The president of the "Urban Community" raised his eyelids. "When the two cities in the north and the south meet, I will announce that the seventh district will form an urban community, and the distinction between the Imperial City, forgotten one and the North Wind will be announced, and then the city will be cancelled to form a unified country."

"What does that mean?"
"That is to say, the concept of the city was abolished, and then forgotten one and Beifeng were merged into the highest administrative organ at the same time, and the presidential system was abolished and turned into a republic system, and the positions of the three of us became equal, and then the people’s democratic dictatorship was implemented, and the special title of super soldiers was abolished and replaced by subsidies to distinguish grades. Twelve-level technicians and SSS soldiers wanted the same treatment and social status." In the spring, they said with a smile, "Then the country promoted the forgotten one model."
"What are you …" Dinghammer paused. "You cut yourself off?"
"This is Karl’s plan, because he thinks that the special class of super soldiers is unfair, so canceling them and replacing them is a kind of civil competition mechanism. Before I give an example, you can’t become a super soldier, so you can’t enter the mobile society. In the future, even if you are not a super soldier, even a mechanic who can repair cars, you will get the opportunity to enter the mobile society. This is a kind of civil competition mechanism. People will eventually starve to death and strive to enter the final glory, so that this society will automatically come and go. What do you think?"
"It’s a little cruel." Ding Hammer nodded. "But I agree with a saying in my hometown that a hand will starve to death if it doesn’t work."
"Then it’s decided." Rub your nose in the spring. "Prepare to enter a short period of chaos. During this period, public security depends on you two."
Roger took a look at the hammer. "How did this guy become a SSS fighter?"
"I’m a fart SSS." Ding hammer took off his badge. "I erased my name and replaced it with myself. This is my teacher."
"You really dare to mess around." In the spring, he also said, "You are too risky."
"Who touches me?" Dinghammer shrugged. "But I don’t have a bottom for you in war?"
"No" Roger fingertips pulled out lines of energy silk "dozen however"
"I’m too strong to talk to you." The hammer turned my head. "The foreigner gambled his life and you don’t know what to do."
"Don’t say that," said Chun with a smile. "Do you know how many super soldiers there are in Beifeng now?"
"How many can there be? Can it be more than the third district? "
"No," Roger disdained pie-pie, "that is, I don’t know how many SSS there are in 170,000 SS levels."
I just took a sip of water, but I haven’t come to swallow it yet. Poof, I sprayed Roger with water. "Damn it … how many?"
"One hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred and thirty-one" Roger wiped his face and said "SS level"
Chapter 162 If you are the wind
"Ye Jie, wait a minute"
During the lunch break, the hammer stopped Ye, who was about to go back for dinner, and then walked to her with a smile. Two people walked slowly along the path covered with phoenix leaves.
"What do you want to say to me?"
Ye finally smiles like a gentle spring. If anyone can really answer the sentence "Life is like seeing for the first time", it may be Ye’s smile and eyes. She has never changed since the first day she met Ding Hammer. Her tone, appearance and eyes have not changed as much as her smile.
"Ye Jie" stamped on the dead leaves with his head down. "I’ve been busy for a long time. I haven’t chatted with you."
"I know." Ye gently held the hammer hand and looked at the front with a smile as he walked. "This means that I should be happy to be a sister when the hammer grows up."
Ding hammer was embarrassed to scratch his head. "You said I was embarrassed."
"Go ahead, what do you want to tell me?"
Ding hammer thought for a long time before slowly saying, "I’ve always wanted to ask what kept Lian alive in your whole team?"
"Strictly speaking, I am alive." Ye picked her from the neck and always wore a pine crystal necklace. "Although Lian is not dead, he is no longer him. He is polluted by death, but although my body is dead, I am preserved with a complete soul because I represent life energy."
"Soul? This world has a soul? "
"Yes" Ye nodded. "It is the source of spiritual power. All the super soldiers in this world are due to the energy in the depths of their souls. This has something to do with the magnetic field in this world. I will tell you if you want to know anything."
Ye reached out and pinched the hammer nose, and then told her story.
Ye used to be a great person. At the age of 14, she has surpassed SSS level and has the ability to be close to god. She can even give others eternal life. Holo said that Ye should be a truly living god, even if she does nothing, there are only a few people in this world who are her opponents.
