You know, the whole [fallen empire] accumulated in those years

Only [Angrand] and [Aurelian] succeeded in climbing to the top of the mountain through many tests along the [peak ladder].
This is also one of the reasons why their status can reach the highest among many brothers.
[Liu Seka Huo Feng] At the top.
It was huge before it was promoted, and it was naturally even bigger and more luxurious after the palace community Olga successfully reached the top.
At this moment
The scene here
Body is an unspeakable miracle, magnificent beyond imagination!
The mystery of the weak in understanding the law
Even a little overflow to decorate the colorful brilliance department contains a strong concept of beauty.
Can make the witness indulge in it and then go crazy uncontrollably
Even the irrational machinery will feel passionate and be automatically bred with corresponding emotions and ideas.
Brilliance is accumulated by glory [kingdom of god]
Hundreds of millions of stars in the depths of Xinghai adorn themselves [Star Empire]
Turning the poor [universe] into grains of sand to build the cornerstone [high dimensional palace]
Or is it a special area that is the core territory of the large-scale forces of the Crimson Kingdom, such as the "Magic Machinery Land" …
All this grandeur means nothing.
Is too small to care about dust.
The basic raw materials are far from enough, which will cause some stains
That feeling …
It’s like the whole [multiverse] edge glory is gathered here!
And that actual reason why all this happen is very simple.
Because Olga lives here.
And this is that residence he agree with.
You can enjoy some of his insignificant glory here.
Passively ushered in the [upgrade]
If the mountain is not high, there is a fairy, and the water is not deep, and there is a dragon.
Materials? Structure?
Everything is urgent.
Olga’s place is no doubt noble!
He needs to stay here.
The exhaustion of glory will be automatically drawn, making this one of the greatest places in the whole multiverse.
Eternity is not damaged in that eternal robbery!
He’s strong, and he doesn’t need to be set off, let alone honed …
Or that his [will] has become something that I need to recognize and belong to.
Even if he just sits on his high throne, he is calmer than watching everything and watching the whole "multiverse" scenery spread automatically from the deepest part of his will. Bian Weili will still automatically cross the "time" obstacles and flow to every corner of the multiverse and automatically respond to all kinds of things and phenomena in every "time plane" … bringing "eternal and often evil" everywhere to fill "past" and "present"
Because of this.
This palace is called the "Permanent Palace" for several times.
of course
It can also be called "Chang Shen Gong" or "Chang Mo Gong".
[god]? [Magic]?
It has long been called …
Olga doesn’t need that definition of chat.
Do good deeds? Do something bad?
Also called
Be part one of the multiverse.
You can do whatever you want.
We need to abide by moral order and interests.
Good and evil?
He is a part of it.
Naturally, you can do whatever you like.
This is quiet and great.
Few maids dare to go outside the splendid palace.
There was a gradual and undisguised step.
Although it sounds slight.
But not intentionally.
It’s that newcomers walk like this.
Compared with those maids who dare not reveal their heartbeats for fear that the tiny movement will disturb Olga.
There is no doubt that it belongs to another level.
Especially when the newcomers are approaching.
Those maids knelt down to show their awe, which is more practical than proving the above things.
That’s the crimson kingdom, princess. There is no doubt that the ruling class can really enjoy poverty.
Can let wantonly slaughter all kinds of guys and destroy all kinds of places, Olga will be restrained.
Compared with each other
Even [eldrazi] and [Leader] are just cattle and horses …
[Crimson Heaven]
If you offend Olga, although Kiki is dead, you can still live one or two occasionally.
Because Olga might find you interesting, he deliberately cut you some slack to see what you can do.
And we have sinned against [the ruling class] except him. It is inevitable that life is worse than death, and we can’t get rid of poverty and torture forever …