saw the strong people with my own eyes, I felt that there was no sense of reality in my dream.
Yun Fan stopped for about 30 meters and looked down. "Is there anyone in the Zhoujia family in Jincheng who can stop me?"
The whole city of Tianjin, Zhou family, two five-gas strong men, ten figures, three flowers strong men, and a hundred innate masters, one dare to answer.
Yun Fan was alone in the silence of the Zhoujia family in Jincheng.
Seeing this scene, the guests didn’t shock the Zhou family, but the master of a first-class family, Jincheng, was crushed into silence by a young man of about twenty. It’s unbelievable that people dare to cheep.
Yun Fan eyes rested on Zhou Guangjing.
Zhou Guangjing is no longer relying on the powerful Jincheng Zhoujia behind him. Yun Fan has stepped on his feet to face Yun Fan’s eyes with horror.
Zhou Jingguang knelt down and kowtowed to Yunfan for mercy. "I was wrong. I shouldn’t have hurt you. You adults have a lot to spare me once. I won’t dare again …!"
This is not only the silence of the Zhou family, but also the silence of the guests.
The duke of Zhou guangjing was a first-class aristocratic elder brother. He used to wait for high spirits, even if he was a strong man, he had to be polite to him. No second-class aristocratic family or third-class aristocratic family dared to offend him.
But now the duke of Zhou is kneeling like a dog to beg for mercy from Yunfan, which has no dignity.
Yun Fan looked down at Zhou Jingguang for a long time and said, "Killing you is like killing a dog. It really means nothing to me."
Zhou Guangjing looked overjoyed. Ting Yun Fan continued, "But I can’t be indifferent if the dog bit me. Even if killing a dog is meaningless, I have to step on it as a punishment."
Zhou Guangjing immediately frighten urine kowtow again, "you just when I am a dog leave me alone, leave me alone, what do you want? The Zhou family can give it to your dad … Talk to me and help me! "
King Wu of Zhou tied up a bandage to stop the bleeding at this moment.
Today is his hundredth birthday. It’s a good day to accept congratulations from all the guests, but he has been hit hard by Zhou Jingguang’s troubles and lost face. He is not in a good mood for Zhou Guang’s prosperity