At that time, the team leader of Ye Miracle joined this super group that was once a joint system of dozens of countries. The oldest one was lotus and the youngest one was rattan. Of course, they were able to get together not because they were so powerful at the beginning, but because their system was very compatible with Ye. Just being around her, she could escape and grow up with energy and nutrients.
The result of this growth is that within three years, the seventh district has the only SSS-level team in the world, so it’s not too much to describe how tough this team is. Anyway, there was an exercise in which the whole military mobilized all high-ranking super soldiers to encircle five of them, but it was completely defeated by them, and less than 40 minutes later, it was rated by the then commander-in-chief as the most beautiful battle in the history of the seventh district military, not only because it lost quickly, but also because the opposite side was just a group of children with an average age of less than ten years.
From then on, these five people became a story until one day Fujiyi discovered the secret of the giant statue in the Super Warrior Academy.
After that, there is not much to say. Young people are always trying to challenge their unfamiliar fields. They brazenly challenge the end of the sky.
According to common sense, it is not difficult for four SSS fighters and a demigod Daniel to deal with a spiritual body, but obviously this is not suitable for the monster at the end of the sky, which has been unknown for many years.
It seems a joke to outsiders that the miracle team tried its best to deal with a statue, but … really, when they attacked it, they directly activated the sky at the end, counterattacked the unified instantaneous huge gravitational field, and everyone outside the leaf fell to their knees, but she naturally wouldn’t do such a thing, but she tried her best to save the nearest lotus.
If the two of them are brought in to make joint efforts to remedy the situation, they will certainly be able to rescue all of them. Maybe they will be in pain and may be seriously injured, but few of them will be able to come back. But Lian was really scared at that time. After he was rescued, he ran away desperately and left his teammates there.
Without a member, the miracle team can no longer resist the crushing at the end of the sky, and even the demigod leaves are trapped by it. In the spiritual gravity mire, I watched my closest people being crushed one by one, and finally the vine with relatively strong strength died in her arms.
Of course, she didn’t escape this robbery, but her soul was too strong to defeat Ye’s soul at the end of the sky. She still had her own independent consciousness, which was trapped at the end of the sky.
The destruction of the Miracle Squad shocked the high-rise buildings in the seventh district, but no one could find out the reason. Three years after this incident, a man wrapped in a white robe came to the end of the sky and kept something mysteriously for about a month. He came back every day and bottled the things he received.
In fact, what he received was the miracle five soul fragments and some genetic samples, and the man didn’t know what to do to suppress the spirit leaves at the end of the sky, which naturally liberated him, and the body didn’t have much thinking ability, and consciousness could follow the man out of here.
Then we all know the miracle, and four people in the five-person group have been resurrected, and Lotus naturally followed the past because she had no ability.
However, something strange happened to the maker. He made a clone with no difference in ability and thinking activity, and because of strange things added to the gene, they all became immortal and obedient living dead, but for a while, the posterior lobe became abnormal. She had a complete self-consciousness and planned to escape.
She ran again and again, but was caught by her teammates again and again. Finally, Ye had to forcibly suppress the human body of the race by herself, and finally returned to the seventh district after many twists and turns.
When she came back, she didn’t tell anyone that it was a bizarre story, but people had to believe that the lie covered it up and turned it from a miracle to a silent smell. The forest park administrator guarded the end of the sky that she knew best, but because of the end of the sky, no strange people dared to approach here casually, even if they approached here, they dared not do anything aggressive, otherwise they would be easily attacked by the end of the sky.
In this way, Ye remained ten years old until the hammer came and broke her calm.
"Are you worried that I will think you are a monster because of this?" Fixed hammer hand pinched a leaf face "is really …"
"It’s more or less." Ye bowed her head and chuckled lightly. "I don’t want to lose my family again."
After she finished her words, the autumn wind screamed and the leaves rolled up high, with a chill and a special bleak wind, which made Ding Hammer feel silent and silent.
"You are becoming more and more mature now, and you rarely hear swearing again." Ye walked slowly with the hammer. "This is good."
"What’s fine?" Ding Hammer smiled stupidly. "I don’t feel like me anymore. I’m under too much pressure."
"Well, let’s not talk about work today. I haven’t cooked for you for a long time. Let’s all go to my place today and I’ll cook for you myself."
Fixed hammer glanced at Ye Jie and then a trembles and his little move was obviously panoramic view of leaves eyes turned several times "why? What can’t be said? "
"I …" Fixed hammer force scratched his head. "I want to propose to ham sausage."