Chapter one hundred and fourteen Wan Yue revenge

The celestial road is formed when there are many people leaving.
However, the celestial road is irregular with nine twists and turns, or it is waist-deep grass at first sight, or it is a barren loess in Ma Pingchuan. People who cultivate immortals have a sword to fly. In addition to the sects and the whole celestial world near the city, there are also a few people who cultivate immortals who can see the road that has been stepped out by people.
Although Boss Li subconsciously wanted to see what the Seventh Martial Uncle said about the disaster, the beautiful granduncle repeatedly told him to be careful and drag him around in the crowd.
As a result, the journey was greatly delayed. It used to take half a month to walk in a straight line, but now the journey has been extended by half.
After walking so carefully for five days, Li Chengzhu and her beautiful granduncle came to a small town in the celestial world.
"Today, let’s find a place to rest. We haven’t recovered well these days." Boss Li comforted the beautiful granduncle and granduncle, and her nerves were strained these days. Since Li Chengzhu told the enemy, Wu Rui’s nerves have been tightened for fear that the road would suddenly kill a few advanced enemies to crack his precious disciple.
"You can’t stand it?" Wu Rui looked at the immortal who came and went in the small town and couldn’t help but worry. Even if the man had the guts, it would be impossible for him to make moves against his disciples.
Li Chengzhu pie pie nodded and admitted that "grace is a little too much", but he was afraid that the beauty granduncle could not stand it. In the past five days, Wu Rui kept his arm open to cover Li Da’s boss. Now she looks extremely tired and her face is slightly white.
"Well," Wu Rui reached for a strand of her hair and turned her attention to an inn not far away.
This small town is about the size of Rainbow City, and there are hundreds of people here to cultivate immortals. In Li Chengzhu, there are pre-Mahayana cultivation, and the beauty grandfathers and grandfathers are immortal-level Mahayana cultivation. The celestial realm has already reached the top level, and the arrival of two people has aroused the attention of the original people in this city.
When I came to the inn, the second brother’s attitude was enthusiastic, and the attitude of the two was ambiguous to the extreme.
Li Chengzhu remembered that when he first entered the Xiuxianjie Inn, the young man told himself the rules of welcoming guests in the inn and could not help but put a smile on his face.
Wu Rui looked at his disciples strangely and asked, "What do you think of? This expression on your face? "
Li Chengzhu hey hey smiled and turned to Xiaoer and asked, "Dude, don’t you have any rules in this inn?"
Xiao Er Yi leng immediately smiled. "Dude, in our line of work, you have to be accurate. There are some rules that you have to tell people. But the two travel-stained people have to learn those rules. Naturally, I won’t say them again."
Granduncle Beauty has never heard of any rules for staying in an inn. When traveling with the master in the celestial world, he always sleeps in the wind and experiences the life in Yuan Ye. At this moment, when he hears the conversation between the two, he can’t help but ask curiously, "What are the rules?"
Li Chengzhu lowered his voice and put his big mouth to the beautiful granduncle’s ear. He showed off the six rules of the inn one by one. Wu Rui blinked his big eyes for a long time in surprise and nodded. "These six rules are reasonable. Isn’t this a lot less tourists?"
Granduncle, a beautiful woman who often travels in the celestial world, has seen that even the celestial stone can be treasured as a treasure. Poor people who cultivate immortals need to do some small business in the celestial world. For example, the qualification of Xiao Er in front of them is moderate, but I am afraid that there is an extreme lack of celestial stone to cultivate, so they are forced to earn it at an inn.
"Ah, what can I do?" The second brother sighed deeply. "You are not white, this female guest officer. You said that if I received a robbery, not only would my inn fail suddenly, but also the city would suffer great losses. If he didn’t hang up during the robbery, it’s good to say that he was responsible for all the losses. Of course, that person was a right and wrong person. If he died in the robbery or he was an unreasonable person, who would you want me to talk to?" Small 2 tone crying beauty granduncle nodding.
"This is the strategy." Li Chengzhu leaned against the counter and raised his eyebrows. "It’s better to lose less."
"Yes, the guest officer knows a little more, and you will know that he has suffered a lot before." Xiao Er smiled at him. "Well, three rooms on the second floor owe you two stones a night."
Li Chengzhu one leng immediately patted the second brother’s shoulder and threw a good expression in the past. He took out a stone plug from the ring and pulled it in the past. He also prepared the theory of beauty granduncle Deng Deng Deng Lou.
Wu Rui pursed his mouth at the door. "Why did he give it directly to a room without asking?"
Li Chengzhu thief laughed but his face was positive. "It’s an extraordinary time to live together and take care of it."
"He also said that his eyes allowed me to see that his eyes were eaten by dogs." The beauty granduncle was indignant and immediately took a look at Li Chengzhu. "Don’t move any crooked thoughts and take a good rest today to continue on your way."
Boss Li nodded again and again, but his heart was stirring.
This is a good time. At this time, it is necessary to have a little fairy scattered beauty, but it is up to you. Is it difficult to get some fairy blood then? Li Chengzhu regretted that he didn’t leave himself a little secret medicine of Albizia. It’s all the fault of the master who has a big stomach.
This is the first time that the two people have been alone together after the Phoenix incident, and it is a room full of big boss Li’s face. I don’t think there is anything. After Wu Rui entered the house, he concentrated on meditation and smashed the lighting stone in the room at night, so that big boss Li didn’t even have a chance to peep.
The night of cultivating immortals is doomed to be restless. Those who don’t meditate and cultivate immortals walk outside, and the imperial sword flies, smiling and whispering. It doesn’t disturb the beauty granduncle, but now she is not calm and makes her feel extremely difficult to absorb aura.
Li Chengzhu sat on the floor and gave up the only bed to the beautiful granduncle, playing with the spittoon left by the seventh granduncle.
This spittoon depicts the material of the spirit absorption array, but Li Chengzhu can’t see it thoroughly.
The spirit-absorbing array and the spirit-gathering array are quite similar, but they are quite different.
The spirit gathering array is to gather nearby scattered reiki to be absorbed by the cultivators, while the spirit absorbing array is overbearing. Many of them forcibly absorb the surrounding reiki and cannot be used by the cultivators.
Why did Uncle Li Chengzhu give himself this thing? What does this have to do with his impending lotus flower disaster?
Feel the night a pair of black eyes are staring at his Li Chengzhu inclined skimming head smile to ask "what’s the matter? Have a rest? "
Wu Rui gently shook his head, although slowly came out of bed and sat beside Li Chengzhu, reaching for the spittoon and gently stroking it with his head down.
Boss Li smiled and knew that the beautiful granduncle had something in his heart. He simply took out a pot of spirit wine and two cups from the ring and put them in front of them, then filled himself up and drank them off.
Wu Rui picked up the glass in front of him and gulped it down.
After a few drinks, Wu Rui finally couldn’t help asking, "Do you have any ideals?"
Li big boss slightly a stare blankly put up to the mouth glass tightly with a frown "ideal? I have never thought about the sky, but there is an ideal. "
"oh? Let’s hear it "
"Kill that enemy!" Li Chengzhu ruthlessly drank the wine in the wine cup as if drinking the man’s blood.
"Give your woman a hand," said the beauty granduncle in a slightly jealous tone, which was never and never shown before. Li Chengzhu’s heart was slightly proud.